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Thread: Reason you crossdress

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    We all have different reasons although some have similar stories.

    At 6 or 7 I wanted to try on a dress. 55 years later, I still do.

    At around 14 I tried on my sister's pantyhose, and all of the sudden I was erupting, if you know what I mean.

    These days I dress and go out and still like seeing myself in dresses and other feminine attire. I have a couple of GG friends I met while going out and I like doing things with them. I still like the feel of nylons on my legs and wearing heels. I do get "stimulation" from the idea of going out (as opposed to while I'm actually dressed).

    At this point, dressing is just part of whom I am.

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    I used to dress for the thrill. But now I dress cause its who I am. Christina has become a part of me. She's me when I need to get away and push away my stress. She's stress free.

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    Probably because I get to wear big boobs lol
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    Life long sexual gratification habit. It's not an everyday occurrence. At my advanced elderly age, it has really slowed down to once or twice a week to dress up .
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    I dress to bring out my feminine side; which has become stronger over the years. Actually I think it was always there but repressed. Dressing allows me to experience the full range of the female experience.

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    I'd say that I dress to extend my masculinity in the direction I see as its natural inclination. I don't feel like a woman. I am not trying to "attract" anyone, although I do wish my wife found me to be attractive in the clothes I like.

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    When I first CD, it was out of curiousity. I saw my mom's pantys, I felt them, and it felt very smooth, almost silky. I was 5 at the time, and I compared the feeling of the pantys to my own tighty whiteys. My tighty whiteys were coarse, harsh feeling while the pantys were smooth and soft. So I tried them on and it felt amazing against the skin.

    As some have mentioned, in my early years and teens, it was more about gratification than anything else. Fast forward years later, and being Wendy is a part of me. I simply enjoy being in woman mode and truth be told, I could do it days on end (unfortunately I can't). Unlike my days as a teen, I now have home, work, and financial obligations and all that takes a stressful toll on me. When I begin my transformation to Wendy, it is a form of stress relief. I focus 110% on makeup, way I dress, accessories like jewellery, wig, all in an effort to look as close as a girl as possible. I feel more at peace and I can feel my stress level actually decrease when I am fully dressed as Wendy. I am actually enjoying life and putting those drab stressors on hold.

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    Wow! So much feedback and so many different motives for dressing but this does give me a good idea where I align. Some of you really just love clothes, don?t mind your male features and some of you are more feminine in the sense of wanting female attributes and enjoy seeing it in the mirror to those who are trans and deal with the dysphoria that way. It?s quite the spectrum and is very revealing to crossdressing in general as well as for myself.

    I don?t think of categories as the same as ones identity. I believe it?s important to know yourself and your desires as well as the meaning behind them. For me, it?s not a kink and not sexual. At times I feel like a girl and want a curvy body but for now will enjoy the nice clothes, wigs and makeup I recently bought.

    Many thanks for sharing!

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    Dressing up is still a big thrill for me. I also really enjoy when female sales assistants suspect that I'm buying clothes and make up for myself while shopping in drab. That's fun and always makes my heart bear faster. Another thrill is being dressed up at Halloween and girls suggest that I'm either enjoying it too much or suggest that I dress up when its not Halloween. Such fun!

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    not telling
    For me, it's simple-

    1- fun and
    2- gratification without guilt

    I've always loved costumes, Halloween, acting, etc. If I'm playing a role, I can "be" that character and do what the character would and not feel like I'm crossing a line.

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    It started with sexual gratification and evolved to something much deeper as I got older.

    [SIZE=1]- - - Updated - - -[/SIZE]

    Because it feels good, because I feel like I am m true self and I like it.

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    Hello, Mia! I've read everyone else's replies and there are bits and pieces from all that apply, in my case, as to why I dress up. I started *really* early: my mother has pictures of me wearing a pair or two of her pantyhose in my crib! All the time after that I had a real yen for pantyhose and for the life of me I can't tell you what the attraction was and still is!

    I started raiding my mom's wardrobe as a young teen, wanting to explore the whole gamut of women's clothes, especially while I was still small enough to fit into the majority of her stuff. And she always dressed to the nines for her job, so I was on cloud nine. Much later on we discussed it, and I apologized for having used her stuff without permission, explaining that I had neither the money, knowledge, transportation, nor above all the *guts* to procure my own things (no sisters, either). She said she wasn't pleased at the time, but rationalized it by knowing that I wasn't hurting anyone. Except for putting runs in her nylons and stretching out her bras--GAHHH!

