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Thread: Going out in these Pandemic times?

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    Eva evadan's Avatar
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    Going out in these Pandemic times?

    Has anyone gone out recently and found it easier to pass or felt emboldened because you were wearing a mask? Wish I could try it!



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    Kansas, USA
    Absolutely. I have a trim body and, I think, good fashion sense. My face and beard are not so forgiving. Not having to fuss with elaborate makeup makes it so much easier to pass.

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    I did last Thursday. Mask, hat, sunglasses. My wife would not recognize me. Except it was her hat.

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    When we were in Japan a while back, Sam wore a mask while dressed and it made him pass very well.... Im thinking the masks definitely help! I think he also wore false eyelashes at that time too.... didnt even need to wear blush or lipstick...

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    YES! The pandemic has empowered me so much.

    The mask is the best thing to ever happen for CD/TG.

    Nobody can see how nervous you are, that masculine jaw line, or beard shadow under a mask.

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    While I would agree a mask is going to make things a little easier going out but blending in is still a whole raft of elements. The walk, general posture, all those mannerisms are still needed so not concentrating on all parts of the package will result in one gain being cancelled out one or more losses.

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    A mask probably helps, but it hides the lipstick. I think I would pass as well (or not) without the mask.

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    I have not had a chance as I have adult children trapped with me in my house. I do get a kick out of the lip stick stains on the inside of my wife's masks though.
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    It does make it a bit easier, on a confidence level.
    It's like wearing sunglasses, which gives that same feeling of protection.
    But it leads to its own problem of makeup rubbing off. I've gone a little lighter with the makeup if I'll be wearing a mask, but I definitely will not go without it. As mask wearing where I am isn't required 100% of the time. (outdoors, distancing, etc...)
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    Masks have made it definitely easier to pass in casual/workout clothes. I found a grey snakeskin fabric, and the mask pattern I've been using has an elongating effect on my face. Throw on some mascara (or even the new fake eyelashes that use magnetic eyeliner), earrings and a wig, and I'm all good.

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    I would need a big mask to pass. Something the shape and size of a car might do it.

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    Your body looks terrific Viv!

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    There's not a mask big enough to help me pass
    - Robin

    Because life is too short not to.

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    Pretty sure I'd need a paper bag over my head to have a chance of passing. LOL
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    So far I've avoided wearing one but next week we don't have a choice in the UK , I know it's the right decision to keep safe and get us through Covid-19 . It's not going to be easy as I have to wear glasses for reading which have to fit round my neat hearing aids and they in turn have to fit alongside the underpinnings of the wig , I'm beginning to run out of space round my ears .

    As I'm out most days I don't have the need to hide behind a mask the real downside is it will remove my makeup .

    I joked with my haidresser saying that I would possibly paint a big smile across my mask , she liked that idea .
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    I'm not sure, Evadan. Maybe u can tell me? Here's a pic from our 4th of July party.

    I'm the only one wearing a mask.

    Mods: I have permission to post this pic!

    P1490371 (605x640).jpg
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    Teresa, you need Spock ears <grin>. With a mask, the need for makeup is minimal..eyebrows only.

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    Eugene, Oregon, USA
    Well, I pass pretty well, and I really don’t like the mask hiding my lipstick, smile, and most of my face. But people still accept me at face value as female, even with the mask. I can see though, how a good mask could disguise features that would be hard to pass with.

    I’ve kind of upped my game with hats, eye makeup, earrings, hair clips, headbands, earrings and other jewelry, to present a feminine look even with my face concealed.

    As someone else noted, though, there are many factors that contribute to passing or not. If they can’t see a feminine face, those other factors play a stronger role in passing.
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    I do wear a mask but hate that it interferes with the makeup I usually wear. I'd say its feels about the same as far as passing goes
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    How about a bucket with a couple of eye holes in it, problem solved! no make up problems or anything like that but who the hell am I lol !!!!
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    Eva yes, I have been going out during the pandemic. I've even been going out to eat while dressed and restaurants are requiring guests to wear masks upon entering, but of course people have to take the mask off when they eat. LOL

    However of course, like all of us who have been going out dressed and have been wearing masks, it's a pain in the rear because it covers up your face..... Makeup, lipstick, etc. and it messes up the makeup. LOL But oh well, it is what it is and seeing as how wearing a mask is one of the major things that we can do to protect ourselves and others from Covid-19, then it's worth it, imho.

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    ROFL Bobbi!
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    YES, YES, YES!!!
    I only had this epiphany today!
    I've gone to my local favorite caf? for the past2 Sundays en femme casual, sans makeup, and straight home afterwards. The servers, hostesses, and owners are familiars who have already seen photos of me dolled up.
    As I sat in my truck, ready to go home, I realized that I needed a few things from the store for home. That's when it dawned on me! I can dress, however, without drawing questionable looks while I am wearing a mask amongst the muggles. I can wander the ladies' clothing racks without looking like some strange dude - just a strange husky gurl!
    I spent the following 3 hours in a few different stores.

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    I went out last Friday. I am very much into details and think all the little things we do make up the whole image we hope to pass with. I found very fashionable and pretty masks on ESTY. Very girly and totally feminine. In Connecticut we have been wearing masks since March. So I bought them and wore one when I went on my date. Actually realized that the right mask can add to a convincing look. Of course you have to take it off to eat so then you are back to needing some makeup skills. The other thing is that I wear clip on earrings and they are not possible with over the ear masks which are the only ones you can wear if you don't want to mess up your hair. But I surprised myself by feeling very femmie when I had to put my pretty mask back on to leave the restaurant. All part of that total experience I love when I get out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BTWimRobin View Post
    There's not a mask big enough to help me pass
    That's the same with me at six foot and 200 lbs, now 205 with too many corona stay at home and bake cookies. Masks are mandatory now in Washington State. Several retail outlets are now carrying cloth masks. My wife does not sell masks, but she has been making and sending off her masks to friend and family all over the USA. I just counted up her stash of fabric; over 42 milk crates of fabric. She has been asking what patterns the wearer would like. With kids potentially going back to school, they been asking for cartoon characters; super heroes, Star Wars, etc. She has also been making seasonal masks; patriotic (Memorial Day, July 4th, Veterans' Day) Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas and just yesterday started yanking out Valentine's Day. If masks are "cool" maybe everyone will wear one. From the information shown on the news, masks made with two layers of tightly woven (quilting grade) fabric droplets only expel from the mouth for a distance of 2 1/2 inches.

    Masks can be fun and a fashion statement, Please mask up!

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    In the beginning there were only trips to the store for food. Now I'm venturing out a bit more but not to large gatherings. Private parties like a barbecue, pool party here and there and just being invited over after dinner to different people's houses. Oh and I was in a wedding. A backyard thing in a tent. I used to go to the local bar club happy hour every week and I really miss that but I'm not in a hurry to be in a group of that size if they're even open. the rules keep changing. That's the really sad part. I'm a social person. I like to introduced the world to Gen and now that's kind of cut off.

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