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Thread: Air travel

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    Air travel

    I recently had the opportunity to travel while dressed and did so with some trepidation. Well, ladies, here's what happened:

    No. One. Cared.

    Not the TSA people, not my fellow travelers, not the airplane staff. No one. I did strike up an extensive conversation with a woman in her 50s sitting next to me on one of the connecting flights. She told me all about her job and her kids, and asked me about my job, if I had kids and how I managed to have such nice skin. That was it. Just another flight.

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    Pretty much my experience too - no one cares

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    Thank you for telling of experiences like this, I have flown underdressed, although I waited until I was though security to put my underwired bra on, it still felt good but flying fully dressed is a nice dream for me and it is great to read of the lack of interest from others

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    That is cool Monica. I have never gone further than just wearing shorts and pantyhose on a plane, mostly because it takes me so long to get dressed with makeup, I think I would miss my flight, haha.

    It is good for people to share experiences like yours because I think it may help some others realize they can do such things. Thanks for sharing.


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    No one cared on my travels.

    On a boat about 4 years ago, I did have 1 girl about 7 years old ask her mummy why "a man was dressed like a woman", mother looked embarrassed so I said to the girl, "god gave me a mans body, but a girls brain", mum and daughter were both happy with my explanation.
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    I have never flown dressed as a woman and I rarely fly (because I have no place to fly to), but I think I would be very uncomfortable trapped in a seat next to one or two strangers for several hours.

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    I've had my boobs checked for explosives before. That's always fun at a busy gate when TSA is pulling your boobies out of your carry-on.
    Once when I was fully dressed, the TSA technician made a nasty snarl about what he saw in the x-ray.
    Another time here in Las Vegas the technician lady saw my boobies and heels in my luggage and asked, "So, what show are you in, Hon?"
    I've waited so long for this time. Makeup is so frustrating. Shaking hands and I look so old. This was a mistake.
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    I don't think I've met anyone that enjoys longhauls even the hostesses . 3-4 hours is usually enough form me .

    I've yet to experience that , the problem is it raises my dilemma about an official name change for my passport .

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    I spent me early 20?s launching planes off a carrier and saw too many go in the water to be comfortable with flying. All trips have been male mode due to my circumstances. We went to Europe six months before the shutdown with a stop in Iceland. I was freaked out all the way having crossed the North Atlantic on a carrier and having the foreward catwalks and two F4?s blown over the side by waves. I think I will pass on flying and cruising, thank you.

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    Congratulations on an uneventful trip. I think you and others have shown that it may be easier than most perceive. That being said, I am in the category of those who would never try it -- just not within my comfort level.
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    Not a big deal UNLESS you make it one.....Honestly.
    It SURE is my hair ! I have the receipt and the box it came in !

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    I went through security without a bra and forms (but dressed otherwise in women's clothing) and then finished changing in gender nuetral bathroom. In male-ish and out female. The flight was great. Next time will probably just get fully dressed before I go; I imagine the TSA has seen it all by now (scanning pun intended ).

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    Flying dressed is on my list and your experience will help my decision to go for it. I love the thought of being dressed with only female clothing in my suitcase and flying out of town for a few days.

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    I've flown many times wearing women's pants and tops, flip flops and painted toe nails but never a dress. I wait until clearing through security before putting on a bra and forms. I've never had a problem but have had a few stares and noticed whispering but am used to that since my face doesn't pass as female at all. One time the woman next to me complemented my toe nails and another time the guy sitting next to me asked his wife to switch places. Also had a flight attendant complement my form fitting jeans (Miss Me with feminine decorative pockets). Have found there are many more kind people out there than rude people.

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    Hi Monica , That's Awesome, >Orchid**OO**
    Having my ears triple pierced is AWESOME, ~~......

    I can explain it to you, But I can't comprehend it for you !

    If at first you don't succeed, Then Skydiving isn't for you.