    As I started living on my own, I branched out to make-up, wigs, and breast forms, and began to enjoy it more thoroughly now that I had complete privacy. It was always sexual, I think, even as a youngster, but I just didn't get that at the time. Then I, uh... figured things out, shall we say! I also grew to understand that it was and is a spectacular stress reliever. It's almost impossible for me to be depressed or anxious while in "Justine mode", and a former girlfriend noted that I was flirtier and more relaxed when we'd go to fetish events. Certainly when I catch a glimpse of myself all dolled up in a mirror, I see myself with a big smile!

    Do I want to transition? Oh, *hell* no. I'm strictly into the look and feel, not to mention the smell of makeup and perfume, and the faint taste of lipstick when I inhale. It would be interesting, though, to have real breasts, a small waist, a round behind, hips, and even the other important female features to really fill out the clothes (if I could have Christina Hendricks' body, I'd have a riot!). But breast forms and silicon butt/hip pads are a nice substitute.

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    Mia, there are two ways to answer your question, because there are two "whys": a crossdresser will generally be able to tell what he likes and how he feels when he does it. That's his reason for dressing. But he won't be able to explain why he likes what he likes or feels what he feels. That last answer is the CD's philosophical stone. Or should I say the SO's, because I never really looked into it until I had to explain it to my wife, in an attempt to reconnect the man she knew with the new one that crossdresses.

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    For me I have a very active imagination and I like to play dress up so crossdressing was a natural fit for me. Plus its a new hobby
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    I wish I knew why I crossdress and I have been looking for the exact answers for years. I have my own theory that pertains to me only. I first put on a pair of panties when I was a young teenager, perhaps 13 or 14. It was sexually exciting. Because it enhanced masturbstion. Because putting on panties was rewarded with a pleasant experience, I did it over and over and looked forward to time when I could do it. Eventually, I thought I would try.more lingerie and that was exciting too. So, even later in life, wearing women?s clothing became my substitute for actual sex with a woman. Eventually it just became a comfortable experience.

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    For me it is sevral things.

    My mother wanted a girl. She dressed me as a girl until I had to attend school. That started my dressing. I have a deep desire to try and expierence what women experience and that involves dressing.

    When I am dressed I fell complete as I know it is part of who I am.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Danielle_cder View Post
    Probably because I get to wear big boobs lol
    hahaha it's for a variety of reasons that have already been stated here but Danielle is right on the money for me as well

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    Well it's just who I am. And actually probably one of my best parts. To be or not to be. That is the biggest question of them all. Everyone had their own reasons. Some are similar to others snd some might just be out in the left field. But the ultimate reason is to be happy and love ourselves for who we are.

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    I dress because I feel its due to my autism.

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    I do it because I believe a guy should be able to wear a skirt if he wants to without retribution

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    I have no more reason that I enjoy doing it.
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    Many female enjoy wearing feminine female clothes also and their enjoyment borders on a sort of sexual excitement.

    Let me explain it this way....
    In the early '60s is was very common for most females to wear stockings and then... panty hose ..
    At this time I had a GF living with me.
    However, pantyhose was prone to damage and "runs"

    Then there was a special pantyhose wash that strengthened the panty hose and prevented "runs". It actually worked as advertised.
    However, my GF hated the special wash as the pantyhose did not feel the same. She further explained that without the special wash, pantyhose feel sexy but not after the wash.
    Most females evidently felt the same because sales we so low that it was soon taken off the market .

    Fact is, many female love to wear feminine clothes that make them feel feminine and sexy .
    Now it's a given that male sexuality and female sexually are different. Female do no have an erect penis to deal with for one thing when they feel sexually aroused .

    Consider that Dolly Parton has often said the if she was not born a female, she would love to be a drag queen because she loves feminine clothes and female accessories so much.

    So what is wrong with a male who is gender dysphoric feeling sexy and being aroused when wearing feminine clothes?
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    Katie Lynn
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    I found an adult movie in my parents? closet when I was about 13. Watching it I found I was envious of what the woman riding cowgirl on the screen was feeling. I started dressing to imagine I was her. If I could wave a magic wand and have it be real I would do so in a heartbeat.
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    back in the early days, I used the sexual gratification story in my own head to try and make me feel better about what I was doing, over the years I realised it was actually nothing to do with sexual gratification at all and that I loved to dress because I love to dress and it is very much part of me, now I do it because I love to do it, I love how I feel and never have a day when I feel bad about myself for being for dressing, plenty of days when I feel bad, because for one reason or another I can't dress

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    Hi Mia , It is just who I am, and it is just who I am.

    I have been in this program for almost 74 years now, >Orchid .oOOo.
    Having my ears triple pierced is AWESOME, ~~......

    I can explain it to you, But I can't comprehend it for you !

    If at first you don't succeed, Then Skydiving isn't for you.

    Be careful what you wish for, Once you ring a bell , you just can't Un-Ring it !! !!

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