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Thread: Stepping out in Hybrid Mode

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    Heather loves heels Heather2die4's Avatar
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    Stepping out in Hybrid Mode

    Hello to all my beautiful, fun-loving girls of summer. As some of you know, I have been cross-dressed nearly full time and loving it since the lockdown began in early April.

    I joined this site on April 10th and one of the first posts I read was "Dressing Femme at the Gym" by Mylilsecret. In that post, some of the girls were sharing that they often go jogging or to their fav local gym, not cross-dressed outright but as men who wear feminine clothing. This struck me as a deeper level of exposure and commitment. With no wig and anonymity to hide behind, there is more vulnerability as my identity is known. As with most seductions, it came slowly at first. I started attending yoga classes in cute girls' yoga pants with little slits down the sides and the boys and Mr. Happy neatly tucked in panties underneath. I knew I would have to own my space 100% if I wanted to pull it off. In truth, a bit of self-consciousness is normal as I felt more exposed than if I were naked. With smiles encouragement from women and 'no comment' from men, I became bolder, switching to brightly colored Capris which displayed my shaved legs to good advantage, and a racer-back tank to show off my shaved underarms. A pair of cute girls' sandals, hoop ear rings, and professionally treated arched eye brows made the look undeniable, then in early August, I painted my toe nails. I came out to my hair stylist in May and She put me in an adorable pixie style that completed the look* and my yoga has never been more fun. I still love to fully dress around the house and go out in full girl mode with wig, heels, and breast forms but I must say, this new hybrid mode is such a joy for running errands about town and just owning my feminine side. Bold hoop ear rings are nearly constant, even the rare times I'm out in guy mode.

    So girls, what have been your adventures in mixed mode dressing? Do respond and give us all the juicy details. You are among friends here and you'll feel better for coming clean.

    *Note: Yes, I am submissive to my lovely hair stylist and always surrender to Her better judgment on how my hair should be styled. She is a professional artist, after all, and besides, we get into deep conversations about crossdressing, rigid sex roles, and personal freedom. Much better and cheaper than therapy, even with a generous tip.

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    Going to seed!
    I suppose I’m in mixed or hybrid mode whenever I go out, since I don’t feel that I ever completely disguise the male attributes of my physique. But I have often gone out in what you have appropriately characterized as hybrid mode on a few occasions, usually wearing breast forms and hip padding, and a women’s top...although thats often a women’s henley or knit top not completely distinguishable from the male version.

    When I started going “hybrid” I suppose it was testing the waters, getting myself comfortable presenting myself as other than male. But that was years ago. Now, if I do something others might take as a mixed presentation its more likely because its a very casual situation and I haven’t taken the time to do a bit of makeup and don a wig.
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    One of my favorites was wearing a sheer top with bra and D-cup breast forms under a heavy motorcycle jacket. Did anyone suspect anything? Who cares?

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    Gym - working out is hot work that make up doesn't survive and neither would I with a wig.
    Swim - Not wanting the bill for my wig destroying the local pool pumps
    Shopping and coffee - why go through the fuss for a 20 minute outing?
    See all my photos, read many stories of my outings and my early days at

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    Hi Heather

    Hybrid mode is a fun way to build confidence. For me it's usually women's jeans and a Cami with a guy shirt over it. My nails are longish and have a clear gloss. During the warmer months it's women's shorts, which show off my smooth legs, sandals and painted toes.
    - Robin

    Because life is too short not to.

    It's ironic ... I finally found a group of guys I fit in with. Funny how they all enjoy being one of the girls.

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    I always called it 'androgynous ' but I like Hybrid better.

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    I never thought to call what I do "hybrid". Thats new to me. I call my presentation "Man in a Dress" or MIAD. I'm in a dress or skirt every chance I get, and I feel confident about my presentation, thanks to the encouragement and tutelage of some very fine SAs I have met along the way. Like you, I get a lot of positive feedback from women, no reaction from men. Unlike you, i have no opportunity to get my hair styled, as I am mostly bald. Yuck. Still, I feel I look far better in female clothes than in anything else, and it shows in the way my confidence comes to the surface.

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    I am full on MIAD / HYBRID

    Just recently I have gone out a few times
    I have gone for a few drives.

