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Thread: Is it cruel????

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    Is it cruel????

    Last week because my wife has been bottled up working from home she asked me to dress up and we should go somewhere. We went to a quit park and sat on a bench overlooking a river and we drank a coffee and talked for a few hours like 2 girlfriends . My wife made a comment about we were only there because of the Covid, if it was a normal life, she would have been in the office and I would have been working normal hours.
    I was enjoying the new experiences of the cool air up my dress and the sun heating up my pantyhose and just relaxing and talking with my wife outdoors. She asked me if it was cruel to say that from a really bad situation of the Covid something good came out of it. That we were spending quality time together and I got a great new experience being dressed and getting out and not rushing in our normal life. As far as I was concerned I didn't see a issue but with so much bad news all the time I believe if something good happen we could appreciate it.
    For myself being out sitting dressed on a park bench with my wife is a huge step, it was so exciting and something I could have never dreamed of, but yet I'm scared to show excitement.
    I believe it's almost like we are scared to enjoy anything.
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    No, I do not think it's cruel. If it wasn't for the pandemic, I wouldn't have the time to finish projects, go for walks in the afternoon, or ride the stationary bike.

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    I look forward to doing some fun things EVERY SINGLE DAY! It makes doing the things I don't enjoy doing, bearable!
    U can't keep doing the same things over and over and expect to enjoy life to the max. When u try new things, even if they r out of your comfort zone, u may experience new excitement and growth that u never expected.

    Challenge yourself and pursue your passions! When your life clock runs out, you'll have few or NO REGRETS!

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    The pandemic has given many the opportunity to re-evaluate their lives. Many now for the first time being given the opportunity to work from home have found a new a better work-life balance.

    In this case it's true that every cloud has a silver lining and not to take advantage of this opportunity would be wasteful. You're both playing your part in reducing the spread of the pandemic by working from home and social distancing but at the same time life goes on. Make the most of these trips out, enjoy each other's company, you're doing nothing wrong. And if your wife wants you to do these trips out dressed the oblige her. She obviously gets pleasure from it to.
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    I posted earlier that the pandemic provided an opportunity to dress and spend time sitting with my wife for the first time. We sat in the backyard with one of my CD friends (socially distanced). My wife was at ease and enjoyed the conversation as we sipped wine. It was a wonderful dream come true for me. Finding ways to stay positive in these times is difficult so glad you were able to enjoy a positive experience.

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    Sometimes we need to relect on the pace of modern life sadly it's taken Covid 19 to make us reassess our lives , in that sense it's not cruel to rethink what is really important . It's so nice to read the pleasure derived from the simple act of sitting in the warmth of the sun with a supportive wife .
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    Please tell your wife (and yourself) that making the best of a difficult time is how we cope. Enjoying yourselves for a few hours is admirable. You do not harm anyone suffering from covid-19. If anything, this is a constructive way to gird yourselves for the challenges of these difficult times.

    Rather than feel needless guilt for growing together during this time, I hope you can both rejoice in it, and carry the lessons forward with you as life returns to normal. Especially, I hope your wife and you can regularly seek out more such times together. She is clearly happy with your emergence and if you allow yourselves, this may mark a new and amazing chapter in your relationship!

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    As long as we don't lose sight of the tragedy that is Covid-19, seeing something good born of it's impact is a blessing.
    "Being honest may not get you a lot of friends, but it will always get you the right ones."
    -- John Lennon

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    The pandemic is just something we have to deal with. It's probably wrong to think any good has come out of it, a lot of people are dead because of it.

    The bottom line is, life gives us many challenges and we need to make the best of them.

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    When you get lemons - and 2020 is certainly a lemon, make lemonade!

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    Congrats. I understand what you mean. You?ve made lemonade out of lemons. Yes, I hate the sequestering, but its opened up my dressing. I now dress every day and can?t remember the last time I wore guy things. Another development, my #1 used to be hose...of any kind. Now, I wear a bra every day, love it and can?t wait to wear one. They?ve now become my #1. Many times I wear a bra 24/7. When I?m not wearing a bra, I feel weird, like something is missing. All my bras are underwires and fit perfectly. My lemonade.

