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Thread: Update to coming out to the parents

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    Update to coming out to the parents

    My mom was cleaning out her closet and gave me a stack of dresses to try on. I got 2 that stopped at the knees and A red Jessica Rabbit dress. She wanted me to model them for her when i did she said hold on you need a bra and shape wear. I found a bra that fit and was told that if 1 shape wear dont work wear another over it. I told her i had one in a large and she told me I got the wrong size I needed a medium. When I was done she said I looked great very nice woman and I just stood there silent. I asked her if I could have a hug? She said of course when we hugged I started tearing up she said sit down lets talk. When we did my emotions started pouring out I said, "Thank you for accepting me I feel like the weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders. Its was a burdon having to keep this big secret and being afraid of being found out." She said I have known you was a crossdresser before you did since you was a kid and I waited for you to tell me but you never did. I told her I thought she dropped hits but thought I was reading to much into it. I told her its like a hobby to me its not a gay thing. She asked why did I never said anything I told her simple thought no one would accept me. She gave me a hug and said "You are my son and will always be my son y i will always love and accept you no matter what .Your cancer never came back. You survived 4 heart attacks you survived stuff that would put down a mear mortal man. You are still alive" We hugged and cried mom asked whats your girl name? I said well you was going to name me Brandie if I was a girl so its Brandie. She said now you can hang your clothes and shoes in your closet and never have to hide them again.We cried and hugged
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    Awesome - what a great mom!!!!
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    What a wonderful story of acceptance. I am so happy for you and you have an awesome Mom.

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    You are so lucky to have a mom as you do! You are so young hope you and your mother have some great times together!

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    That is such a wonderful outcome and glad you have a supportive family.
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    Nice story of acceptance and encouragement.

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    What an awesome Mom, I just think she is so wonderful, you are very lucky.

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    You are lucky to have such a loving mother. Take her out to her favorite restaurant. Maybe you could even make it a "Girls' Night Out".

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    That's fantastic, most be the best feeling to have that weight lifted off your shoulder. The largest part of our dressing is the aspect of hiding the secret and at time no one to turn to. Now you have an exceptiing mom and looks like you have a person to open up to. Thanks for the positive story, always great.

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    Wow your have a great mom. you should send your story into the hallmark channel.

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    That?s such a great story, Brandie. I hope you have many many happy additions in the months and years ahead...and wish you ever improving health!

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    Great story. Your mom is very special. Congrats to you for your openness, and Brava to your mom for her acceptance.

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    It's wonderful that your mother is so accepting and that you have had that burden lifted.
    I wish I could have told my mother.
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    I loved your story. Thanks for sharing. Your mom is so beautiful. Everyone should have a mom who's that accepting.

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    That's wonderful Brandie. Wishing you continued good health.

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    Amazing story, Brandie. I love it.

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    Your mom is a treasure!

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    That is amazing to hear. I'm glad your mother is helping you.

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    You?re not crying I?m not crying 😢

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    Congratulations on having the best mom anyone could have. They should all be like that and have unconditional love for their children no matter what. I personally don?t see cross dressing ghost bad anymore guess I?ve accepted it in my life. There?s so much worse parents could have than a cross dresser, like a felon got robbery murder etc. it?s going to make your life so much better having that stressful part of your life behind you. He?ll maybe the heart problems you?ve had in the past were brought on by stress too. Thank your parents everyday for being accepting. Who better to give you the needed tips too the an hour mom or sister since their gg?s. They?ve had their whole lives in training themselves. I assume most girls learn some of makeup and other things girl related they learn from their mothers.

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