    And I have been out for ice cream, (drive thru)
    Younger people working the store
    I get to the window and they're nothing but professional
    Hand me my item and say have a nice night
    Then I have gone to the river side to enjoy my treat.
    I have had absolutely no issues so far.
    And will be doing more.
    my sister's reply when I told her how I prefer to dress

    "Everyone has there thing, all that matters is that you are happy, love what you do and who you do it with"

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    This is my mode. I pick and choose the aspects from both gender appearance that I like. I grew my hair out and paint my toenails, but kept my leg hair and no fake boobs and no makeup. My clothes are a mix of feminine clothes sometimes with a bit of male clothes (such as a Hawaiian shirt and skirt or hoodie and ladies jeans). Flip flops and booties are my gotos. A piece or two of jewelry. An unapologetic male body with a flair for the feminine. No real juicy details though.

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    I have not heard the term "hybrid mode," but it is catchy and sounds like my normal dress. I don't try and present as female, but I am usually wearing womens shorts, jeans or capris with ballet flats. As it gets cooler, I will often incorporate tights or pantyhose. I just find some things from the women's side of the store more comfortable.

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    Quite like MIAD/S/B (for dress/skirt/bikini) during summer beach life which includes yoga alone, sleeping, eating, wading, slowly learning surfing (after a few lessons in a normal full wetsuit that is needed for skin protection before learning how to prevent bad landing, collision, injury, rash... just switching to a bikini-cut springsuit adds a lot of feelings on legs in water and against board).
    I recently started looking for leggings for yoga, as the last classes I attended were at a warm enough beach resort to wear women?s running shorts and loose racer back tank top, while the women all had leggings and sports bra. I will consider this when I have a better belly shape, and later earrings when I have a healthier face.

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    hello Heather,
    I remember going to a T'ai Chi class (I was often the only man there apart from the tutor) and becoming more "hybrid". I started by introducing more extrovert (brightly coloured and patterned) men's clothing and aftershave, and then progressed into gentler women's clothes and perfumes. In the end I was wearing women's clothing only, apart from a bra.
    it was quite easy to do because exercise clothing is pretty androgynous. Even in the more "macho" sports men wear leggings or tights these days for training.
    stay healthy,
    luv J

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    Hey Heather,

    It is kind of funny that I have often mentally thought of myself as hybrid when I partially dress up. Although I like getting fully dressed, it is far too hot and humid right now for a wig. Probably one of my more unusual things to do is dress in male clothing but with breast forms on. I actually went to restaurants a couple of times dressed that way. I like it all. Fully dressed and anywhere in between.


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    Since I wear and like my beard, I'm pretty much hybrid in anything I wear. I'm mostly an at-home dresser, but have recently stepped out in some subtle items. Wearing masks while out makes it a little easier to be bold.

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    I have gotten a lot braver even though it is in very small steps. This week I went to my favorite Sally's store to cash in my rewards. I was wearing a mask over my unshaven face with my favorite girly sunglasses with my eye makeup done. I wore skin tight jeans with my thigh high hose and my two inch wedge heels to pick up some contouring sticks. My SA was her usual helpful self as she suggested what I would need. We got to the checkout and she complimented me on my shoes and how much she liked them as they were rather loud on the tile floor. I complimented on her eyes and her makeup and we chatted about it. I love going there and getting her to help me with all sorts of girly things. A few weeks ago I told her and another girl how much I appreciated how they were treating me. Her comment back was every one should feel good in their own skin and should have the opportunity to look pretty too. I am getting comfortable enough to go there that I will soon go fully dressed as the real me. Gosh I do love it so!

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    I am a lifelong exerciser and I have always loved leggings. Before the pandemic I was a regular at my gym and I wore leggings of all different styles. I never got a complaint or an awkward look. I'm sure some people looked at me askance but no one ever said anything. Actually many women complimented me on various styles. Now that it's summer I run in women's lycra shorts; the 3 inch type. I'll also, after a workout, drop by the supermarket in my leggings and pick up a few things.

