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Thread: Halloween party

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    Halloween party

    My realtor saw me dressed up before. I made an excuse that I was practising for a fancy dress party. I don't think she believed me as she just emailed me to invite me to her Halloween party and said 'it will be a good excuse for you to venture out in your girl clothes'. I'm nervous but thinking of going and wearing a nurse costume. That way it is more like a costume rather that just being dressed up as a woman. Think I'll get away with it without everyone there knowing that I'm a cross dresser?

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    Not sure but it would be hard to turn down that invitation!! Not sure how old you are or relationship status but could be a great way to meet women... and the cat would already be out of the bag....

    I’m going to my next waxing appointment on Halloween-eve dressed - not a costume but figure it would be a good justification for them to meet Kelly (my tech already knows about me anyway, but has never seen me or even photos)
    Kelly a.k.a. VS Fan

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    This is a situation where extreme jealousy should be taken as a compliment, go for it, all the way and have a great time!

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    Quote Originally Posted by caitlyn louisa View Post
    Think I'll get away with it without everyone there knowing that I'm a cross dresser?
    Nope, there will be someone there that puts two and two together and says "Of all the costumes a man could chose to wear he chose to dress up like a girl... and he doesn't look half bad... Kinda makes you wonder doesn't it?".
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    If you are single and she is single maybe she is trying to tell you something. Might be a great opportunity you never know until you try. That?s the greatest thing about Halloween parties there are no such thing as cross-dressers

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    Sounds like fun. I would love to go as Elvira.


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    No doubt you need to do this and have a wonderful time.

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    Well, you know you have to go, or otherwise you will be kicking yourself for a long time.

    If it is a party for your realtor, then you aren't likely to know many of the other guests, nor will they know you. So even if they DID surmise you were a CD, why would you care? They won't know your name, and won't know what you look like as a guy.

    Wearing a girl's costume means it's a little less likely they will assume you crossdress, but not much. If you show up in wig, makeup, the whole nine yards (do they use that expression in the UK?) without a girl/female friend they will suspect anyway. But again, they won't know who you are.

    I have found the truth works. I started going out regularly about 4 years ago. I had four days to dress, and the first step was getting my nails done. I went as a guy. It was close to Halloween and I thought about using the Halloween party excuse. But the nail tech was so friendly I went with the truth; the next day I was getting a makeover and trying on dresses at a department store. She thought it was great. She was so supportive I went home, got dressed, and returned to show her how I looked dressed, and got a selfie with her.

    Six months later, same salon, different tech. This time, a train trip dressed to Chicago. Again,the truth. The nail tech and I hit it off, and we are now good friends, and we've been out multiple times together. She's freaking gorgeous and most tell me they are jealous of me.

    I suggest you go to the party dressed as you like, costume or just dressed. Tell the truth; the realtor stopped by when you were dressed and she invited you to her party so you have a chance to dress, and it was an offer you couldn't refuse. Then when they have questions--it's usually women and they have questions--answer them honestly. The world won't come to an end.

    Last week I went to a local bar with Michelle, dressed of course. She introduced me to several of her friends. One had a gay son engaged to a drag queen who she said was adorable. She loved the way I looked and gave me a big hug, and asked me questions. It was great.

    So I STRONGLY suggest you go, because there can be a lot of upside and a lot less downside than you think.

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    Go to the party

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    The cat is out of the bag. Embrace it and enjoy the party.

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    Most of the girls on here would jump at that offer and never look back. I say go enjoy your self. Who knows you might come out with several understanding friends.

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    Get dressed and be the best Nurse you can be.
    I always wanted to do that but never did. My mom was a nurse in the days of the white uniform and stockings with the little cap. How I wanted to be her.
    Wear what makes you feel Confident !

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    To answer your question, I give you a yes and a no. Not everyone will know that you are a crossdresser unless you explicitly tell everyone. In fact no one will actually know until you confirm that fact. However some people will certainly have a very strong suspicion, but not everyone will.

    I don't know the dynamics of the social group you will be interacting with, but how much difference will it make? I would certainly take the invitation as a positive sign that you will be accepted at the party. At least by some.
    Put on a Happy Face.