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    I had the same experience the one time I flew pretty. Important to note that my ticket had my male name, indicated my sex as male and my ID matched. TSA doesn?t care what you wear, but all the documents gotta match. Here?s a pic of me on my way to the airport - rather blendy.
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    I have had similar experiences Monica ... for the most part nobody cares. I always have my reservations, boarding passes and ID all in my male name. One TSA agent held up my ID by my face .. he smiled and commented he liked my new glasses. I wasn't sure about wearing my breastforms through the body scanner so I put them in my backpack. It got pulled for a hand search ... turns out the trail mix also in there doesn't do well in the luggage scanner. I just wear them now. I have had several conversations with total strangers on planes about everything EXCEPT crossdressing or gender questions. Ive flown several tomes and never had any issues.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CarlaWestin View Post
    I've had my boobs checked for explosives before. That's always fun at a busy gate when TSA is pulling your boobies out of your carry-on.
    Once when I was fully dressed, the TSA technician made a nasty snarl about what he saw in the x-ray.
    Another time here in Las Vegas the technician lady saw my boobies and heels in my luggage and asked, "So, what show are you in, Hon?"
    I just asked for a private inspection and I got one. It's the law. The TSA guy was very professional. I don't know if the TSA knew it, but I had checked the rules and was prepared to have a supervisor intervene if necessary. But my TSA guy was totally cool about it.
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    Thanks for sharing. This is the kind of story I love most and can't get enough of. It demonstrates once again that dressing is not a big deal anymore. I know it certainly used to be. I was a teenager in the 1970's and the greatest taboo of all was for a male to show even the slightest tendency toward femininity. It's why so many of my generation continue to cower in their closets. Me too, until just a few years ago. But looking other sites, you find twentysomething guys sporting skirts, looking fabulous as young MIADS, and declaring that clothes have no gender. Dressing is Not A Big Deal anymore and becomes even less of a deal every day, thanks partly to all of us who get out there and show the world that we are not a threat to anything except old prejudices.

    Sorry to ramble, but your story is yet another anecdote that reinforces my point. Dressing is not unhealthy and everyone should feel free to express their authentic selves without being made to feel uncomfortable or lose self confidence. I hope that was your takeaway and that you are further encouraged to go anywhere dressed the way you feel happiest.

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    Honestly domestic flies are not a big deal. As many here had said, TSA people don't care as well the general public but border official are different.
    Two weeks ago I had to drive to Tijuana, Mexican city at the border of California, to pick up my daughter in law because she travel from Tijuana to Guadalajara but forget her US passport, had tickets to enter for LAX but without passport wasn't allowed to board the plane. I picked up her passport from her house and drove there to pick her up in the airport at tijuana.

    I already legally change my name and gender but not my passport yet because I'm waiting on USCIS for the new certificate of naturalization, so when in line the enter back the US border, the officer received my and daughter in law's passports, he reads her name and ask where is she so she rise her hand, then he reads my old passport name and ask me to open the back window, I open it and he, looking inside, ask me where is David, I rise my hand and show him my driver license, he double checks and welcome us....

    I see some of you dream about traveling in "female" mode, other are scaried about it, other had experienced and now is something trivial, I'd said in other threads, it's not about dressing is about to be...

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    Monica, congratulations for that experience. I also took two opportunities to travel on an airline, both times while in the USA.

    My experience, no one cares.
    I even lost my passport when leaving the x-ray check and someone saw it and followed me to give back, that was nice.
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    You are one beautiful lady, go for it, you pass Over the top...


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    Lowestoft UK. Beverley was here.
    Not done air travel yet as mine used to be international.

    Gotta get that dual passport.
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    I flew to New Orleans once wearing one of my favorite dresses. I had a great time.

    I'm not a doctor, I just play one on TV.

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    Not a problem pretty much sums it up. I think the only problem is one you might create . Especially for a first experience We can often act nervous And that's something People will pick up on and caused concern. As far as flying As a woman People are pretty much up to speed on that . They might want to do an extra check but after that it's really nothing

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