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Thread: New Leaps, and a Question....

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    New Leaps, and a Question....

    Recently I applied for and secured a part-time job with a supermarket chain, as 'Jodie', All my legal paperwork has his name, but they did give me a name tag with "Jodie" on it.

    I was worried when I presented as transgender for the interview, black skirt suit, white blouse, low heels, but was encouraged by the Organizations website that welcomes and encourages diversity. They offered me the job, and I accepted.

    So today was my first day, on the floor, training with another employee. Outfit was girl jeans, corporate supplied top, apron and hat. and sneakers. I had no problems, at all, with customers, or staff! One supervisor, a woman, pulled me to the side and asked what my preferred name and pronouns were, because she wanted me to be comfortable! So sweet of her!

    I'm happy, excited, but also nervous as all get-out, because now, I MUST present as Jodie, everyday, for consistency's sake.

    That's the happy, giddy, good news.

    Now for the Question.....

    Every single GG employee referred to me with the correct pronouns: she, her, etc.

    MOST of the male employees were mostly neutral.... in that they would say "hi", but avoided using any pronouns when referring to me. Some of them would refer to me as 'she' or 'her', but most would just use "Jodie" when addressing me.

    Now, I want to stress that I felt NO anger, hostility, or negativity from any of the staff! Or even customers. A few of them gave me a second, and third glance, but no one evidenced any negative emotions or attitudes!

    Now, to the Question:

    Does anyone find that genetic women seem more accepting of the transgender community? Or am I just blessed to live in an area where genetic women are more accepting?
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    Thats wonderful!

    And to the question, yes, i have found women to be very tolerant and accepting of me as a transgender person. It may be that simply reflects the fact that I am more comfortable around women. My nervousness probably is more apparent around men and is thus reflected back to some extent.
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    So good to hear you applied for the job and got it . It is an interesting point , about sustaining it day after day , somedays take more will power than others .

    Try not to get too hot under the collar if they don't always use the correct labels , very few people do it intentionally , if you do your best with your presentation all it needs is a polite correction .

    Without doubt women are more accepting than men , for several reasons men have more of a problem .

    One example , when attending my art group exhibition as Teresa one of the members and her friend asked for my contact details so we could have a day out shopping and lunch , I will add I'd never met her friend before , how many guys do you know would make the same offer ?
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    Congratulations on getting the job, as you want to be.

    In answer to your question, with my limited experience, I would say yes women are more accepting, but that is not to say my male colleagues and Contractors have been negative or unsupportive.

    Within a few days of coming out at work I was invited to one young colleagues "works" Hen night.

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    As a general principle, women will be more considerate of your feelings, at least in public. Behind your back, it depends upon how well you mesh with them. My measure of effectiveness for a successful transition is the ability to fit in with other women, or fold into a social gg network. If you cannot do that you will likely become depressed and question your decision to transition.
    As for males, if they read you as MtF many will never accept you as a woman and will be neutral or reserved at best.
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    I'm in a small town and about 90 miles from any city of size, but in both places I find cis women are more accepting and the attitude is like, Great one more on our team! My joke to some of the older folks around here is I've always wanted an innie not an outie.

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    I always felt more comfortable with female friends than male, even though it may not have anything to do with actual acceptance, and just the perception.

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    Does anyone find that genetic women seem more accepting of the transgender community?
    Someone asked me recently, how does it feel to be on HRT? I wrote and stated "I'm finally doing something for me".... xo Kara

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    The only time I've felt hostility was when my wife was involved , people only tend to tell her things she wants to hear , they may well be open minded but feel forced to side with her because they are friends , that is the only time when I had a problem because in my coming out process I'd shown them pictures . In that context women can be as hostile as men .

    It does feel good that all that is behind me .
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    I have found mostly empathy, mostly (I think) because I'm choosing to take on the burdens of being female. Ones that most XY people don't even realize are there. Between perceptions of intelligence and capacity to the extra expenses for clothing, makeup and maintenance. Most of the odd looks I get come from males.

    - MM
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    Maybe I shouldn't be posting here because I'm more CD than TS. But, ... Congratulations.

    Last year when I was unemployed, I applied for a job with Lane Bryant as Steffi. I went to the interview full on girl, professionally dressed in a business dress. I was offered the job, but when I told my wife she said I couldn't take the job. Thought we could at least have a discussion about it, but nope.

    The job application allowed me to use my boy legal name and my preferred girl name, so there was no doubt that I was trans. I wasn't sure if I could maintain the girl disguise day after day, but would have loved to try.

    At the interview I was even told that I could be gender fluid, boy one day, girl another day.

    But as to your question. Boys are socialized to at least fear not being all man. Girls are allowed to be girly girls, tomboys or anything in between. I think it's like this. If you tell a guy that your going to cut off his ____, he'll fight to the death to stop you. If you say the same thing to a girl, she;d probably say "Fine, I never liked it anyhow". Guys are afraid that they might "catch" what you have, and it shakes them to the core.
    Hi, I'm Steffi and I'm a crossdresser... And I accept and celebrate both sides of me. Or, maybe I'm gender fluid.

    Gender fluid (adj.) - Describes a person whose gender identity is not fixed. A person who is gender fluid may always feel like a mix of the two traditional genders, but may feel [more] like one gender some days, and [more like] another gender other days.


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