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    Working From Home

    Has working from home (those of you who do) changed your frequency of dressing at all? Do you dress for work?

    My wife and I both permanently work from home. I never have webcam meetings, so there's really no risk in dressing for work. I thought I might let Gwen take over tomorrow... If I can wake up early enough to get her ready.

    What about you ladies?

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    I?ve been working from home since March with no change in sight. I spend most days in front of a camera. My dressing is male above the waist, skirt, hose and stilettos below. If I wear a suit jacket, I can wear a bra. I wear some make up, foundation, concealer and lipstick to match my natural color so I don?t look washed out under the video lights. On days when I have no appointments or calls, I can wear a blouse instead of shirt and tie. On days I have no calls, I wear a dress.

    I love being able to dress for work. I find I?m more creative and get more done. I don?t look forward to going back to work onsite.

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    We are having another national lockdown so I am working fully from home again and I must say, the saving grace for me right now is the beauty of getting showered on a morning and getting fully dressed in my favourite clothes, there is something very nice about having the luxury of indulging my crossdressing from morning to night

    Video meetings are great, tee shirt to cover the top half but today for instance skirt, hold up stockings and ankle boots down below, no worry about wearing a bra under the tee, I am loving it, it just feels so lovely to be able to have the time to dress and be in fully work mode as well, I am finding it very liberating for me personally

    There are no good things to come out of this pandemic for me, but a little more freedom to dress has helped

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    I have been working from home for nearly 8 years. I find I am always dressed when working (though my idea of dressing is a t-shirt and skirt or a dress). For meetings a couple years ago we upgraded to a platform that supported video too but only a small few turn on their cameras and most of us don't. Early on in accepting my dressing a few years ago, work was the consistent place I could dress and would do male mode on the weekend (when running errands and family time, etc). Now it is mostly dressed with only a few things forcing male mode.

    I am out at work and worn a skirt when visiting a work site a few times a year (before covid) and wondering what I should wear when I have to present during a meeting in early December. When my group did a dry run I threw a hoodie on over my dress.

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    I began working from home, fully dressed, over 10 years. The opportunity was simply too good to pass up and, yes, it did alter the frequency..and my perspective. At the beginning I saw myself as an occasional cross dresser...but as I settled into the daily routine I began to shake off decades of denial and acknowledged to myself, and eventually to my wife, that I wanted to live as a woman. That didn’t go over very well, but I guess coming to grips with myself had some positives.
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    I have been working from home since March. Except for the Zoom meeting every other week I am dressed. I don't do makeup every day. This past week I have my nails polished all week. That is the longest I have polish on without removing. It feel more then norm to dress than not. The day seems much longer if I don't dress. Plus I am not in a good mood

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    I go all the way or not at all. So, for me dressing for no reason is pointless

    I remember my early days 23 years ago. When just slipping on just pantie hose, etc. and touching my legs while watching TV that evening was such a turn on!

    Those thrills vanish after wearing pantie hose, etc. and going out and about a 1,000+ times!
    U can't keep doing the same things over and over and expect to enjoy life to the max. When u try new things, even if they r out of your comfort zone, u may experience new excitement and growth that u never expected.

    Challenge yourself and pursue your passions! When your life clock runs out, you'll have few or NO REGRETS!

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    Since I began working at home, I dress completely every day as if I was going to work. This includes a touch of makeup, perfume, etc. I mostly wear hose, skirt and top, but sometimes a dress or lined slacks..decisions, decisions.

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    No more work here as we are retired.
    I dress daily. Well, most days ... the other day was just ugly and nasty and we had nothing planned. We watched some TV and I was on the computer and before we knew it it was dinner time. We never did change out of our nightgowns that day.
    Wear what makes you feel Confident !

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    I am retired as well and I underdress as my wife is not accepting. Your description of not getting out of night clothes all day resonates. My go-to outfit is black sweats with panties underneath. We live where temps could go as low as -30f the next few months. I have an old home so those kind of nights require blankets and space heaters. Dressing en femme in slinky gowns is not an option, especially in the lower level where it is always colder. My wife wears flannel gowns which is about as feminine as this home environment allows.

    If I was free to dress en femme at home the only change might be pink instead of black sweats. I am a home body and Covid had made my disdain for the outside world fashionable. I will just have to use my imagination to see myself wearing dresses all day. My wife has to run a two hour errand today so I might get a chance to pull some things out and enjoy them for a while.

