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Thread: finally happened.

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    313 finally happened.

    A couple of times a year my wife and her sisters, nieces will have a "sister's weekend" and go somewhere for a few days.
    This year as it turned out (family travel, etc) they rented a beach house that is only about a 20 minute drive from where we live.
    When she is gone, I of course have time to be Molly, hang out around the house or maybe go out. So, Saturday night my wife, daughter and granddaughter all go to the beach house for a few days. Not expecting anyone back till early Monday when my daughter and granddaughter have to be back for work and school.
    So, Saturday late evening I dressed and drove to a nearby town for a few grocery items. Got back home and began watching Netflix till the wee hours of the morning.
    Come Sunday morning I'm up, still enfemme, wearing a casual dress, my femme glasses, sitting on the couch watching tv, drinking coffee, when I hear the front door opening and see my daughter step in. I had a blanket over my feet and grabbed the blanket and pulled it over myself. I had not removed my make up or lipstick from the night before and had my long hair pulled back with barrettes.
    She froze and with the blanket pulled up over my clothes I said, "I'm not dressed!" She lowered her head and looked down, said she just needed to grab a couple of things from the bathroom and with her head down headed that way. When she got out of sight I jumped up with my blanket and dashed to the bedroom, closing the door behind me.
    In just a couple of moments she called out that she was gone and left. Unfortunately there was still makeup and and a change of clothes out in the bathroom because I had let my guard down, not expecting anyone to come home.
    Well, you can't unring a bell.... I am not sure if she realized I was dressed or not it happened so fast, but with things out in the bathroom, me wearing makeup, she had to notice something.
    This morning she came home before going to work, bringing my granddaughter so I could watch her today (she is in virtual classes). We talked and visited like nothing was wrong with no comments or questions. I spoke to my wife on the phone today and everything seemed normal.
    I think I might have dodged a bullet.

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    Whew, Lets hope for the best.
    Teri Ray Rural Idaho Girl.

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    I?ll say a prayer for you Molly. My now ex wife found out about my dressing and it did not work out that well. She claimed my whole life with her was a lie and vows to destroy my life. My prayer for you will be that your wife and family are strong and see you for the person you are. If that is a loving father and husband then they should see through this situation and return the same love for you that you give to them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Molly Wells View Post
    I spoke to my wife on the phone today and everything seemed normal.
    I think I might have dodged a bullet.
    So many women in your life and you still have not learned that lesson! No, it will not be normal. She is in shock. Talk to your wife.

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    Molly, Ouch! I have a pit in my stomach for you, my guess is your daughter saw your makeup and the cat is out of the bag so to speak. Women do not miss much so I definitely think you need to talk with your wife and go at this head on.
    Good luck and please let us know how you do.

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    They. Were. Twenty. Minutes. Away.

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    I spoke to my wife on the phone today and everything seemed normal.
    I think I might have dodged a bullet.

    Doubt it, highly. Unless you believe that your daughter is a total idjit....
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    Pretty sure your daughter knows, whether she tells anyone, or not, is the question.

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    To keep with the analogy of dodging a bullet, you've actually been hit and are bleeding out right now. You just don't know it yet.

    If your daughter came home and saw women's clothes in the bathroom, what do you expect that she will think? Especially because daddy is naked.

    "Daddy has a girlfriend, and it's not mom! What do I do with this discovery? Tell Mom, or keep the secret?"
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    Doubt it, highly. Unless you believe that your daughter is a total idjit....[/QUOTE]

    LMAO @ Idjit! Yeah, I couldn't help but notice that..... Supernatural fan, Jodie? Just curious. LOL

    [SIZE=1]- - - Updated - - -[/SIZE]

    Well Molly, it kinda seems to me like you have nothing to worry about..... With your quick thinking, pulling the blanket over you and dashing to the bedroom, sounds like you did dodge a bullet and your family is still unaware your dressing. LOL Perhaps your daughter thought nothing of the makeup in the bathroom? Like, maybe she thought your wife just forgot to put it up?
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    I think I agree with Steffi. It's likely she noticed. There are three possibilities. 1) she thinks its your wife's. 2) she thinks its yours, 3) she thinks its another woman's. I think things get more likely left to right.

    You may think you have dodged the bullet but the ricochet might catch you in the back.


