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Thread: I love my family

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    I love my family

    OK, going to apologize ahead for long post but just have to share.

    A little background, my wife and I are in our mid seventies and our daughter fortyfive, both are supportive and encouraging of my dressing. Since the Covid we stay mostly at home and since March I am dressed about 99% of the time as Sidney. Things have been good and even on the rare occasions I go out shopping I normally go as Sidney. The only firm boundary my wife has set is "SHE is the Queen of the house and no one can have boobs bigger than hers"

    So several weeks ago I was browsing on line and found a white bullet bra in my band size. They have always fascinated me, soooo I ordered it and it arrived Wednesday of last week. Tried it on and with some extra padding it fit. The problem was none of the blouses I had fit right with this bra, I mean they stuck out so far when I looked down I couldn't see my feet, LOL

    So only option was to go out and buy an outfit that fit right with my new bullet bra. I lucked out that I found what I wanted in the first store I went to. Shear white thigh thighs, have white garter at home and also white 4 inch heel and a new pair of matching panties. Next I found some white silky ankle length trousers. For the top I found a white fuzzy sweater. It was clingy but streachey so would form fit over new bra. Last Saturday I wanted to wear my new outfit watching my football game and not let my wife see it until then.

    Saturday, game time 6 PM. At 430, I went and showered and shaved and put on my new bullet outfit. My wife was in living room and I called to her to please fix my bourbon on the rocks that I'd be ready in a minute.when I heard her go into the kitchen to make drinks I rushed to sit on couch and surprise her.

    Well she was walking back into the living room when she saw me in my bullet outfit and lord dropped my drink. She went down to her knees and was sitting on her feet having a gut wrenching belly laugh and couldnt stop. At first I though she was laughing AT me but then realized she was laughing with me and I started laughing. She was trying to talk, get a few words out and start all over again. This went on for like ten minutes. Finally she stopped laughing and apologized and got up to fix me another drink. She came back and sat next to me putting her arm around me and laying her head on my shoulder and felt my boob and started us both laughing all over again.

    She said you know we have a boundary about you having bigger boobs that me but I absolutely love these. This can be your new game day bra. No complaints from me.

    Because of health issues we each have or own bedroom and closets. But we always share a bed for some Saturday evening delights. Lord what a wonderful time we had. Had to laugh, she would only allow me to remove my white sweater and trousers. Even commented she wouldn't mind having an outfit like mine to go to a drag show with me every once in awhile.

    Well the next Monday I called the place I ordered my bullet bra from and asked if he had on in my wifes size, he did so I ordered her one and went back to the store where i bought my other things and bought a matching outfit for her. Well the bra came in this Wednesday and I gave it to her after dinner and she said well let's dress up. Needless to say her outfit definitely looked better on her than mine on me. Our daughter recently moved into the same complex as us and wife called her, she had not seen my outfit, and told her to com see what her mama and mama dad had bought. Well she came over and flipped out at our bullet bras and says, "can yall buy me the same outfit and we can all go to the drag show when the start up again. I love my girls to death so I will be buying daughter an outfit also.

    Today is Thanksgiving Day and my wife and I had decided earlier that we were going to spend it alone, just the two of us. So this morning while drinking coffee in our nightgowns my wife reaches over and holds my hand smiling and says "let's wear out new outfits all day today. Had a wonderful Thanksgiving together. LOVE MY GIRLS TO DEATH.

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    You are a lucky person to have such a family

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    You have a great family

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    That's such a wonderful and touching story. Such a hoot! You better take care of those ladies, you lucky, lucky girl!

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    Thank you for that great story.

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    What a heart warming story and wonderful supportive family you have Sidney.

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    Such a heartwarming, funny, and entertaining story. I can only imagine what it would be like. Thanks for sharing.


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    Love the story. I am envious.

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    Ditto what Stephanie said!!!!

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