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Thread: WOW! That's a first.

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    WOW! That's a first.

    My wife is pretty supportive of my dressing but really doesn't get to involved very much. I was home today because of our shortened Covid hours and because it was raining I was dressed all day.
    I told my wife I was going to take a shower, for some reason she asked me if I was going to dress again after I shower. I was a little puzzled why she was asking because she usally doesn't care about my dressing habits. I told her I probably won't be dressing again, surprisingly she said " why don't I stay dressed a little longer and shower later. WOW! That's a first. I was about to make a comment if she enjoys Marias company, but decided to just sit here and stay dressed and shower later.
    Never give up, you just never know what tomorrow can bring, and as my father would say. Don't try to figure out the women, what's good today is not good tomorrow.
    Anybody else have a unpredictable wife story.

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    You are a very lucky person and your dad a very smart man.

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    So happy to hear about this encouraging development! I hope the trend continues!
    Never forget that life is short. Whatever you believe, there's no guarantee of tomorrow or a second chance, so live your life the way you want! Be kind to yourself, be kind to others, and let's make this world a little brighter together!

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    How lucky you are, my wife does not want to know. But comes unglued when she finds my stash. But has no problem dressing always left a guy. Does not own a dress or skirt. Would not be caught wearing either

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    Maria, You are a very lucky girl!

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    What a great story to close out my day. I'm fortunate enough to have a GF that has been supportive since day one but I know the other side of that coin.

    Anytime I see a wall melting I get the feels all over. Hope it carries through!
    The world is falling apart and ppl are like "EHRMYGAWD is that a man with fingernail polish on?"

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    One day at a time and thanks for the first of maybe many in the future.

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    I'm always surprised that you're surprised by your wife's encouragement. Like Kim I recall a number of your posts where your wife has been supportive of your dressing. I'd say it's something she's more than comfortable with, going as far as saying she likes to see you dressed.

    Are you a "softer" person while dressed? More engaging perhaps? She just likes how you look? Whatever the reason it seems obvious that your SO goes beyond being accepting of your dressing to welcoming it.

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    Well, that was nice. I'm sure you enjoyed it.

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    Reminds me of the joke....
    A man finds a bottle on the beach and rubs it. A genie pops out and says you get 3 wishes.
    The man says well I don't fly so I'd like a bridge to Hawaii. Genie says you know how much concrete that would take? Pick something else.
    The man say ok, then I'd like to understand women.
    Genie says, would you like that bridge 2 lanes or 4 lanes.
    Wear what makes you feel Confident !

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    It's a cool story. But, the first question that comes to mind is "Was there something specific you were wearing that she seemed to appreciate, or was it just being with you dressed?" My wife compliments the things she likes and mostly ignores the things she either doesn't like or just doesn't notice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maria 60 View Post
    Anybody else have a unpredictable wife story.
    I have mentioned this story several times, but here it is again. My wife and I have been in a deep "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" marriage. It's been literally decades since "The Talk" (1983). Not too long ago she decided to donate literally dozens of nightgowns from the back rack of her side of the walk-in closet. Starting way back when we were first married (1971) we had gone shopping on Saturdays in mid-town Manhattan. Many times we ended up buying her nightgowns at Macy's Herald Square, Gimbel's, Alexander's, Bloomingdale's, Lord & Taylor, Saks. I had bought soon after we were married a white peignoir for her. I was totally ignorant of women's sizes. She was 5 foot 2 and about 115 pounds. I bought her a medium which swam on her. One night after she had tossed it aside I slipped into it and went into the kitchen for a drink of water. She walked in on me and asked why I was wearing her nightgown. I told her the simple truth which was I like the feel of the nylon. Short story is we ended up buying me several nightgowns. This was way before either of us thought this was nothing more than a little 'kink' in the bedroom. Well, as one can expect my interest in women's attire grew. It was about 1983 when I bought a vivid red Vanity Fair bra which I stored in a large gift box in the bottom draw of my armoire. One day our three year old daughter was exploring, opened the draw and yanked the bra out. That precipitated "The Talk." Enter DADT

    Fast forward about three years ago and all her nightgowns are piled up on the bed. They are off to the little shop the American Cancer Society in the north end of town. She said to me, "Take anything you want before they are donated!" She knew darn well that none of those gowns would fit other than that white peignoir. I ended up securing it. It is now kept in my armoire. I have tried it on. My wife is not the only one who are added some weight. When I bought it for her I wore a 38 Tall suit. Now, it's a 42 inch chest. The arm holes are a little snug, but it is wearable.

    I suppose her quip may have opened up a conversation but I did not pursue it. She has made it perfectly clear that wearing women's attire is my "thing." Not her thing.

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    My wife is generally disapproving. We've been out on a couple GNOs together but she barely tolerates it. Both times however, while out shopping later, with me in drab, she is perfectly fine with me buying femme stuff. Even going so far as to pick things out for me.

    Go figure.

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    I am one of the lucky ones, but it has taken some time.

    We went from,
    "Hell no!"
    to DADT,
    to ok fine, but I really don't want to see you dressed,
    to if I come home and you are dressed, don't worry about it, just change,
    to don't bother to change,
    to dressing when ever I want.

    In the evening we sit and watch TV with me dressed and she will often snuggle up to me. It has been a 7 year adventure. My first post here was August of 2013.!&highlight=
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