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    Ya i think what happen here is something that will happen to all sooner then later. Now is a good time to have the talk to the wife! It will go alot better if you tell her then her walking in on you someday!

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    It's my belief that you can not expect to hide your dressing from anyone living in the same house (or in this case, someone who has a key to your house) forever. It's not a matter of "if", it's a matter of "when". You got caught.

    Your daughter may keep this quiet or she may not. Often, mothers and daughters are very close and it would be hard for your daughter to keep this secret.

    Best of luck to you.

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    Ok my two cents, I would first talk to your daughter again, that should tell you if she knows (I wish I had a idea on how to skirt around the topic I don't) If you sense anything talked to wife. I was going to say talked to daughter but if your wife finds out you talk to her first it wouldn't go good.

    I think if you the bullet missed you should still talk to wife.

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    Might want to have a talk before they go down the path of you having an affair.

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    It happens !!

    OK I didn't get caught dressed some years ago by my daughter but I forgot she was at home and I started to iron some of my things I'd recently washed . She saw a dress on the ironing board and realised it didn't belong to my wife , so I came clean and told her the whole story , she gave me a big hug and told me it wasn't a problem . Since then I've been out several times with her both shopping and a show , I've spent Xmas day with her and taken the granddaughter out to pantomimes and horse riding .

    Maybe it's time to have that chat and clear the air with her , you never know the outcome might be OK .

    I will also admit my wife wasn't happy about my daughters' acceptance but she told her it was none of her business .
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    I feel that it is best to bring it out. It is possible your daughter quickly figured it out. Whether she told mom or not is an unknown, but you should assume that she did spill the beans. Watch your wife closely, very closely, and see if there is a tension there that was not there before - a bit of staying at arm's length. If there are any hints then it is likely she knows as much as your daughter knows.

    Don't let them assume it is an affair or something like that. Time to come out, whether she knows or not. Some women tend to ruminate on undesirable things a lot and consider all the possibilities. Others are very direct. We all do that to some extent. She could also assume you are gay.

    The loving thing to do is to point her in the right direction so the whole thing doesn't devolve into a ball of tangled string. Take a deep breath and gently inform her of your NEEDS. If it is not just a hobby so to speak then present it as it really is. Don't assume she will accept it, but she may because she already knows. As Crissy said, generally wives don't miss much, but sometimes they have no prior knowledge of this. Mine went 43 years with no idea even though there were enough mistakes along the way that she should have figured it out. But often we humans like to ignore that which we really don't want to see. Don't assume anything and just bring it out in a gentle but proactive way. Most women get that and respond honestly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TillyCambiare View Post
    1) she thinks its your wife's. 2) she thinks its yours, 3) she thinks its another woman's. I think things get more likely left to right.
    Can I just say from experience... after finding a bit of obviously women's clothing... my very first thought was hoping(?) maybe it belonged to someone else. But that would an awfully big woman. And the size matched him. And... well... we had to talk.

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    We roll the dice and take our chances. Looks like you rolled a 7.
    Put on a Happy Face.

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    Well, you have a choice to make. You can either let it slide (and hope for the best) or talk to your daughter and find out what she thinks. And then of course, you can talk to your wife.

    As some others have speculated, there is a fair chance your wife knows more than you think about your alone-time activities.
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    If you havent been caught are you really even CD'ing? It's an indulgence sometimes the bounary is pushed and you endup doing things you once thought only a quick change artist could do. Never the less in this case you were caught how it is handled is up to you and your daughter...bonds between mother and daughter as well as father and daughter are real and go both ways. She may run and tell mom or she may believe that mom knows already and not want to know what mom and dad do at home now that she is grown. Either way you are on notice.

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    I would revisit your base assumption that your wife hasn't known for decades. Hugs, Michelle

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    I almost got caught myself last week. I've decided to prepare for "the talk" and new life changes... good or bad. I can see how the outcome could be worse if we were to be caught, but if she is not understanding, then it could go bad after the talk also... time will tell. Good luck.
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    I bet that got your heart beating pretty quick ! As somebody else mentioned, they were only 20 minutes away, probably not the best decision you could make with them being that close, but I am sure quite a few of us have done something like that (I know I used to when I lived with my parents and sisters) in some shape or form thinking we would be o.k. Let us know how it all turns out, best of luck, keeping my fingers crossed for you.

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