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Thread: Some Peculiar Observations.

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    Some Peculiar Observations.

    I haven't started a thread in years, but in the last couple months I have made some observations that I regard as peculiar. Note that I am thoroughly closeted, and will likely never leave my property beyond the back deck (I live rural, the nearest neighbor being some 300 yards distant, and no clear lines of sight). I have a number of very male attributes that I have zero intention to change, hence I will never dress up 100%. I have recently taken to masking, and trying some make-up above the mask to give myself the illusion of feminine appearance.

    Observation One: I have noticed that I seem to have physically started developing some feminine characteristics. My hips seem to be wider and padded more. Even my chest, in the breast area, is more padded. All this while I have lost about 5 pounds. No change in diet, other than eating a little more frugally. I have had dressing more on my mind. Is this common?

    Observation Two: When dressed, and I feel good about the look (Pink Fog), I am really hesitant to change back. I have things that I need to do (not dressed) and need to change, but just don't want to. However, if I look in a mirror and remove the wig and mask -- the feeling immediately reverses, and I'm totally ready to resume male form. I'm not quite revolted at the half way face looking back at me, but it changes the mood entirely.

    I am nothing like ready to move forward in this hobby, and am quite satisfied at where I am, but these things puzzle me.

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    Re Obs one; I don't want to scare you but one possible reason for male breast tissue growth can be due to cancer and as you've lost unexplained weight it might be prudent to seek out a doctor just to be on the safe side. Some years ago my GP during a routine examination noticed I was developing some breast tissue and he sent me for an ultrasound. Felt a bit strange at the time as I was in the same ward as the pregnant women but that and blood tests gave me the all clear.

    Obs two; I feel this is not uncommon. When we get our fancy rags on, wig, heels and makeup and it all looks right then it also feels right and we want it to continue. I would counsel relax and go with the flow, embrace that femme side, those jobs can wait for a bit longer.
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    Well things like "corset training" do work. So wearing a bra that fits can make your breast appear "more there" when you take it off. Same with wearing shapewear frequently.

    It takes years but you can move and train your fat into a more feminine appearance.

    I have had several GG's compliment me and say things like "Wow, you really have a figure"...
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    I am offering no medical advice, but the generally as we age, our testosterone levels do drop off and muscle tissue is gradually lost. That could account for changing distribution of fat and flesh, with or without weight loss.

    To the other issue, whatever leads any of us to aspire to wear any item/items of womens clothes, it must in part elicit a positive feeling. To stop, even at the end of the day is in some sense, giving up that positive feeling.

    Over time, progression seems to happen to most of us...whether in small increments or large. At any given point in time, most of us have insisted that we didn?t see ourselves going much farther. But really, some progression may just reflect an understandable curiosity. Perhaps you?ve progressed as far as your curiosity demands. Or maybe somewhere down the road you?ll begin to wonder what it might be like to go for a drive...order a cup of coffee...or shop for a new top.

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    I'm exploring my recent breast growth and now understand that not only does testosterone diminish but unlike women for whom all hormones diminish with age, estrogen goes up for men as testosterone goes down. I'm not especially troubled by the increase in breast size but there are other body changes that have potential negative effects health wise... like a thickening of my belly. Breast growth in men can also be associated with taking certain medications. You may wish to explore the topic gynecomastia if you're concerned. Talking with your doctor may be advisable as well.

    With regard to your second observation, there is little doubt the fog needs to be in place or we'll return to the reality of our being as men, not women. We work hard to keep the illusion alive but just about anything can pierce the fog... a telephone from a friend, someone at the door, remembering an appointment you'd forgotten or a task that needs attention. This is simply the way all this works. We keep dressing until it doesn't work any longer... either that or we buy a new article of clothing to re-engage the fog...
    We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Robertacd View Post
    Well things like "corset training" do work. So wearing a bra that fits can make your breast appear more there. Same with wearing shapewear frequently.

