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Thread: What was the pebble that started the avalanche?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stephanie47 View Post
    Probably the vivid red Vanity Fair bra I bought myself one year as a Christmas present. That was my first bra. After that I started buying undergarments which were as color matched as possible to slips and panties. Back in the 1980's manufacturers/designers were making sets of matching bra, panty, full and half slips.
    Yes, I too had some matching Vanity Fair and Maidenform bra, panty and slip sets. My favorite set included a mini-slip with see-through lace inserts on the sides. I loved wearing that over my garter belt and stockings. Oh how I miss the lingerie of that era!

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    Nylons. I tried them when I was 5 and wore them ever since,well, maybe from late teen years. For me crossdressing=nylons, everything else is incidental. One day I dressed but with bare legs. It felt all wrong. Quickly pulled the nylons on and voila! everything was right again.
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    CynthiaD, I absolutely loved your post and am happy for you both that you have reached somewhat of a middle ground in your marriage. I wish you continued happiness.

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    Curiosity at first then I had a chance to dress up as a witch for halloween I did that a few time. Then I dressed as a hooker for work on halloween I got so many positive responses that caused the leek in the damn to burst.
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    Buying my own tights as an adult after repressing my thoughts of crossdressing for the best part of 25 years.

    First pair kind of sucked as I was so nervous but I got hooked and own more than my wife.

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    What a beautiful story! So glad you've found peace, Cynthia

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    Sometime around early puberty I realized I could fit pretty well in my mother's clothes.
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    The pebble started a long time ago when a little girl threw her dress over her head! I wanted a dress! No,you are a boy! I tried to be a boy! I fooled everyone even myself! The truth would not be denied! Now 69 and realizing my feminine self 24/7! I am Lana Mae! Hugs Lana Mae
    Life is worth living!
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    I loved reading all your posts. I'm brand new to crossdressing. I've only been doing this for a month. But the moment I first tried on a dress, I was hooked! It's one of my wife's old dresses that she never wears. It's too heavy for summer wear but will be perfect for the fall. That moment as I felt the fabric of the dress encase my body was indescribable. I actually let out a soft moan. I'm totally hooked now. My favourite is a long flowing dress.

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