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Thread: It has made me wonder.

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    It has made me wonder.

    We all suffered with pandemic haircuts or the lack of one. I was in real need of one when the first lockdown started so by the time hairdressers reopened let's say I had a full head of hair.

    My usual hairdresser was late opening back up so I went to one near me, the hairdresser being a young male. Well I came out looking like a cast member from Peaky Blinders, perhaps the worst haircut since I was a child..

    Anyway a neighbour he had hair down to his shoulders after the first lockdown as of course everyone expected him to get it cut which he did but left it long, the sort of style that a CD'er could use to create a convincing look.

    So now I'm wondering, do I have a kindred spirit just a few doors down. Asking is of course out of the question but who knows, one day there may be a big reveal.

    As for me, thankfully my hair has grown out and now needs attention but we're back in lockdown so now just think of me as Shaggy from Sooby Doo. Oh and of course my neighbours hair is getting even longer so it'll be interesting to see what happens when this lockdown ends.
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    Helen during the first lock down I could but my hair in a tight foam rollers. (which my wife was nice and did for me) I loved the fact that I could make it look ok when I dressed at home. When golf opened up my golfer buddy's, didn't really say anything. So I ask my wife should I go for it and grow it long, for about another three weeks I let it grow. I chickened out got out of control (that awkward stage) I did start to get some comments from the guys.

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    You paint such an awesomely funny picture, Helen ! I, myself, buzz my head and just wear a wig. My hair is super thick and curly, so if I actually grew it out I'd end up with a frizzy fro. I like being able to "toggle" between hair and no hair.

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    Neither my wife or I cut hair so mine got ugly long last spring. It stuck out the sides and bottom of my wigs and looked bad because I am getting to thin on top to wear it long.

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    I only let my stylist cut my hair - the longest I had to go between haircuts was 90 days - heading out today for my usual trim (chin length bob) - been going every 6 weeks this fall so far

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    One of the reasons I don't let my hair grow long is the thought that other people might think I was up to something. I had long hair back in the "Beatle" days, but short since then. Suddenly letting my hair grow out at my age would make people suspicious.

    Besides, having grey short hair as a guy and long blonde hair as a girl helps to keep my little hobby a secret.

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    One of my friends and a friend of his and I are not getting haircuts until covid-19 is over. The earliest is June 2021. I haven't had a haircut since late last year (2019). A friend of my wife usually cuts our hair in our home. That woman refuses to wear a mask, even inside her own business which has nothing to do with cutting hair. I had thought early on she could cut my hair outdoor when the wind was not blowing. But, without a mask on.....nope. I have male pattern baldness so the effect is somewhat crazy looking, but under my baseball cap it's only the sides and back. My wife says it's long enough to start a pony tale. Her only anti-growing it our remark man bun. She hates that look on men.

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    Helen ,
    I think you could be correct , I know more men are experimenting with their hair so he may keep you guessing for a while .

    As you comment most of us went through the " Shaggy look " . I now go as Teresa and pop my wig on it's stand while she cuts my hair , the problem was the previous time she hadn't told her husband who was helping out about the arrangement , his jaw dropped when I slipped my wig off .
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    I think we have to be careful about projection. Its tempting to presume that other people have motives comparable to ours, but we are fairly rare in the population. It could be that your neighbor is simply living out an 80s hair band fantasy.

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    I've been cutting my own hair for 50+ years. Going to a barber was such a bother. And now, I always get it the way I like it!

    Of course, now there's not all that much to cut. Ever after 2 hair transplants!
    U can't keep doing the same things over and over and expect to enjoy life to the max. When u try new things, even if they r out of your comfort zone, u may experience new excitement and growth that u never expected.

    Challenge yourself and pursue your passions! When your life clock runs out, you'll have few or NO REGRETS!

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    No pandemic hair here. I shave my head every 2-3 days.

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    I got mine trimmed once and it has grown since! It is now below my ears! Yes, it is thin and my male patterned baldness does not help! It does match the color of my wig however! I went out the other day and forgot my wig! I pulled up the big girl panties! I combed my hair and went in the store with my natural hair! I was not happy about it but did not want to drive home and come back! No looks and no comments! Well, they may have accepted it, but that does not mean that I need to! LOL I just feel that that look is not me! Hugs Lana Mae
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    I was due for a hair cut in March then the first lockdown happened. I soon had to use some hair gel to try and keep it tidy because as it grew it became curly and frizzy. like Albert Einstein without the brains lol. I normally have my hair shortish. I may be going grey but at 52 still got a decent head of hair.

    I had family members offering me a haircut with electric clippers. No way I did not trust anyone to cut my hair as I knew would would have been the end result.
    I would rather have a pony tail I told them. Family not knowing my little hobby.
    By the time July came, I could almost have a pony tail as it was approaching six months since my last hair cut.
    In between lockdowns I managed to get my hair cut twice.

    By this point the hairdressers were reopening and I managed to get an appointment almost straight away.
    Thought they would have been a back log may until at least Christmas !
    I was asked by the same guy who always cuts my hair regarding length I wanted the usual I replied.
    My hairdresser said that a lot men and women were now having longer hair styles due to lockdown.

    We are still in lockdown in the UK and is due to end at the beginning of December.
    Hope to get an appointment then as my hair needs some attention.



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    I didn't really get "lockdown hair".
    I had my hair cut quite short (shorter than usual) 2 days before the first lockdown in March. In the 4 months that it took to get my next haircut, it was getting long, but not looking too bad.
    Timing was perfect in August. Had my haircut and then got a job interview a few days later.
    Got the job.

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    I wish i could let it grow but theres not much left on top so I keep it short I do believe this makes wearing my wigs more comfortable. Connie you are so lucky I would love to have my wife put curlers in my hair.

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