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    With the Covid-19 mask mandate, I'm much more comfortable going out in hybrid mode. Today, I'll be running some quick errands wearing some cute Gloria Vanderbilt floral shorts that I just bought and a cute white tee. Of course, I'll also be wearing the appropriate undies along with a pair of sandals. While my hair has grown quite a lot during shelter-in-place, I'm not able to style it in a feminine look so I'll be wearing a straw hat. Not sure when the mask mandate will end but it sure makes things much easier for outings.

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    Stealth hybrid is my default mode. I have pierced ears but my wife objects to me wearing earrings in public so that is out. I wouldn't get past her in leggings or any kind of blouse so that is out as well. My stealthy is look consists of a smooth body from head to toe, shaved legs, armpits, forearms, and I don't have chest and back hair. A pair of women's panties and guy jeans and t-shirt on the outside. When I'm in the middle of a project and need to run to a hardware or auto parts store my last concern is about what I'm wearing. My focus is on getting the job done. When I dress it has to be all the way with makeup and jewelry but lack of female clothing and not being able to shop freely have really take their during quarantine. My existence feels like incarceration with very limited privileges.

    That is how the most restricted ones live.

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    I wear panties every day unless I'm going to the doctor. I wear jeans and jean shorts from the ladies department. Does that mean I'm in "hybrid mode"? Not to me it doesn't. The jeans or shorts fit me better than the baggy ones from the men's department. I like the feel of the panties better than the "tighty whities".

    Me, When I leave the house (or even around the house), I am all male or all female, not something in between. I'm Krisi or Homer, never "Kromer".

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    Heather! Love to hear one of the first posts you read was mine Dressing Femme at the Gym. Also, love the term Hybrid! When women/girls dress a little masculine it's known as being a Tom Boy. But there isn't a term for if a man/boy dresses a little girlie. No one calls them a Tom Girl, right?! lol

    It's so exhilarating wearing something cute and pretty, even for those of us who don't pass as female. I've grown to like being a feminine man...AKA Hybrid!!!

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    I did the same thing as you, except that I started with nail polish and then added (very feminine) capris or leggings and finally tanks or racerbacks, As you said, the guys said nothing. Many of the girls were encouraging, even a little competitive. A few upped there femme game, but weren't quite as femme as me. Some of the GG instructors compared their nail polish with me. I even had a competition with one. Wear Ocean Blue to the next class. We both did.

    However, I didn't wear panties; I didn't want to "come out" at yoga class.
    Hi, I'm Steffi and I'm a crossdresser... And I accept and celebrate both sides of me. Or, maybe I'm gender fluid.

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    This thread should be in the photo section then we can pick up ideas...
    I have started dressing in female clothes and just a bit of make up at work...
    Wearing blouses does take some courage..but it helps me feel good....women are invariably clearly uncomfortable
    But I still work under my male name.
    Gym training I attend as Jess in clothes and name...everyone?s to knackered to care..😂

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    I am definitely into the “hybrid” mode of dressing. I’ve gotten to the point in my life where my give a shit factor of what others think has gone down tremendously. I like what I like. I shave my arms, underarms and legs and have for a long time. As mentioned in another post, I wear mascara and brow defining pencil almost daily when at home. I wear women’s jeans almost exclusively and my Women’s shoe collection is larger then my men’s. Panties every day. I wore a womens button down shirt to meet my wife out one day and she immediately commented that it was a women’s shirt. I asked how, besides the button direction, was it different and she said it simply was. No one else said anything. There are a lot of shirts, blouses and other clothing that easily (IMO) be considered androgynous. I love wearing heels under my jeans but have been restricted lately due to an ankle injury. Can’t wait to be over that. Bottom line in my book is, wear what makes you comfortable, its only fabric.

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    I've been calling my style of crossdressing "hybrid" for a almost 2 years now. In fact, when talking with people about what I wear I always refer to it's "my hybrid look". The term hybrid fits me perfectly.
    I was told I have balls for wearing skirts! My reply? "That's because balls this big won't fit in pants!"

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    I'm totally hybrid. I love being a guy. I only present as a guy. But, I love having an extended wardrobe. My beard and long gray natural hair works perfectly for the look I'm going for.

    I only get out in pretty deep stealth mode, mostly in deference to my wife. But, I spend pretty much all my time at home dressed in something femme.

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