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Thread: How and where do you hide "her" stuff?

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    How and where do you hide "her" stuff?

    After being "away" for several years and purdging all my stuff, I have NOTHING left to dress in. Not even a single pair of panties.
    I have also started a new relationship and got married since.

    Now that I am feeling the urge to dress again I want to buy a few new bras and panties but I am curious, if your partner doesn't know, how and where do you hide your stuff. I want to keep it close by as I don't want to be running to a storage locker when ever I feel like underdressing or whatever.

    How do you hide your stuff from your wife and everyone else for that matter?

    I do have a garage, but she has been know to rummage around from time to time looking for stuff.


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    Be honest and you will not have to hide or lie.
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    Started out with hiding my panties underneath folded clothes on my closet shelf. I did that for quite a few years. I usually didn't own too many. In the early years, panties had more of a sexual nature than a "need to wear" purpose. Though, the last time I purged, I think I had 70! That made for a very uneven stack of folded clothes on the shelf!

    After that purge, I made it about a year before I "had" to have panties. And that was also when I found Soma. I started buying panties, and a month or so later, bras. I quickly ran out of room and the uneven stacks of clothes were threatening to fall off the shelf. So, I cleared out 2 dresser drawers - one for my panties, one for my bras. My wife stopped putting my clothes in the dresser years before I started doing this, so I think there's little chance she will suddenly decide to go looking.

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    I know it's a tough one... but the anxiety of hiding really wears on you... & if you are caught before you have a chance to have "the talk", then I think things would be even worse. I hid for too long. No need to now and I feel much better. (But it could have gone bad, it just didn't)
    The Pink Fog is thick with this one....

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    During the first years of our marriage my wife and I explored together my love for the feel of nylon; nightgowns and hosiery. When my interests went further my wife realized there was more going on than she wanted to be involved in. Enter "Don't Ask, Don't." In the beginning I had a box in the bottom draw of my armoire. Our daughter yanked a Vanity Fair bra out of my draw one day which brought about "The Talk." My wife was not at all interested. Since then she has not opened my all...period. I think she did not want to see anything. As my wardrobe of undergarments grew the clothes ended up in a big box in my nightstand. Wife will not go there. She knows. I know she knows. She does NOT rummage around. My wardrobe is stored in about twenty Xerox boxes stacked in a garage converted to living space.

    If your wife likes to rummage around you're going to be revealed and have "The Talk." If your desires are out in the open, i.e., known, and, she does not want to know, then she should just refrain from rummaging around in "your stuff." I know my wife would flip out to know of the vastness of my wardrobe, but, DADT is her desire, not mine.

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    When I first started I had stashes hidden in different places. They all got found. But now that I'm older and out on my old place with my mother, I just have a drawer filled with Christina's clothes.

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    I do not hide my dresses and accessories - was scary to have the talk with my wife and adult children, but I am glad I did

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    I had a box in my closet that fit about 6 dresses and shoes and whatnot. But now that I'm out just have the more everyday stuff in the everyday clothes areas.

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    After hiding it from my ex wife for years I decided honesty was the best policy. I told my present wife on our second date. Is she crazy about my dressing? No. But she does not give me a hard time and actually has bought clothes for me.

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    What Di says.

    If you hide stuff she'll find it and that opens a whole new can of worms.

    Told my wife after 18 years of marriage this was something I enjoyed doing from time to time. She knew I was the same person no matter my clothing.

    Dressed in her clothes.

    She told me to get my own stuff and not wear hers.

    Best decision I made.

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    I used to hide Wendy's stuff in old boxes in the tool room. To this day, I am amazed that I was able to cram all that stuff in small boxes. Even more amazing is that my wife never found them, and she does roam around the house looking for stuff to throw out/downsize. I can tell you that when she had a day off and I had to go to work, I had a fear that she would stumble upon the stash. Worse, when I had to go to the hospital often (not just a day thing but weeks), I was so worried about her finding the goodies. So it was really high anxiety.

    Re-emphasizing what has already been said by others, it is only a matter of time before the stash will be found. Or, if she doesn't find the stash, she'll catch you red handed wearing the clothing.

    I eventually admitted to my wife about my CDing, and it was not the easiest conversation ever. She was ok with it and laid down some ground rules, which is totally fine. Now, I can dress openly.

    I can tell you, even if you are successful in hiding the stash, another issue is you wearing the clothing. Before I told my wife, I was so paranoid that she would come home and catch me as Wendy. So every little noise would make my heart jump. One reason I love dressing is the calm soothing effect, but it was nullified because of my paranoia about being caught.

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    I am in agreement with those who believe that not keeping secrets is the best policy. It's better to be truthful than to "hide and sneak" which is sometimes more troubling to a wife than the "reveal".

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    I would suggest talking to her about it before you go to much further. Hopefully she truly loves you and has an open mind. If that?s the case and I wish the best for you then you may not have to hide anything. I have kids that don?t know therefore I still have to hide my stuff in a bag. I would love to be able to keep my dresses skirts tops and heels neatly in my closet and keep my lingerie and legware in drawers where they belong. It wound also be much nicer to set up a makeup table in my bathroom. Maybe one day!!!

