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Thread: Why do we buy sexy clothes?

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    Why do we buy sexy clothes?

    Hi everybody.
    I hope you are all doing well in these crazy times.
    I wanted to ask a question about the type of clothes you used to buy at the beginning of your ? CD career?.
    I do not know if it is the same for you but whenever I go buy clothes I always end up buying quite provocative and sexy clothes. It might depend from the fact that I did not go out in ? female mode? yet.
    I do not know if I had the guts to wear some quite short skirts or small tops that I own with people around. What is your experience with that?🙂

    PS I started to buy my own clothes less than a year ago.

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    I think it’s a fairly common thing for dressers to start out with a similar style. A lot of dressers are drawn to the idea of being sexy, even if it’s not sexual. The problem is that many men only have one concept of sexy: trashy. Trashy CAN be sexy, but you can be sexy without being trashy. Sexy isn’t necessarily measured by how much skin you show. A sexy slit that reveals just a hint of leg can be far sexier than a tiny plaid pleated skirt.

    If you’re happy with your style, there’s nothing wrong with it. On these forums it seems like the vast majority of members fall into either “****” or “soccer mom”, but there’s a whole world in between. That’s the great thing about fashion. There are infinite possibilities to define your personality.

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    i tend to by more neutral range of clothes. i look more at the sexiness of panties and bras. if i want sexy i look more in lingerie. for outerwear i look more towards what most females are wearing on a daily. not just to clubs.
    I'm just a simple someone trying to figure life out.

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    Some of never went there. I have always preferred classy, elegant clothes.

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    I guess it can depend upon how you get started. For me my early clothes can from "liberating" items from charity bags my SO had filled and hence tended to be more mainstream.

    By the time online shopping arrived being used to dressing in that style it just continued. Now if I'm going out to a decent restaurant then I try to look attractive with perhaps a modicum of cleavage and clothing that shows my curves but in a more refined way.

    Of course heels with hose and a slightly shorter skirt is always a pleasing image to see in the mirror but if I were going out then attire like that would need to suit the venue, appropriate for the time and place.

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    I go for classy not sexy look. With my build and looks Sexy stops at the mirror. I might think I am sexy then the camera goes click, click. Then when I see what the camera saw I realize there presently isn't anything that makes me sexy, ****ty maybe, but not sexy.
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    First of all welcome to the forum , I hope you find it friendly and useful .

    Possibly for many the start or early crossdressing was very sexual . I found it a bit of a dare shopping in sex shops and buying sexy or possibly fetish wear , I still have a PVC skater skirt and maid outfit but rarely if ever wear them now .

    I now go out full time so much of that is behind me , I've found my identity and a balance in my life , I will possibly only wear shorter skirts or higher heels when I go to my social groups , otherwise I dress to blend in with the general public .

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    I guess it depends on your opinion of sexy, classy, etc. I love to wear leggings so I usually wear those with a sweater and heels. At 66 I may be pushing the envelope but I think I can still pull it off.

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    Because you are dressing the way that turns you on, lots of us start out that way. Specially those of us that start when we are quite young.

    But if you progress beyond "fetish dressing", your tastes will probably change towards styles that you can wear out in public and blend in.

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    I hear you. When I started, I was attracted to sexy lingerie, but most things I bought were uncomfortable. Comfort is #1. Sexy clothes do not blend in around here. Have fun experimenting.

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    Your height and body shape make a big difference in where a hem ends up when you wear something.
    Revolve provides the measurements of the model to assist you in sizing the clothing for your needs.
    A short hemline isn't so short when I wear it.
    The reverse may be true if you are tall.

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    Welcome to the Forum.

    At the time I began buying my own clothes, so many years ago, the images that were most common were very sensual and sexual. Playboy magazine was the forbidden fruit of every teen boy, only for most it was to dream of the bunny as their girlfriend while for me it was to dream of being a bunny. Advertising was very sexy as well and all those images defined femininity at the time. I reveled in sexy lingerie and stockings, 4" spike heeled sandals, sheer blouses and short skirts. The epitome of femininity was equated with sexuality and of course being a teen it worked. Heavy makeup, long nails and such were also part and parcel.