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    If you have the assets go as a nurse. I was thinking of the classical Halloween nurse uniform of short white dress, hosiery, and high heels! I haven't seen a woman wearing a white nurse dress for decades. They all seem to go for the functional pants and top combo. In a prior post you told of your realtor stopping in when you were dressed on a Saturday afternoon. She knows you are a cross dresser. Have fun. Looking at my calendar Halloween falls on a Saturday. You could parley dressing into an all day adventure.
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    Wear a mask, Caitlyn! If u don't give yourself away with your voice? Most people will assume you're a female in costume!

    I've been doing that for 10+ years at vanilla venues on Halloween and fooling most folks every year!
    U can't keep doing the same things over and over and expect to enjoy life to the max. When u try new things, even if they r out of your comfort zone, u may experience new excitement and growth that u never expected.

    Challenge yourself and pursue your passions! When your life clock runs out, you'll have few or NO REGRETS!

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    If I was in that situation I would find a more appropriate outfit that's nearer to the Halloween theme . I must admit when we had a Halloween party I didn't fancy driving in heavy makeup and outfit , it wasn't until some one mentioned it's also Trafalgar Day that I decided to go with my Union Jack dress with suitable accessories .

    I guess at some point you will take that step and come out , does it really matter if they know , I found it's better people know then have them gossip behind your back .
    The real me ,no going back.

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    I went out in a dress on Halloween once. It was clearly a humorous gesture. But did everyone know I was a crossdresser?

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    Only you Caitlyn can answer to that question "What do I have got to loose ?" if going to that party...

    My GG's advice (but also an european POV, dunno where you live) : if you want to mingle, avoid sexy stereotyped disguises (i.e. if your nurse outfit matches with the description made by Stephanie #14). So many female possibilities more fit to Halloween theme !

    Good luck.

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    Your realtor sounds like a sweet lady. Yeah, the excuse didn’t work and she is giving you an amazing opportunity. Most definitely, spread your wings a bit and take her up on the invitation. Whether you go as a nurse or not is up to you. (I’d wear the nicest outfit I could put together...but that’s me.). Perhaps the questions to consider are: who is going to this party and do you really care if anyone likely to be in attendance suspects that you might be a cross dresser?

    Also...the nurse outfit...these days it would be a set of scrubs and an N95 mask. Come to think of it, PPE might be in order for a social gathering this Halloween.
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    In July of 2017 you posted this:

    Quote Originally Posted by caitlyn louisa View Post
    I dress up in female character outfits at Halloween so that nobody will suspect that I'm a crossdresser. I have been challenged however that I am too realistic for shaving my body and pay attention to details like nails, jewelry, etc. My favorite outfits are french maid, Scully from x_files and airline stewardess!
    So, I think your Realtor's party won't be your first rodeo (as we say here in America). No one will know you are a crossdresser unless you tell them. But, of course, done well they will assume it's not a one-off thing.

    I've gone out on Halloween for 20+ years. To my face, I've been asked if I was really a drag queen (ala RuPaul's Drag Race), or like Kaitlyn Jenner, or gay (yes, really, by a woman), but I was never asked if I was a crossdresser. Maybe most just assumed that. Always have fun though.
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    Not a chance, you already have history.

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    After thinking it through measuring the pros and cons that would be a permanent issue after the party on your everyday life it is an opportunity you should really take advantage of if the cons don't have a lasting effect. I know there were many missed opportunities that I regret from being overly self conscientious, and I have never had a lasting negative from all the things I and/or my wife and I did do.

    Sounds like you have already come up with a plan that will make it easier for you. And the nurse's uniform seems like a great idea for Halloween regardless. Hope you enjoy the holiday anyway you chose! Just make it your decision not a wild impulse.
    It's worth something just being around to Fuss!

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    Not to p** on your parade, but in this climate of social distancing and Covid-19 awareness, I'm surprised that your realtor would even consider throwing a Halloween party involving a collection of strangers. This would likely qualify as a "super-spreader" type of event, and we've all seen the consequences of that...especially when alcohol and loosened inhibitions are involved.

    On the other hand, a nurse's costume would be a good choice since a medical-grade mask would make a worthy accessory to go along with the rest of the outfit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robertacd View Post
    Nope, there will be someone there that puts two and two together and says "Of all the costumes a man could chose to wear he chose to dress up like a girl... and he doesn't look half bad... Kinda makes you wonder doesn't it?".
    “Someone”?! No, absolutely everyone will draw that conclusion.

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    Sounds like you should go for it! Could turn out to be fun. Sherrii

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