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    I used to hide things in my wardrobe, within a box, hidden under clothes. When I told my wife, after tears, and long long conversations I started by moving my underwear in with my male stuff. Now, ten years later I only have female lingerie which is dried on the airer with dresses and skirts of mine mixed with hers.
    They're never out on the line as I'm quite a lot larger than her and she'd worry they'd assume were hers lol. Now I need a wardrobe for my Roxy clothes as they far outnumber my men's stuff. Now I have heels, boots, fluffy hooded women's coats and everything in-between. Non of that would have happened if I hadn't opened up to her. We've done photo shoots together and been out with me fully dolled up and it's amazing. I know I'm lucky to have an accepting wife but to get to that stage took years and lots of talking and compromise on both sides.

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    You know your wife better than we do. You have to decide if you would rather tell the truth now and see what happens or keep hiding your stuff and hope for the best. If you choose to tell her hiding isn?t as big of an issue. If you choose not to tell, then hiding your stuff is only half the battle. Mine is in the crawl space under the basement. I have some panties and skirts under the bottom drawer of my dresser sonInhave to take the drawer out to get to them. The other half of the battle is dressing discreetly. In the end you have to decide three things. 1. Will my marriage be at risk if I tell? 2. Will it be worse if I get caught? 3. In what situation am I willing to accept the consequences?

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    Sit your mate down and have "the talk". Tell her you feel bad because you should have told her sooner. Tell her, no I am not gay, I just like women's clothing and I don't want to sneak around behind your back. Then go on to say I can dress on my own time, but I really want to incude you and we can dress together. See where it goes. She will find out anyway.

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    Hello Tiffany

    As the other have said, May be time to have the talk,
    But only you know your relationship the best.
    Trust me I know all too well the whole story.

    I had huge trust issues with my ex-wife, there was a very long time I did not tell her

    And during that time, and even long before. when Living at home and even after I moved in with my now ex-wife, before we got married
    I had a tool box, Tote style that I kept my stash in over the garage.

    Sure glad those days are behind me.
    Now I keep all my clothes in the closet
    and my forms on top of the dresser in the bedroom
    my sister's reply when I told her how I prefer to dress

    "Everyone has there thing, all that matters is that you are happy, love what you do and who you do it with"

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    As others have said, it is best to tell your spouse. Eventually, she will find your stash. Normally all the worst thoughts will then enter her head. My wife knows, but doesn't want to know too much about it or see me dressed. I keep some of the more common items such as jeans, knit tops, flats and panties in the closet or drawers, under other items. Other items are tucked away in suitcases or boxes. She knows they are there, but it isn't right in her face everyday.

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    So my SO knows. She shares a large closet with me. I place my hangers of Eva wear next to hers. I don't buy a lot for my femme side so it is not a problem. I have a go to bag at the bottom of the closet with my foundations and a few tops, my jewelry, and the like.

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    Before I told my wife I used to put things in my dresser and my overflow would go into boxes in the basement that were part of my collection. She never messed with that stuff. Still have some overflow in boxes actually, but it?s no longer in hiding.

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    I know that telling my wife would be the best thing to do, HOWEVER, I stopped dressing before I met her and this is the first time these feelings have resurfaced since.
    My wife is very conservative and I don't know how she will take to this.

    So before I out myself, I want to make sure of a few things first
    1. that dressing is something I am ready to do again
    2. that I feel more confident my wife will be accepting of it.
    3. I'm sure there are other things, i just can't think of them right now.

    I know that if we only asked the questions we knew the answers to, we'd never have to ask the questions, but we all know its scary and we all know it's not easy.

    So, for now I will be cleaning up the garage and finding a special spot out there for her stuff.


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    Tiffany, I know you asked this for those who are married and have S/O's; I'm single and live alone, but I just thought that I would share with everyone where I hide all of Kimberly's things. LOL

    Anyway, I have a big ice cooler where I keep my breast forms, bras and wigs. I was keeping all of my makeup in Ziploc bags in the cooler as well, but that was beginning to be too much of a hassle, so I bought a makeup box at Walmart and I keep all of my makeup in there now. I was keeping all of my jewelry, (it's really all real cheap jewelry, I don't see any sense on spending butt loads of money on jewelry when I'm not a GG and just pretend to be a woman from time to time), in Ziploc bags as well, but I also got tired of that so I bought a nice jewelry box..... Now, there is no room in the cooler for my makeup and jewelry box, so I keep those items behind the cooler. LOL

    As far as clothes, I keep them all hung up in a small closet, which I have now run out of room in that closet for any new clothes, so I'm gonna have to hold off on buying anymore clothes for a while. LOL I keep all of my tights and pantyhose neatly folded in a plastic drawer thing, (it has total of five drawers, I have my hosiery in four of them).

    Although I live alone, I keep my feminine stuff hidden because I never know when someone might come over, although no one really ever does unless I need some sort of maintenance done on the place..... It just helps me feel a bit better to keep my feminine stuff hidden. LOL
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    Well they were in a box in the trunk of my car, then in an old speaker box in the attic, then I got caught.
    Now they hang in the master walk in closet with all our other things.
    Wear what makes you feel Confident !

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    They always find out...

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    I don't understand why so many have to be so judgmental and forcing their opinions on others. Tiffany did not ask if she should have the talk, she simply asked for assistance on how to hide her feminine things. We don't know her situation and where she is on her journey so why try to steer someone in a direction?? I've seen this on so many posts, including from administrators. Shouldn't we be here to assist and support each other?

    Tiffany, to answer your question, I often hide things on top shelf that are unlikely my wife will look. I'll mark a box with "electronic parts", "masonry tools", etc. which my wife has no interest. Within the box I have a smaller box that I keep my femme things. On top of the box, I put a bag with the parts and tools. In 30 years, have never been discovered.

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