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Thread: Earrings worn in male mode?

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    Member JoannaCD's Avatar
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    Earrings worn in male mode?

    Having recently pierced my ears I'm curious what style of earrings do you wear in male mode and also what size? Do you stick with a certain pair or vary them? Do you ever wear just one? How about multiple piercings in male mode? Or do any of you just remove them?

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    Member colleen ps's Avatar
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    I have multiple peircings in both ears, In male mode i use plain studs, Sparkly studs, plain rings and small sparkly rings and sparkly half rings. Nobody has batted an eye ever. I even had a compliment from a cashier about my half rings LOL.

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    Davina Katherine Davina Katherine's Avatar
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    I have a double piercing on the left and single on the right.
    At first (about a year ago) I'd only wear one at a time. Recently I've started wear studs in all three. Silver balls or sparkly crystals.
    Colleen, you've got me thinking, maybe a couple small hoops???

    I've also been letting my hair grow out. A co-worked referred to my fashion choices as "my transitioning".
    NOBODY else has ever indicated any awareness, let alone commented on my ear rings.

    Joanna, wear the d&^*ed ear rings and just enjoy it. Life Is Short.

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    I typically wear small hoops or studs in male mode.

    I think that a lot of men have their ears pierced now
    compared to years ago

    I wear my small Vera Wang hoops most times.
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    I have both my ears pierced for several years now. I wear ear rings every day usually studs or smaller hoops. I love wearing bigger hoops and dangly ones but I have to save that for my Jackie time. I have had no comments on them and I know several GM who have both ears done and wear everyday.

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    I've had both ears pierced for years now. I almost always wear my white gold, black diamond studs. No one's ever said a word about them.

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    Studs for stud mode.

    I do have some very small hoops. I like to match my earrings to my outfit. I try to keep it simple, a single stone and not too large . I would like a few more options though, like a tiger eye or more organic looking semiprecious stones. "Mens" earring selection is somewhat limited if you aren't into the goth or badboy look
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    I pierced my ears about 4 months ago. I use white gold 3 or 4 mm balls.
    Of course when in Natalie mode I go for full dangle earrings. I have a few sets.

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    When I had my ears originally pierced I had them put it the smallest set of silver "perma-studs" they had for the 6-8 weeks of required 24/7 wear. Then I bought a nice pair of "real gold" $$ studs with a screw-on back that I wore in male mode.

    Honestly I rarely go male mode anymore but when I do and IF I wear earrings they are usually a stud or at the most small 5mm hoops.

    Oh... I have been thinking about getting my ears double pierced lately.
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    Hi, Joanna. I just got my ears pierced a little over two weeks ago and I'm sure as you know, you're supposed to keep them in for at least 6 weeks. Mine are small, September birth stones so yes, I keep them in while both in male and female mode.
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    I got my ears pierced many years ago.

    In male mode I always were just 3MM clear cubic zirconia studs.
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    Mine are double pierced in both ears.
    I always wear my diamond studs in the uppers of both ears (present from my wife). In the lowers it depends on where I'm going. Sometimes I wear small hoops in the lower with the studs, sometimes I go without anything in the lowers.
    Dressed it's always my diamonds and something dangling. Large hoops, chandeliers or whatever so long as it's feminine and showy.
    Wear what makes you feel Confident !

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    I have a growing selection of studs that I wear in male mode - stainless steel balls of various diameters, diamonds, cubic zirconia, etc. My favorites are small turquoise balls. I got “ma’amed” once when I wore dangly lizards, but that didn’t hurt my feelings a bit!

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    I have a Rose Gold small hoop that hugs the lobe in one ear and a sparkle stud in the other... today. When dressed I wear the longest dangles I can find or large hoops... just love the feel.
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    I wear small hoops in each ear. I used to use studs, but I’m on the phone at work a lot and the posts get a bit stabby. Usually wear the same pair all the time.

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    Silver Member Meghan4now's Avatar
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    Ohh Micki, I HATE when that happens. And some studs have linger shafts than others to confound the problem.
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    I only just got my ears pierced at the end of July, so I actually still have my starter piercing studs in for a few more days. I have done quite a bit of research on what earrings guys wear, and it seems the majority of the fashion is on Black, silver or gold studs. My starter studs are silver ball studs. Once I change them out in a few days I can start experimenting with what style I like best. For boy mode, I will be starting with Black, then moving on to try a silver/diamond looking ones I ordered.

    I don't know what will look good for me in girl mode yet, since I don't even know what looks good in normal boy mode yet. I been thinking of getting a couple pairs of dangly and hoop earrings to try in girl mood, as they seem to more 'girly' to me then studs (not that studs don't look good on women as well).

    My crossdressing, as irregularly as I do it, actually played a role in me deciding to get both ears pierced instead of just 1. Plenty of guys have 1 ear piercing, but I have not met a woman yet with just 1, so I figured getting both would look better when in girl mode. It also looks great in normal boy mode as well, since thankfully earrings are slowly becoming common for men nowadays.

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    I got my ears pierced around 10 years ago and a week afterwards, I found out I had to have an MRI scan done of my head and couldn't have any metal so I had to decide whether or not to take them out and start again later but I found there were plastic studs you can get and was able to swap them over for my studs and then back again once all that was sorted.

    I said at the time of getting my ears pierced that I would write a little sign for when I was at work saying "BECAUSE I FELT LIKE IT" if anyone felt like it was their business to make a negative comment about it but I didn't do that.

    In male mode, I just wear basic studs but when I get dressed up, dangly earrings feel so good to wear

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    All 4 of my non cross dressing straight sons ages 37 down to 27 all have had their ears pierced for years and most of them wear real .25k diamonds in both ears .
    One is an exec at Exxon , one is a long haul truck driver , one is a tattoo artist , one is a rn at a trauma center in Houston .
    So all different jobs and the eldest three have had theirs pierced 20 + years . The 27 yr old when he was 16 I think . Many many guys do this .
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    Well piercings no matter how important may be a bridge too far. I have a bunch of cute clip ons. Heck even my own daughter refuses piercings and uses clip ons.

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    Double pierced both ears with hoops and cbr's
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    It really does not matter! I saw a big macho looking male with long hair and long beard in male clothes with white chandeliers in a laundromat so... Wear what you want when you want! I have no male time and am out 24/7 but wore my pearls in male mode before I was 24/7! I actually got compliments on my pearls! Hugs Lana Mae
    Life is worth living!
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    Hi Joanna , Most of the time I always wear 3 Diamond studs 3/16" top & bottom and 1/4" in the middle,

    Sometimes I will wear hoops in the bottom either 1/4", 1/2" or 3/4",

    I pierced my ears 5 years ago @ age 72, you are never too old to get your ears pierced,

    It was a late on set midlife crisis, >>>>>>>>>>..OO..
    Having my ears triple pierced is AWESOME, ~~......

    I can explain it to you, But I can't comprehend it for you !

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    Gold feet

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    Well at work I wear studs because of danger of getting caught on things, but on the weekends I will change to small loops. You must be enjoying the excitement of the wide selection of earrings with both ears pierced, I know I was

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