    It takes years but you can move and train your fat into a more feminine appearance.

    I have had several GG's compliment me and say things like "Wow, you really have a figure"...
    This is scientifically untrue. Corset training works by squishing your internal organs and reorienting you’re ribs. Hormone changes CAN affect where your body stores fat, but you can’t mechanically “train” your body to deposit fat where you want it.

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    On Observation one: RE your hips being wider, Geena? I think the watch word is "SEEMS"!

    On Observation two: I nearly gave up dressing after one year because I disliking seeing an old man's face on a young woman's figure!

    But, I tried on a mask at Halloween and Sherry was born and I continued to dress! It's only after 20+ years of dressing that I can stand to look at myself dressed in a mirror without a mask on!
    But even now, only for very short periods of time!
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    U can't keep doing the same things over and over and expect to enjoy life to the max. When u try new things, even if they r out of your comfort zone, u may experience new excitement and growth that u never expected.

    Challenge yourself and pursue your passions! When your life clock runs out, you'll have few or NO REGRETS!

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    The changes you are describing are not normal for men of any age and you should talk to a doctor about them (especially widening of the hips). You could have a serious underlying issue causing this.

    The ribs of adults are fused and cannot be changed with a corset. This only happened with young girls who were still growing and were put in corsets.
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    Track your measurements with a tape measure. Then you will know for sure.

    My hips are an inch wider than my bust line--been that way for many years.


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    As your T level drops muscle mass reverts to fat , it may at some point be redistributed possibly more on the lower body area . My chest has developed a more femme shape as the reversion happens .

    The more you dress the more the feelgood areas of the brain will become active , the release of the chemicals is something we possibly need more and more as we become use to them . Many of us have gone through the stages you describe , I have reached the point now where reverting to male mode is a very uncomfortable experience , I can't abide seeing the man in the mirror . I have finally accepted which gender I'm more comfortable with so now I dodn't get problems with " Pink Fog " I live my life full time as Teresa .

    Please forget about some elements that may hold you back , the majority of us still show male traits , we will never erradicate them all , we just have to make the best of what we have and get on with life .

    P.S. Maybe stop calling it a hobby , being TG is more than that .
    The real me ,no going back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Micki_Finn View Post
    This is scientifically untrue.
    Maybe so but...

    Take a look at any naked fat person, you can see exactly where the waist of their pants sits by their fat and they still even have "muffin tops" when not wearing pants because their fat is permanently formed that way from wearing pants.

    I have moved that waist line up through decades of wearing woman's jeans
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    It's possibly a confirmation bias of some sort. Maybe you're seeing what you want to see? Hard to know for sure without physical measurements to confirm the impression. But if true, I have no explanation. Might need to see a doctor if your body is changing without explanation.

    Feeling good and not wanting to change back makes sense. Seeing yourself in the mirror and wanting to revert back could be reflecting difficult in self-acceptance, such as in a response to conditioning. i'd see a counselor on that one.

    best wishes!

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    Not a Dr. or a medical professional in any way, they won't even let me play one on the radio...

    Anyway, over the past few years I have lost close to fifty pounds, that's about 22.5 kilos or 3.5 stone for our friends over the pond.

    In the process, my waist measurement, as measured by jeans size, dropped from 38" to 32".
    I have also lost inches in my neck and my face has thinned( so has my hair, but that's a different discussion).

    As the OP noted, my thighs are slightly larger, relative to the rest of me, and actually rub together where they never did before.
    I also now have a nice 38B bra size where before I had a 44A, all due to weight loss and a possible lower T level as I am now 63.

    If' I'd had the problems 40 years ago, oh what a different world it might have been... LOL


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    When I read males talking about their breasts and hips growing, I get the feeling that they are seeing what they want to see, not what is actually there. You need to get a tape measure and accurately measure your hips (in the same place each time) and chest. Do this over time, several months or even years and write it down. Also write down your weight.

    I'll bet nothing changes unless your overall weight changes.

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