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Thread: Silver lining?

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    Silver lining?

    So here we are in Covid lock-down number two in the UK and the weather is getting colder. Bars and cafes are closed, we must not visit friends in their homes, we should try to work from home and we have to keep 6 feet apart wearing a mask. Where I live the infection rate is really bad and getting worse. People are dying (and there is nothing good about that).
    But, perhaps the cloud has a silver lining if you cross dress or under-dress. If you are at home none will knock on the door to visit you, so you can wear whatever you want. When you go out no one is going to notice your bra straps and make up because you are wearing a big coat and face mask. Even if you stop to talk to a friend in the street they will not see you are wearing tights under your trousers.
    So lock-downs have taken away some of our civil liberties, but we crossdressers have been given new ones!
    stay healthy,
    luv J

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    Sorry to hear what you are going through in the UK, but we are not to far behind you here in the US
    Enjoy your time the best you can, most important be safe and stay healthy
    At least you can somewhat enjoy dressing without be caught

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    We're right behind you. Unfortunately, the virus just did not disappear on November 4th. My wife has made and sent to all family and friends masks with Thanksgiving and Christmas designs. Got to look good for Santa at the mall behind his plexiglass wall.

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    I see a flaw in your reasoning, Jacques. In normal times when I dress at home? I never answer the door. Whoever it is will leave a note, package, or call if it's important.

    If I was living under YOUR severe conditions, (things aren't near that bad in SoCal), I would be afraid NOT to answer the door!
    U can't keep doing the same things over and over and expect to enjoy life to the max. When u try new things, even if they r out of your comfort zone, u may experience new excitement and growth that u never expected.

    Challenge yourself and pursue your passions! When your life clock runs out, you'll have few or NO REGRETS!

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    Hi Jacques
    I sort of have the opposite to you.
    Fortunately Covid cases are fairly low around here, but I am in a DADT situation. My wife tolerates it but does not want to see me dressed. As we are both home virtually all the time it limits my dressing to the upstairs rooms or my (wo)man cave in the evenings which is rather limiting.
    In addition, in lockdown she rarely goes out; most shopping is delivered.
    Hopefully 2021 will see things improve for everyone.

    Adventure before dementia

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    I agree Vickky. The lockdowns are only an advantage if you are single or your mate is accepting. My wife and I live apart (450 miles apart) for reasons other than marital problems and so I am sort of single. It gives me a lot of freedom which is nice, but I would much rather she be here even though the degree to which I can dress in front of her is very, very limited. Over the years she has become a bit more understanding so long as I keep it very mild.

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    Similar situation here. My only goal is to make it out the other side alive so that I can go to a motel under cover of chasing a sporting event and dress again. We aren?t on lockdown but we might as well be because it?s going through our community. As a retired person there is nowhere to go, no place to take deliveries and she pays the bills so I can?t order anything. A CD friend who agreed to accept my deliveries fell off the face of the earth and the way cases are spiking I don?t even want to go to a big box store to get a prepaid card.

    The current situation is heaven for some and hades for others. All I can do is laugh about it or it would drive me crazy. The angst this is causing is probably apparent from some of my comments. If that is the case I apologize but I?m sure everyone understands the affect these circumstances are having on me.

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    The virus has brought forward the our company policy on more people home working. Home working has given me much more time to dress whenever I wish too. Combined with our daughter moving out from the family home again, it has indeed been a silver lining. But too be honest I'd take life as it was before Covid any day of the week.

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