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Thread: Sometimes you just gotta get out...

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    Sometimes you just gotta get out...

    So I just had to get out of the house yesterday. I decided that I'd be daring and go to brunch as I used to do in the olden days 2019(pre covid)because it's best to not go grocery shopping while hungry and I was dying for a Rueben on rye. As I sat outside at a small umbrella table a nicely dressed gentleman asked if he could join me because it's a shame a lovely lady should dine alone(somewhat of a corny line I know)so I asked if first I could take his temperature, holding a spoon up as a makeshift thermometer, the ice was broken. It was a very nice time with adult conversation for this full time female expressionist then it was off to go food shopping. While there a woman who works for the store stopped and said "you look pretty today"and "I love your shoes" to which I thanked her and with a smile but she could not see it with this damn mask on. It felt good to get a compliment and added to my now wonderfully happy day. It gives me hope that I'll survive this covid crap even despite the politicians. See me in the photo gallery.
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    "you are a strange species and there are many out there;shall I tell you what I find beautiful about you ,you are at your best when things are at their worst" ...[ Starman]
    It may of course be a bit disturbing to sense that one is really not so firmly anchored to the gender one was born into.

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    Wow, what an exciting day. Complements always make one feel good.


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    Sounds like cloud 9.

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    Wow I think you had what any women would say a perfect day, first meeting a nice gentlemen and then more important a compliment how lovely you look. (and your shoes) I always think you look nice.

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    It's not easy at the moment but life must go on . I had to get my male hair cut and have my annual flu jab my GPs surgery , as I entered the receptionist walked over to me with a pistol shaped thermometer and pointed it at my forehead , I said that I know I've come for my flu jab but didn't expect to get shot at as well , she just laughed and returned to her reception desk . I've been looking for shirts/blouses in the charity shops to work in and found one along with a very nice dinner setting with dinner plates , side plates , dessert bowls and tea cups with saucers all for ?9.99 ( about $12.00? ) . So I had some fun with the SA while I loaded all the items into my carrier bag .

    I'm still aware we need to take care as I was reading an article while waiting in the hairdressers about a TV and radio presenter whose husband had been in an induced coma since March through the coronavirus , most of his organs in his body have been attacked .

    I like your outfit in the picture section , I can see you think out your presentation very well and why the gentleman would be happy in your company .

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    A day like you had gives us hope that there can still be wonderful days to be had.

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