    Years later when I began to define who I was and I desired to venture out into the real world and meet and mingle with others that all changed. I realized that if I wanted to be taken seriously and not be the object of derision by a public who didn't understand us that I would have to become more average. Now I hope that I am just seen as another woman in the world. The sexual component has mostly disappeared. I won't say it's gone, as I feel that most women, while they dress rather understated still love to dress more sexy at times. I know that for me some days I just want to be that Bunny again and I want what I wear to make me feel attractive, sexy and sensual. It's still a turn on when I do that, but that's not the day to day story, it's now the every now and then fantasy.
    Wear what makes you feel Confident !

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    I was probably in my late thirties or more before I purchased my first dress. Before that it was lingerie because I loved nylon slips and nightgowns with hosiery through in. I only wear dresses. No pants. My male mind and female mind are probably in sync. I was never a party goer. I read about all these exploits of girls going to clubs which sort of mirrors what I see in the news about coronavirus being spread at bars and entertainment venues. I've never been attracted to women who tend to just through their sexual being around; short dresses with breast exposed to the extent of flopping out of their tops. That sort of attire. As to whether I consider provocative as sexy, no, provocative does not equal sexy.

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    I just like wearing panties and bras. All my panties or cotton and 99 percent or black or gray the rest or a solid color same for my bras. For me I am not into the sexy look never have been. But to each there own everyone is different.

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    Red face "If you've got it? Flaunt it!" Is MY motto!

    Sexy doesn't have to mean looking like a "trashy hooker"!

    Altho, what's the matter with that? If u dress at home or at a private venue with T friends!?

    P1480858 (640x588).jpg
    U can't keep doing the same things over and over and expect to enjoy life to the max. When u try new things, even if they r out of your comfort zone, u may experience new excitement and growth that u never expected.

    Challenge yourself and pursue your passions! When your life clock runs out, you'll have few or NO REGRETS!

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    I don?t know if I do buy clothes to be sexy. When I dress I like to look and dress like a woman of my age.
    Not that one ago I was buying a new wig and as I was looking in the mirror to assess if it suited me, the sales assistant said I looked sexy in it. As soon as she said that I was completely turned off that wig, and I went on to buy another one

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    I have tended to a more androgynous style from the beginning. I like styles that are definitely from the woman's department, but i tend not to choose specifically 'sexy' items. I feel sexy in my wardrobe, but it's not an overt sexiness. I like comfortable things that flatter without showing off my less than feminine physique.

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    Sexy undergarments for me.

    When I fell back into CDing, wearing knickers started only as a practical necessity under hosiery. My boring male boxers just didn't go.

    Part of this stems from the difference - in material, colour and fit. I suspect I might feel different if you could get a wider variety of men's underwear. Also price is a factor. There's a few shops near me that sell discounted lingerie. Male equivalent tends to be expensive and fetishwear.

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    For clothes I have jeans, long gowns, retro dresses, (Think mom on Leave it to Beaver), modern stylish dresses that could be worn for classy work, or a conservative party, A few articles of faux leather fetish wear, dresses and tops, plus 2-3 bodycon dresses that don't hide a thing. So I am about 50/50 between fetish or sexy and "normal" attire. My first dresses were the more normal type that you might see every day.

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    Your clothing choices will depend upon what you do when dressed. If you stay at home, knock yourself out.

    If you want mainstream acceptance, dress as a woman your age does.

    If you want to club it, hit the drag shows, etc., then the sexier the better.

    It's not about the clothes, it's about the circumstances, as it would be with any woman.
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    Naturally people will be drawn to clothes that tickle their personal fancy. I have always been rather ugly and physically unattractive, so I never could pull off sexy even when I was young. I always tended to be drawn to elegant, beautiful and feminine clothes that cover most of my body; long sleeves, jackets, skirts and dresses below the knee etc. (I tended to be attracted to very elegant, well dressed women even when I was very young, so it all works for me.)

    For me it is more about clothes and fashion then gender or trying to blend in and do what GGs do, I know I am a small minority in that.

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    I think that my sexy clothes stage was a response to missing out on that stage when I was young.

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    I do have a tendency to dress sexy. But this is just me. I feel excited when I prepare myself to be dressed and I do go out in clothes that some may disapprove of, but that is what makes me feel so good so I go for it.
    After all I am pleasing myself.....hopefully in the process I can please others who takes a liking to my attire.

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    All I know is that I like to feel pretty. And I hope my clothing reflects that.

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    I don't think we all buy "sexy clothes". At my age, "sexy" has left the building.

    I do try to buy nice clothes and often clothes that show of my (foam and silicone) figure, but "sexy" is out of reach for me. My goal in dressing is to look and act like a normal woman, not a TV or movie star.

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