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Thread: Best clothes

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    I have had a professional styling consultation which was the best money I ever spent on clothing even if it was just in the form of advice. I go for a stylish image rather than a feminine one and the stylist said to spend money on clothes you wear a lot. She criticised some women for spending ?500 on an outfit they would wear once to a wedding then buying their work clothes from M&S. I have a lot of very stylish clothes that I wear regularly though I confess my 3-4 ballgowns don't get a lot of wear. I was with a GG friend the other day who was getting her styling done, and she was advised to get rid of anything she hadn't worn in 6 months. She laughed and pointed out that I couldn't possibly wear all my dresses in 6 months (as of Monday, when this happened, I have 1115). If you have quality stuff, wear it. By the way you can hand wash dry clean clothes - I have done it hundreds of times and only had one disaster.

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    it is true ,,,i have bought some special outfits which up to this date i did not wear awaiting a special moment ...although I'm a closed crossdresser , yet i feel some day they might be special day to wear....yet I often open my wardrobe to enjoy them by just looking at them
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    Even though they are hanging in my closet due to the Pandemic, I have several outfits including complimentary skirts and tops and a couple dresses that I have for special times. These cloths are for those special moments at larger Tgirl events like First Event, Fantasia Fair and Keystone when getting dressed up is so much fun.
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    As I've fully socially transitioned, I have clothes for "Work, Rest and Play" and weddings and funerals, and everything in between.

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    Yes I have special clothes. I have two dresses that are my “opera dresses.” I have not yet had the. Opportunity to wear them, but pretty soon ... When I work from home I dress in office-appropriate clothing. I also have a couple “Sunday best” outfits that I wear on (you guessed it) Sunday. But mostly I have casual “wear around the house” dresses that are also good for shopping, shopping, shopping.

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