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Thread: Keeping warm

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    Keeping warm

    In the past on what are not the warmest of days I often wondered how some GG's would wear quite skimpy tops and not be shivering to death.

    The thing is I now find myself wearing things also when it's chilly that if I wore in male mode, without forms as I do in femme mode, I'd be "Feeling the cold" and looking to perhaps add a layer. I've noticed that if sat in a skirt, tee, bra and forms and feeling comfortable taking my forms off I'd quite quickly start feeling colder.

    I've come to the conclusion, and I might be slow on the uptake here,
    that the extra insulation forms, and for GG's their breasts, provides over the heart stops the body from triggering a shiver response. That vital organ is better protected from the cold, the torso stays warmer keeping other vital organs safe while allowing GG's to reveal more skin.

    I'm sure there must be other ways in which male and female physiology trigger different responses but this seems one I can experience.
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    Am I right in assuming women usually feel the cold more than men ? You know what I use for boobs and when they've heated up to body temperature they really do act like an insulator , when I take them out at night it's amazing how warm they are but I don't sleep in them .

    I will admit when I return from walking the dog , I keep my thick stripey socks , my jeans , long sleeved Tshirt and cardigan on and enjoy a nice hot cup of tea . It's not until I've done some jobs and if motivated some cleaning before I light my woodburner and slip into tights and a skirt . Layering and still looking good takes a little work as guys only have shirts and sweaters to wear .
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    Women breasts bear fat that may act as an insulator, but they are also an increased surface for thermal exchanges with the environment (compared to men's flat breasts), so I guess this compensates that and there is no advantage here. Anyway you can't compare the insulation properties of fake breasts with real ones, they have nothing in common.
    Also, women may seem to feel cold faster (and even that is questionable when you see fashion victims in hose by 32 Fahrenheit), with the general accepted (but not proven) explanation that they generate less body heat due to a lower muscle mass. Or, according to an interesting study, because the reaction of blood vessels contraction to fight cold is less effective in them* and the difference between their warmest body point and coldest (usually fingers or toes), which the brain analyzes to generate the sensation of cold, is therefore greater. I observe that if that last study has it right, a funny physiological consequence would be that women should be the ones heating their companion's feet with theirs in bed, which would go against popular belief.

    * Other studies tell the exact opposite and use this (and natural body fat insulation) to explain why women survive longer than men in icy waters (which is not proven either).
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    Women are more productive when they're warm, a study concludes, confirming the complaints of chilly female employees everywhere.

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    You gave me a chuckle. When my wife and I lived in New York City we had to commute on the elevated line/subways. Back then women HAD to wear dresses or skirts in a professional office setting. In the early 70's for my wife it was dresses above the knees and hosiery with her heels. She was from a state with a more moderate winter climate. Winter was generally the high 40's at its coldest. She'd be waiting for the elevated train that never seemed to come in below freezing temperatures and the wind blowing. Sometimes it was so cold the tracks would freeze and the train cars could not get traction with steel wheels on steel tracks. She'd curse and swear at New York. She'd complain about her legs and butt freezing. If you want a thrill trying that some day when it is in the teens and blowing snow.

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    The OP gave me a chuckle too.

    I'm with Stephanie's wife on this one. Same story, same dress code, same freezing temperatures, and lots of shivering. Sorry, but I had to bundle up a lot to keep warm.

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    It’s is possible that there is some sort of biological component to this but I have a feeling it’s more confirmation bias than anything. A woman bundled up on a cold day doesn’t move the needle, but when you see one wearing something “skimpy” but not acting cold it’s really stands out in your mind and becomes a seemingly more common occurrence than it is.

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    Women in my office typically wore layers. It was an easy observation to make in the lunch room waiting for folks to microwave their meals.


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    I dont know , I came from a pretty warm climate but I have fainted twice from the cold . Once in the Netherlands and anther time at a horse show in Portland Oregon and I fainted OFF my horse !
    I have more than my share of chest but I have always been really cold sensitive .
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    My wife is never cold, I am always cold. We believe in has to hormones more than anything else.

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    I too am usually cold. Before COVID19 shutdown the office, I shared with GG colleague that I would welcome a pill that produced heat flashes. She was passed through menopause, and was usually warm in the office. We both laughed at our predicaments.

    With cooler weather here, I started wearing thigh-hi stockings, which keep my feet warm and provide some circulatory benefit.

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    In cold weather, I wear cold weather clothes. Just as a woman would.

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    My wife had gastric bypass and lost 130 pounds rapidly. Before the surgery she was always hot. After no Lt thick blankets and an electric blanket on high could get her warm after she got chilled

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    terrapin station, you need to guess a little bit
    i have had some thyroid issues so i am told as a result i probably feel cooler more of the time

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    I think Diane has a good response. I too notice that I am not as cold with forms and especially wig. But I don't think this is analogous to real breast or hair. Sure, there will be hot spots along the bra line for women where the tissue folds over and hair will also keep you warmer, but not nearly as much as the "enhancements". In both cases the skin and pores are being blocked off and sweat can not evaporate properly. Evaporation is an important energy exchange. As far as forms vs breast, remember the body is working to generate heat in the full breast, not really refecting it out. So the outer part of the forms probably won't reach the same temperature or use as much energy, but your sensors will still register as warmer.
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    I think you have that spot on Helen. I occasionally love to walk on the moors dressed and it's far easier in winter, when conditions are cooler. I was a out walking with my wife and daughter yesterday. They both took far longer to add warm clothing at rest stops that I did me in drab mode.

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