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Thread: Things you can do as a woman, but not as a man

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    Yes Lexi, crying in public is pretty much taboo for a man. When I was much younger I would go somewhere in private before balling my eyes out! I've become more stoic with age.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Natasha T View Post
    Well, I'm not so sure about that. It may be fear in some instances, but dressing puts me in a different frame of mind. It's more like it opens up options for behavior that is generally exclusively available to women. For example, if I'm watching a RomCom in male mode, it's not that I'm afraid to shed a tear when they finally (re)unite, it's that shedding a tear is just not a male thing to do (in my life). I fully realize that the option to cry exists, and indeed many men probably do in this type of situation, but I think calling it fear doesn't quite capture it.

    Just my 2 cents. 💖
    what would capture it?? What does "just not a male thing to do" mean to you? Just wondering.

    Why is it not a male thing to do?
    Afraid of giving up masculinity is my best guess..
    that fear drives alot of male behaviour in my opinion.
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    Women can show off more of their body in everyday situations. Whether it is more leg, more shoulder, or even tighter cloths. Unless I?m a swimming situation men don?t get to show off as much.

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    More clothing options as a woman, Women clothing has many more variations than men

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    Go shopping with a friend.

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