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    Bottom surgery consultation

    On Wednesday December 9th, I finally got to have my preliminary surgical consultation with the surgeon who will be doing my bottom surgery. Dr. Geolani Dy at Oregon Health Sciences University, in Portland, Oregon will be my surgeon. She was a delightful woman to meet! Warm and accepting, obviously pleased with how well socialized I am as a woman, and how well prepared I was, mentally, emotionally and in terms of my having all the necessary support resources already lined up and ready. The bottom line is that the only remaining gating factor now for scheduling my GRS surgery is getting electrolysis done on the surgical site! And on Wednesday of next week, I will be meeting with the lady who will be performing the electrolysis.

    The day before the consultation, OHSU sent me a very detailed, 90-page document detailing the steps leading up to surgery, the surgical options and procedures, the recovery steps, and the ongoing maintenance processes after healing is complete. It was extremely helpful and comprehensive - pretty much answering the few remaining questions that I had about the operation.

    When we met the next day, we discussed all the medical details and options. I am bisexual, with no current romantic partners. I at least want to be able to self-pleasure myself, . I expect most of my future sex partners, if I gain any, will be lesbian women, but I want to be able to enjoy sex with a male too, if the right guy comes into my life.

    I opted for a full depth vaginoplasty, with the ‘robotic assisted’, partially laparoscopic method, where a two-surgeon team forms the deepest part of the new vagina from inside the abdomen, by using material from the peritoneal wall at the lower extent of the abdomen. Then that is connected to the rest of the vagina and the new clitoris and vulva that are formed via more traditional full-depth vaginoplasty methods. The advantages are that more depth can be created, and the new vagina will generate at least some moisture/lubrication on its own (though additional lube would still be needed for penetrative intercourse.)

    I was particularly impressed with the photos that they shared, showing the surgical results from past efforts by their team. Not just ‘before and after’, but also immediately post surgery, then at various time intervals until everything is healed. They also showed me very good photos illustrating some complications which ai might encounter, so I have realistic expectations, and know what is normally expected, as opposed to problems that might need follow-up care. After discussing recovery needs, I will plan on staying for tge first month post-surgery with a sister in law in the same city as the hospital, for faster access to follow up care and services. Then I will return home to complete my recovery.

    Between now and the surgery, I, along with one or two of my support people, will attend several information classes on the process, so we know exactly what to expect.

    I am so ready to do this! My top surgery, performed last month, went very well, and is healing faster than the surgeons expected. My body is in the best shape I have been in since I was 25 - and I am now 63! I can hardly wait to get this last part of my transition accomplished.
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