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Thread: Male mode in public?

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    JennyMay: I do the exact same thing. I call it stealth femme.

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    I wear zero feminine attire when in male mode. My activities are easier that way. I do catch myself taking postures or stances more femme, though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stephanie47 View Post
    It was ho-hum until I had to use a public restroom. Then it became a pain in the butt to negotiate pantyhose.

    I have worn pantyhose for years before I really got into CD'ing. I have circulation problems in my legs and support hose helps. I have no issues with public restrooms. I will admit is is a bit of a wrestling match to get the Johnson out but nothing that nobody would notice. If I am trying to tuck, then no matter whether 1 or 2 I head for the stall.

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    Yes! I tried undressing for a short time. But, found it just as satisfying as lite beer!
    U can't keep doing the same things over and over and expect to enjoy life to the max. When u try new things, even if they r out of your comfort zone, u may experience new excitement and growth that u never expected.

    Challenge yourself and pursue your passions! When your life clock runs out, you'll have few or NO REGRETS!

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    All I own and wear is women's clothes. Most of it is casual stuff. Unless you know what you are looking at, you wouldn't know they were women's clothes.
    I also wear a heart necklace and an anklet all the time.
    Don't let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.

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    For a while I tried for a very androgynous look. Women loved it, and not just my age but older women too.

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    Leggings seem like an obvious female garment. I wear them nearly all the time but am rather reluctant to venture out in public. Am I missing an opportunity?

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    Many times I have been out in 100% female clothing, shopping... to the casino... Flats, nylons, dress slacks, knit top, female leather jacket... underneath cami, all the proper lingerie except bra....

    In the day time and night time... no one ever said anything or even gave me a funny look.
    I reject your reality and substitute my own!:

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    Quote Originally Posted by jayme357 View Post
    Leggings seem like an obvious female garment. I wear them nearly all the time but am rather reluctant to venture out in public. Am I missing an opportunity?
    I wear leggings almost 24/7. I wear them to the gym as well as when I go shopping, about town, etc. It depends on your level of comfort.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BTWimRobin View Post
    I'm out in some level of hybrid mode quite often. Women's jeans, shorts, undies, Keds, nails. It's no big deal.
    I'm similar, although I never dress to "pass" anymore. I frequently wear women's jeans or shorts and ballet flats or Keds. Never had an issue worthy of note. Every now and then I catch someone doing a double take and once I caught someone trying t sneak a photo with their cell phone.

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    Only time I'm really in guy mode is while I'm at work. When I get home, it's wash up (I work in a metal fabrication shop), put on some hip pads, pony tail comes out, leggings and a woman's shirt. If I need to run errands, just put on some comfy woman's sneakers, grab my woman's coat and out the door.

    On weekends, I'll usually go full Steffi mode. Make up, forms, curl my hair and paint my nails.

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    Oooooooo lipstick under a mask in male mode, good idea, why have I never thought of that, got to be some perks to this strange world we are living in right now

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    Panties every day, women’s jeans or shorts, top is usually male but have a couple women’s that work in public. Light eye makeup recently, mascara, brow pencil and eyeshadow. Was wearing my female booties all the time going out but I have a bad ankle that needs fixing and cannot wear anything with a heel until then. All without issue.

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    Stiletto Gurl,

    I?ve been wearing bra and panties for the last 12 years (since I retired from active duty). Since then I?ve become more braver and have worn blouses (albeit very plain but the buttons do give it away), stockings, and like you worn lipstick everywhere because we?re wearing masks. Before I moved to Alabama there were a small group of women that knew or enjoyed the fact that I would wear women?s clothes to the gym to workout in, mostly yoga pants, and sports bras when we were doing the same classes body pump, and yoga. The yoga instructor busted me out one morning asking if I was wearing a sports bra under my t-shirt because of how sweaty I was everyone could make it out. When I answered yes, she said that I didn?t have to cover it up if I didn?t want to, because most of the ladies in the class didn?t wear a shirt either, if I wanted to be the same. My small group of lady friends (fit family) all said that it would be okay and encouraged me not to wear a t-shirt in our classes. The only time I was uncomfortable was after my workout and I went into the locker room to shower and change into work clothes.


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    Nope all man in male mode when I dress its a skirt or dress with full makeup and accessories all or nothing kind of girl. Maybe this will change in time underdressing has crossed my mind a time or two.

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    Unless I'm going to be undressing in front of others (medical appointment or swimming), I wear knickers and women's socks. Sometimes opaque knee-high pop-socks, but in the winter it's more often thicker cotton socks that are quite obviously women's. Pre-Covid, when I had the house to myself during the day, I'd also wear womens ankle boots out to walk the dog. I have on occasion done the dog walk wearing completely women's clothes (the ankle boots don't particularly stand out as being overly feminine) under my male coat. I don't think anyone noticed.

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    I wear panties and pantyhose under my male clothes almost all the time, but sometimes I get daring and put on female skinny jeans or female "unisex looking" boots with low wide heel or female sneakers when in male mode.

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    All the time.

    Skirt, hose, small wedges.

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    hello Stiletto,
    been there, done that.
    with social distancing and face masks due to covid nobody will notice your bra straps and lipstick,
    luv J

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