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Thread: Stepping out in Hybrid Mode

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    New Member Stexxl's Avatar
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    Sep 2020
    Hi New member here!

    Being a realist, I've got zero chance of passing. So I don't even try.

    I wear undies 24*7 and my wife is ok with that. I'm not allowed Bras though.

    If I go out on my own, I'll wear heels, tights/stockings, skirt, bra and blouse/top. I'm obviously a man wearing women's clothes but I'm at that age where I don't care anymore.

    Only reactions I ever get is the occasional laugh or comment from groups of teenage girls.

    Nobody else appears to care.

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    Jul 2011
    I dress in hybrid mode pretty much 100% of the time.
    Every day I wear only ladies clothes; t-shirt, panties,jeans, knee highs, shoes (flat or 1 in heel) and jacket, every now and then i do put on lipstick and mascara. My nails and toenails are polished 100% of the time in some shade of pink. (not too bright though)
    I also exercise daily and is only in women's gym clothes, without wig or makeup, actually I do not own a single wig, but i have not had a haircut since the epidemic started in Mexico in march, so it is getting to be pretty long now.
    Somehow I am not that unhappy with the lockdown, and I am a bit wary of the time when I have to go back to the office and maybe cut my hair.
    I believe hybrid is my style, I do like to put on full makeup every now and then, even when I am not yet very good at it, and i like dresses and heels, but I am happy with the level I have now and my wife seems to tolerate it well.
    So hybrid is for me, with occasional times of full dressing with dresses, heels and bras.
    I hope I can keep my long hair, I love it.!

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    Jun 2020
    The north Wirral ( near Liverpool ) U.K.
    We were caravaning in Harrowgate (U/K) on visiting a clothing store (Primark) found on the reduced rail some tan coloured denim skirts--4pockets,belt loops &made from thick denim.They were marked at reduced price of ?3but on taking it to the till i was charged ?1 ! much to the wifes amusment (she was watching from some distance away) i picked up the remainder of the skirts. What for?--i hill walk(not a lot these days) &working around the house.In the hot weather we have just had they were a boon,even went out into the road to take pictures while so dressed--much to the amusment of a neighbors daughter.........
    Only thing --went blackberry picking while wearing the skirt--the scratches took some time to heal........

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    Atlanta area
    Apparently I've been hybrid mode for the last ten years but don't need any variety due to covid; tees, cuffed Bermuda shorts, sandals or sneakers so actually it's pure female. The only people that I interact with are those that I meet when walking my dog or the people putting groceries or other pickups I've ordered online into my car. Just because I can, I add mascara behind sunglasses and lipstick close to my natural lip color. I like the feel and taste. I've trimmed my own hair into an androgynous style. Five weeks ago I pierced my ears so the studs will come out next week and I can try some others. I'm really being super careful with covid but I might as well get some benefit from it.

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    Orange County
    I don?t do that as I either wish to look like a man or a woman. Not something in between.

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    I've never thought about being in hybrid mode. Actually it has been a long time since I had any men's clothes but I don't hide that I'm a guy. I wear women's jeans now, but still have women's pants when I used to work. I wear bras. Usually I go up a band size and wear a smaller cup size. Women catch on, but men don't seem to notice. I haven't really had any major problems with people while shopping.

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    This topic has come up before, and I always enjoy reading all the different replies. I love going out in hybrid mode. I wear capris, women's jeans with booties, tops, shorts with women's shoes like cute deck shoes, sandals and athletic shoes.

    I really like the cooler months (which is much of the year here) when I'm wearing jeans and booties because I get to be over 6 feet tall when I'm in guy mode! lol

    As other's have mentioned, I'm at a point I don't really care what people think. It's just the way I like to dress.

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    I do this at work almost every day. I wear panties 24/7, but at work, I also wear nude hose and a knee-length skirt with my "normal" work attire (t-shirt, work boots, etc). I don't really think of it as "hybrid" as much as "gender non-conforming." I'm not remotely trying to pass for female, but I'm obviously wearing clothes made and marketed for women.

    To date, I've only received one remark about it, from a cashier at a convenience store I visit for coffee every morning. She simply asked "what's up with the skirt?", to which I responded, "It's what I'm comfortable wearing," and it hasn't been an issue since.
    It's spelled Marika, but it's pronounced Janey!
    Appreciate the beauty in the current moment, because the past is gone and tomorrow never comes.
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