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Thread: Why do we buy sexy clothes?

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    As I'm out and about the whole time, sexy doesn't enter into it. Comfort, that's the main thing and then, things that help me blend. A comfortable and easy time is all I ask and that, due to how I dress, is what I get

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    As a teenager my outfits were maybe 25% sexy and the rest more appropriate. Now that I dress most of the time, it is probably 5-10% sexy and the rest cute

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    Am far from being a macho man. Hardly a heart throb!

    But dressed en femme, perhaps in tantalizing fashion, I feel oh so sexy.

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    Hi Gia, welcome,

    Good question. For me there appears to be a big disconnect between what looks sexy, classy or elegant on the models on the website, catalogue etc.

    Then it arrives and somehow it doesnt look so good on the middle-aged, cross-dresser who wouldnt hurt to shift a pound or 20?

    Ho-hum, it feels fab anyway so its all good to me

    But soooo many fashion mistakes along the way!

    Ttfn & Mwah!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Christina89 View Post
    i tend to by more neutral range of clothes. i look more at the sexiness of panties and bras. if i want sexy i look more in lingerie. for outerwear i look more towards what most females are wearing on a daily. not just to clubs.
    Quote Originally Posted by Bea_ View Post
    I have tended to a more androgynous style from the beginning. I like styles that are definitely from the woman's department, but i tend not to choose specifically 'sexy' items. I feel sexy in my wardrobe, but it's not an overt sexiness. I like comfortable things that flatter without showing off my less than feminine physique.
    Put me in this camp. I want to blend in.
    I'm a man. I like being a man. I also love wearing women's clothing. It's my way to show honor, respect and solidarity with them.

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    I think this shows off my figure.


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    I think a lot of it probably stems from the need to recreate an image. I certainly see an awful lot of what I find attractive in other women within myself when I am in Heather mode.

    Whilst dresses and heels remain a big part of my Heather experience, you do get a different perspective of the practicalities of such clothing when you are wearing them yourself so (particularly for those who dress full time) there is probably a tendency to shy away from some of the more extreme feminine clothing on a daily basis (for much the same reasons as genetic women don?t dress up all the time).

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    I've only bought sexy clothes and its the only clothes I have to go out in. I remember only wanting to spend the little money I have in the beginning to buy the small amount of sexy clothes I laid my eyes on in the store or online. Then when I had to practice going out, it would be the only option which would make it harder but much more rewarding. I buy sexy clothes since I like them and it makes me feel good.
    I don't dress to impress, I dress to outdress

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    Sexy comes from within. I wear a lot of midi length skirts and dresses and classic style tops. You might be surprised by how many people think this look is not only elegant but also very sensual. Sometimes it is about what you do not show.

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    Gia, definitions vary with the individuals. In my early dressing days, sexy, to me, wearing a bra was sexy. Not any more even with T-shirt bras. Now, to look sexy, really sexy, I dress to show off things I've learned over many years.

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    We buy sexy outfits to look sexy. That means different things to different people. Usually, I dress to blend into the general public but occasionally I want to stand out and look sexy. Of course there are endless interpretations of what that means. These can range from wearing a tight fitting outfit that accentuates our figure to wearing something that intentionally looks trashy. Whatever floats your boat.

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    I started out buying sexy underwear, but outerwear was always more in keeping with what women around me were wearing. This might be because I used to wear a girlfriend's clothes (with her permission), and I liked her style, so ended up buying the sort if thing that she would wear.
    It was a bonus for her because she could borrow my stuff, too.

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    Confession: I admit to wanting to be alluring, therefore I always dress sexy, but across the spectrum. Sexy can be so many different things. It's an art, a potent and irresistible stimulant that reaches down into the the primal. If knew why it wouldn't it wouldn't change a thing. Elegant, casual, classic... each projects its own special radiance. Sexy just out clubbing, short, tight and revealing, l though I like that, too, it if fits the scene. It's all about the drama for me.
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    I am kind of lucky in that at least my legs look quite feminine so I like wearing slightly short skirts. Of course I am not going to places like Walmart either so going to a club dressed that way is appropriate and confirmed by unsolicited compliments. It feels so nice to get those compliments, and I think that just makes me want to do an even better job. I try to look as good as I can, which is getting more difficult as I age. Ah to be young again - maybe that is part of the allure to me, imagining that I am young and beautiful. Haha, wake up, I must be dreaming again.


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    hello Gia,
    I buy sexy clothes because men's clothes are SO BORING!
    I dress in private so I can wear whatever clothes I like. No one else sees me part from my wife.
    However if I wanted to cross dress in public I would wear clothes that are age appropriate.
    stay healthy,
    luv J

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    My wife states my style is mother of the bride, which I wouldn't consider sexy.
    Please call me Jamie, I always_have crossdressed, I always will, "alwayshave".

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    because I like to look sexy? Of course, my idea of what that looks like has changed a LOT over the years and today I'd say I find femininity sexy, so trying my best to be feminine is sexy to me. It's validating if others think so too, but I don't really do it for them.

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    Hi Gia,
    10th post, congratulations!
    I used to dress "super sexy", corsets, stockings, super short skirts and short shorts, short sundresses, lingerie, stiletto heels, the works. I now just try to dress to blend, with a little style. As others have mentioned, well fitting jeans with a knit top, a skirt with a slit in the right place (known as a peekaboo skirt), a breezy sundress, or even yoga pants and tee shirt. you should have some fun first and settle into what you find you like. Have fun! Brenda

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