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    Maria, you should be thankful you have a supportive wife. It's now the fall with winter coming on soon. My wife and I are retired. If she were supportive I would have been able to sit in our backyard in a summer dress. We would not have had to escape to a park because of neighbors. Yes, we are spending a lot of time together, especially since she does not drive due to a visual impairment. Actually, we spend too much time together in the sense all of her activities outside the home have been canceled.

    It is definitely not cruel to say something good has come out of a bad situation. When my wife was given a breast cancer diagnosis, followed by treatment and recovery that was more serious to us than Covid. We are doing fine hiding from Covid. Enjoy your time together.

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    Nice post Maria - you have a great wife

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    I think there is nothing wrong with thinking and being thankful for the good things that happen to you, even when that happens in a context where bad things are happening to other people. We must learn to enjoy our lives.

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    We have to find happiness in every corner of the day. You are very lucky not only that your wife accepts you, but is willing to go out and spend time with you dressed.
    "You are imperfect, permanently and inevitably flawed. And you are beautiful."
    --Amy Bloom, American novelist

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    Not sure if this fits in here but --being ove 70(and then some !) i have been sheltering. I started building a summer house at the bottom of our garden last September.Work was restricted to any spare time ,then came Covid and all our outside passtimes stopped.The wife ,being a church member visited &helped older &infirm church members.I looked around fo somthing to do.The summer house became No1--i built it mostly in MIAD found a skirt more to my liking........
    Also did baking of cakes once a week for the above church members (again in MIAD &--heels!) so i went nowhere for nearly a year&now i prefer to stay at home ... but the misfortune of most people gave me the chance to dress(Wife is suportive)in a way both in the kitchen &working outside i perhaps would not have done. The end result,...summer house.jpg

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    It is cruel to not let yourself enjoy life, such as it is. It is a bad time for some but why should we all suffer and not enjoy anything? What would be really cruel is if you didn't take advantage of it again. Go out enjoy what you can because honestly we have so little left these days.

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    I've had similar thoughts. 2020 has actually brought good fortune my way despite how horrible it has been in general. I try to enjoy what I can and not take the good moments for granted.

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    My wife and I asked ourselves the same thing, imho you and your wife have nothing to feel guilty about. Your wife saying that demonstrates her acceptance and enjoyment of Maria. The first series of lockdowns here in the late winter/spring lasted about two months, for me it became like a vacation, then after a bit I started to feel guilty as well. I'm early retired but my wife is considerably younger than me and still works which usually means long days alone at home for me. Early during the lock down when it was apparent it would drag on for some time I took the opportunity to have the talk with her. The talk went really well, and the next 2 months felt like we were back as a young couple 20 years ago, staying in bed all day, whole weekends when we didn't even leave the bedroom. I started to recognize that there was something truly special in the air, this was a unique blip in time we were living through. I could feel it when we'd go out for groceries, kind of like that nice buzz that goes around at Xmas, I made a point of enjoying every day because my wife is in her 40s and it will be a very long time before I get to have her at home for two months again. I'm not ashamed to admit that when the lockdown was over and she had to go back to work I was quite sad.
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    These things could have and should have been enjoyed with or without coronavirus. There is nothing good to have come out of this pandemic in my opinion and also this post is not really about crossdressing, but Maria I only have good wishes for you and your loved ones. Sharon x

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    The real cruel thing would be to bottle up your stress, while you can relieve it by simply going for a walk and sitting in the park.

    I would have literally gone mad months ago, if it weren't for all the walks I took, and the times I could sit peacefully in parks where there isn't a lot of loud folks around you at any given time.

    To be very honest, that's one of the few good things about the pandemic. I'm not gonna lie, I will miss the empty streets.

    You shouldn't be too hard on yourself. Enjoy your achievement, and just go on with your life as you would normally do.

    Covid might be deadly, but so is stress.

    As they say, take the good and leave the bad!


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