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Thread: OMG, Bra Strap Marks!

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    OMG, Bra Strap Marks!

    I have got them!

    Two grooves over my shoulders showing white against the otherwise brown skin.

    But I need the support of a bra every day, and this is where the straps settle on my shoulders.

    How deep are yours ?

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    You had this problem two years ago. If you're going to wear a bra many times with a lot of breast weight it is inevitable you're going to have marks, straps and bands. Most women I know do not wear a bra 24/7 365. Am I correct the contrast in color is due to suntanning?

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    Tanning salon helps.

    At work I wear a sports bar with wider straps.

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    Som bras also come with wider and/or padded straps.
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    Is it possible that your bra's band is too loose? The band is supposed to carry some of the weight.

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    Krisi is right in fact most of the support is supposed to come from the band not the straps. You are probably wearing the wrong size bra, because this does not happen to every GG with large breasts.
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    Hardly ever wear bras anymore. Breast plates make them r unnecessary! And, leave NO MARKS!
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    Not sure who is missing out here doc. I sometimes enjoy the guilty pleasure of bra strap marks long after I am back in Drab. But presenting the feminine form without need for them has it's own appeal. that I have never had the opportunity to try. Life is content and good though so I shall continue as I am.

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    I spend time on a website on gynecomastia where the subject of bra straps has everything to do with the embarrassment of being caught wearing a brassiere. Most of these men are adamant they are NOT crossdressers. The conversation there is not about wanting to wear a brassiere to create an illusion but to care for their very real breasts. I find myself in that situation and though I don't need to wear a brassiere, I can definitely fill one if I choose to and I DO choose to from time to time. It has nothing to do with passing but it is quite a mind melt to see myself with real breasts held in a pretty brassiere. There is definitely a sexual component to the whole thing. With regard to straps, I'm aware as a couple of people observed, that the band around my chest is doing the bulk of the work, not the straps. You might want to consider visiting a shop and have a fitting so you get the correct bra size. The men I'm reading about say it is very helpful and really no big deal. It is our embarrassment that keeps us from doing so. If we have breasts that need a brassiere it seems a sensible thing to do for ourselves.
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    I guess Ive been wearing bras almost daily for the last 9 months. some sports bras ( Enell ) Anita is my favorite brand of regular bra. I usually go for a 42A as Im not using forms to have bigger breasts but to hold my chest as it is. funny though a female co worker commented on my chest saying I must be working out lots lately as the bras do pronounce my chest. A few year back when i began wearing bras once in a while especially the back support sports bras like the Enell and the Delimira my shoulders hurt at the end of the day as the bra was correcting my posture. I all of a sudden started getting a lot of looks from women too. Not being able to see any sign of a bra under my clothes and hoody but Im thinking my better posture caught their eye.

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    Quote Originally Posted by valerie anne View Post
    I have got them!

    Two grooves over my shoulders showing white against the otherwise brown skin.

    But I need the support of a bra every day, and this is where the straps settle on my shoulders.

    How deep are yours ?

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    All the women I know try to avoid wearing the same swim top so as to avoid tan lines. On one occasion I did wear a top in my convertible on a sunny day which showed my top's lines.

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    No bra strap marks for me. I did take a picture of myself wearing what I thought was an opaque top on the dress only to see in the picture that my white bra straps underneath. Yes, it is amazing what a flash can bring out. I now have a black bra in my collection.

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    I have not experienced that so far, no doubt my time will come
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    I have just bought some pads to slip under the bra strap. Still to be tried but look OK to buffer the straps and hold them in place.

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    I wore a thin top on a sunny summer day in Denver a few years ago. When I changed clothes for the evening, I had bra strap marks in the sunburn on my shoulders and sandal strap patterns on my feet. It took several months of careful behavior when around my wife before those marks and patterns faded.

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