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Thread: Anyone ride Motorcycles while dressed?

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    Aspiring Member Lacey New's Avatar
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    Oct 2012
    Well more than just panties. Kind of breezy otherwise - and sheer nylon does not protect much.

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    Senior Member Jean 103's Avatar
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    May 2013
    Central Coast, CA
    I've ridden on the back of my best friends bike . Short shorts and heels. Just across town, does that count.

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    Dana Matthews danam's Avatar
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    Dec 2006
    Midwest USA
    Why is everyone so darn practical about motorcycle safety?
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    Super Moderator char GG's Avatar
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    Jan 2014
    Probably because skin grafts, broken limbs, and head injuries are not pretty.

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    Member Paula DAngelo's Avatar
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    Pittsburgh, PA
    Why is everyone so practical about motorcycle safety? Let's see, if you ever spent time sliding down the road at 55 mph hoping you didn't slide into your bike before stopping you wouldn't be asking. Trust me it's not fun getting up after the slide and seeing that your protective gear has been worn away down into the internal armor and knowing that the only thing that has kept you out of the hospital is that replaceable gear. And yes, I am speaking from experience.

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    Junior Member Jeri Rene's Avatar
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    Eastern Ontario
    I am another ATGATT but everthing else under yes.

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    Senior Member Pumped's Avatar
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    Aug 2013
    I have ridden for 50 years and have had a few interesting crashes. Everything from low speed dirt bike dumps, to one about 45 MPH in early spring when I hit a patch of ice, to a 75 MPH slide in a highway ditch. Plus others. The crazy part is I walked away from all of them with very little injuries, just bumps and bruises. One would think it was the riding gear that saved me, but I never have been one to gear up. Typically jeans, boots, a light jacket, helmet and gloves, but rarely the heavily armored riding gear. I have been known to run over to the hardware stop in a t, shorts and flip flops.

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    If this tread showed up on the HD forum board we would all be kicked off it

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    Member Brianne_bc's Avatar
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    British Columbia
    Stay ups panties and a sports bra on my sunday dirt bike ride. Under my boy clothes. the stockings help keep my legs warm.

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    Sophie Sissy_in_pink's Avatar
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    Tamworth NSW Australia
    I went for a ride with the Tamworth branch of the Ulysses Club for the first time a few weeks ago, yes I did wear all the protective gear but also wore aqua blue nail polish, eye shadow, mascara and lipstick, I also wore a bright pink polo shirt under my jacket with a bra and forms under it. The other members that I did speak to didn't have any issue with it and there were about 20 of us altogether male and female. I also used Sophie as my name as that is now my legal name. Next chance I get I'll go on another ride with them.
    This was my leg after a rather nasty accident back in April 2017. Levi jeans don't offer much protection.
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    Junior Member cindylouho's Avatar
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    Ouch! in my younger days when I rode it was always at least jeans, boots, gloves and a leather jacket. But if youre talking about a fantasy I'd probably dress like Frank n Furter.

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    New Member Cdsissymtl's Avatar
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    Montreal, QC. 🇨🇦
    Once I went to meet a guy. Under my jeans and t-shirt, I was wearing garter, with stockings, g-string and a bustier. On the road my t-shirt kept going up my back, and me lingerie was a bit visible. I was very turned on!

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    As a idea of how much protection you get from jeans in a slide, I have an odd shaped kneecap from where the tarmac ground it away when I hit the road at 60, and it was over thirty years ago, stockings would have just melted into the wound, not much fun

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    Just back from a 6 hour ride 2 hours ago - would have been longer except the road destroyed my pants and favorite jacket.
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    You should always wear the proper gear when you ride, but thats no reason not to dress pretty. Here is my go to riding leathers. I also have a black, white, and teal leather jacket I wear with Kevlar lined leggings. There is some really nice women's gear out there now.
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