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    I never had the opportunity to work from home. I was in a governmental office environment for thirty years. After I retired I did have opportunity to be totally en femme 24/7 for seven to ten days straight when my wife visited our daughter or her cousin out of state. Except for going out and about it was heels and hosiery and dresses the entire time. Nights in nightgowns. Evenings drives and strolls. When I decided to forego the makeup and nail polish getting dressed did not take any time at all. I picked out the clothes for the next day and hanged them on the closet door. I read your wife is supportive. If she is on board with your desires to be en femme why not float the idea to be totally en femme for several days in a row. I found, when I was totally en femme 24/7 for several days, the experience was no more or less than donning male attire for the day. I found myself not dwelling on the fact I was presenting as a woman. It was life as usual, i.e., doing the daily tasks within the home.

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    I dress every day once the zoom meetings are done and I am through walking the dogs

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    I am working from home about 80 - 90 % of the time and every day I'm home I'm fully dressed and made up.

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    I've been working from home since mid-March, but there's almost no crossdressing going on at all. It's not work that's the problem, but the pandemic has dried up all my social and shopping opportunities to be out. My wife is home all the time, or coming back at unexpected times, and she doesn't want to see me dressed. I even got harassed over the length of my fingernails, as you can read on another thread. My adult daughter lives in the basement, and (as demanded by my wife), I am not to tell her or to let her find out. She had a full time job before COVID, but was furloughed when the state was essentially locked down. She been working on nd off since then, but it changes up regularly. This week and last week the school she works at was shutdown because one staff member tested positive for COVID. In a sense, she's lucky; I'm not likely to evict her if she misses a rent payment.
    Hi, I'm Steffi and I'm a crossdresser... And I accept and celebrate both sides of me. Or, maybe I'm gender fluid.

    Gender fluid (adj.) - Describes a person whose gender identity is not fixed. A person who is gender fluid may always feel like a mix of the two traditional genders, but may feel [more] like one gender some days, and [more like] another gender other days.


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    In an attempt to reduce close contact my work is instituting an alternating 2 week telework schedule. I will be able to telework from home for the two weeks after Thanksgiving and the next group will then go on telework for two weeks. Even though I change every night as soon as i get home , I am so looking forward to this opportunity to dress almost 24/5. I will not be able to dress during the weekend since I will be working down at my wifes house helping her with the kitchen that no contractor wants to touch. She knows that i am dressing again and is not pleased with the situation...


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    I've been working from home for about two months and usually wear something. I have been wearing my yoga pants or tights every day because they are so comfy. Some days I wear one of my pencil dresses or my hoodie dress, some days a skirt, some days just a hoodie with tights. Wheni I wear my dresses I usually have my platform boots on as well. I've definitely been dressing more and my wife has been very accepting of it. Shes even been ok with me doing some shopping on Amazon for new stuff. I found some new skirts and thigh high socks that I really like and will probably get them very soon.

    My wife has worked from home since March and she was worried that we would not get along being cooped up together. It has actually been the opposite. We are getting along a lot better, and as I said, shes gotten more accepting of me dressing, even though she knew from shortly after we met almost 17 years ago. I am very grateful to have an understanding wife. It hurts to see so many of the ladies here who have to hide it, and I hope someday sooner than later that they can be who they are.
    I just want to be me, and be happy.

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    Yes, most definitely. If I was on site today I would be in DRAB, but here I am working from home, sat in my study dressed as natural me and fully made up. Even finding time to chat online amongst the e-mails and skype calls. Life as a closeted CD is far better for myself personally working from home.

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    Yep, but not in a positive way. I have one kiddo still at home - and she's been home almost every second since March! I've only dressed a couple of times since then. But, that's really the worst part of the pandemic for my family so far, so I can't (or shouldn't!) complain.

    The avatar? Yeah, that's definitely FaceApp. Incognito, right?

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    I'm working from home temporarily and have made more YouTube videos of me walking in heels.

    Melissa: "... and why are you dressed as a woman?"
    Coach McGuirk: "Because it's freeing."

    -Home Movies
    (cartoon series)

    Shoe size: 9 US women's.
    Dress size: M to L; 8-10.
    Height: 5' 6".

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    Before March I was able to work from home dressed at least 1 day a week this also gave me a chance to work on my outfits and makeup skills giving me the confidence to go out in public. This all ended now that my wife works from home we will need to have the talk someday as we will both be retired in a couple years.

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    I believe the time I have had to work from home has allowed me to finally reflect and accept myself, because I didn't need to concern myself with the pressures of everyone else. From there I outed myself to my family, my children, my co-workers and my community as a genderfluid, transfeminine male who, while challenges await, is looking forward toward the future.

    It's been a positive thing that I am thankful for.

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