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    Wendy here again....My wife and myself have been in lockdown
    From the beginning of March she is terminally ill with cancer and I have a
    Compromise imuine system I have been doing all the shopping and household things
    Well enough we opened up our house on cape cod...

    She was always knowing that I was a cross dresser trans and I have been dressing more fem
    For a while she always dose that you look like a girl thing my hair halfway down my back and way too curly for any man to have my breasts always stuck out I don?t need forms

    We went out for breakfast outdoor patio dining I wore my hair down and brushed back and a healthy dose of hair spray to keep it from blowing around a yellow tight tank top and short shorts
    And flip flops my diamond ear rings (8 holes ) no rings or bracelets nouthing over the top

    We get to breafest The Whole mask thing our hostesses said hello ladies and brought us to our table we went shopping after and got some things for the beach again with the hello ladies

    We have been going to the cape house for 3 weeks now every time we go somewhere we are greeted with hello ladies

    My wife use to correct persons saying hello ladies with he is a man now she doesn?t
    And will say when we are going home they thought you were a girl

    Did she get tired of saying it ? Is she more acceptable of me being more female? Any way we are enjoying our beach trips and getting along better than we have ever been..,

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    Wendy, I am sorry to hear about your wife.
    I think the change of location after being locked down is a wonderful thing, gosh we all need a change of scenery.
    I love that you two are referred to as ladies, that alone puts a spring in your step.
    Enjoy the beach house and I am sure it will be very busy, I think you should go get pedicures together in advance of the holiday weekend.

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    Sorry to hear about your wife Wendy. She sounds like a wonderful and accepting woman. It sounds like you pass very well as well since you get called ladies all the time. You should be proud of that

    As for your wife no longer correcting, who knows, maybe she got tired of repeating herself, maybe now that she has cancer she wants to enjoy every moment in life she has with you without worrying about what others think, it could be anything. Perhaps you could ask her about it. I am sure she wouldn't telling you.

    Anyway, glad to hear you and your wife are enjoying your time in Cape Cod, I hope you both stay safe and have fun.

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    I?m sorry to hear about your wife as well. You say she knows your dressing and going further. Well maybe it?s because she loves you she knows she?s not going to be here too much longer and since you take good care of her and look after her in her condition she just wants the best for you as Well. I can only say once more I?m sorry just make her as ha pot and as comfortable as possible till the day she goes to a better place and is out of her misery. God bless you both

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    Very sorry to hear of your wifes illness. Hope its managed well and she is able to enjoy life for a long time to come. The breakfast sounds delightful. As others have observed, perhaps your wife has taken the perspective that enjoying time with you as yourself is far more important than preserving gender pretexts.

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    Hi Wendy

    Firstly give your wife a hug from all of us.

    I think she just got tired of saying it as you are always addressed as ladies no matter how many times she said it.

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    Sounds like a nice time out Wendy.
    I would guess that your wife has bigger things on her mind
    Hugs to both of you.
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