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Thread: Should I stay dressed for service tech.

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    I'd say it depends on the nature of your presentation. If you were not dressed in what the technician would perceive to be over-the-top, he'd probably just take it in stride. If you're uncomfortable with a full presentation or if you just want to test the waters, then choose an androgynous or hybrid look and own it. Just be prepared for him to assume you are likely to be gay, whether you are or not. Give him space to do his work and go about your day. It's your home.

    I'm actually a day late in seeing your post and curious what happened. Keep us posted.

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    Based on my experience this past Monday having a contractor install top of the line seamless covered gutters my top priority would be making sure the work is done properly and making sure all the boxes on the bid sheet are checked off. Beyond that it's your decision how you want to present.

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    Will you be working with or supervising this person while they work? Do you need to have your "head in the game"? If you do, don't dress. It seems like it is making you nervous, and if you need to be focused it is not a good idea.

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    So, Delwyn, how did it go?

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    Once again, thanks to everyone for their comments. I was underdressed with light makeup (light eyeshadow and mascara, a little blush) for the tech call. I felt comfortable and the technician was none the wiser (or at least he didn't let on).

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    If you feel comfortable getting out and about go for it. But don't over dress, no 6"heels or gawdy makeup maybe a comfortable dress and a relaxed at home look and you should be fine Wear a mask and social distance

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