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Thread: Air travel

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    Apr 2011
    pune india
    I in indian state of Assam tried enfemme in night time but caught by local and blamed me of spying or criminal activity just got escaped when I asked that I am taking psychic treatment regarding this. Always wish to travel as female but can't change identity as in our country no one employ transgender though government make it legal.
    I love to be in female attire and want to stay in it it as much time as possible.

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    Queensland, Australia.
    I do the equivalent of the TSA in australia and we really don't care what people wear when they come through our screening point. We are only concerned whether something is prohibited or illegal and while mistakes get made, we are not going to intentionally humiliate anyone. We see all sorts of things in passengers bags.
    With the body scanners we operate, we have to push a button for the scan, based on the apparent gender of the person. We have a "male" and "female" button so it can get awkward at times

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    North Carolina
    No one cares!
    I flew pretty from Raleigh, NC to Houston, Texas! Burgundy skirt and top with flats!(to save my feet!) So Raleigh to Florida to Texas! Got in a few conversations but not about gender! One man gave me an up and down look. Looked away then looked back and smiled! Then he went back to what he was doing!
    No one cares!
    I also flew back to NC in a skirt and top! Nothing! Nada! Just a wonderful experience!
    Hugs Lana Mae
    Life is worth living!
    "Foxy lady! You look so good!!" Jimi Hendrix

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    I love flying en femme, and the public airways were one of the first places I went out in public.
    It normally has gone well. It is a lot of fun. Service workers are good and polite.
    While I've never had an issue with my ID, I had a couple TSA episodes that weren't User Friendly. One of the times included the full body pat down. The female TSA agent [who bore a scary resemblance to Nurse Ratchett), gave me an obvious and unnecessary pat down, complete with a package check. I was just furious and told her that was not appropriate.
    The only other problems I've had is wearing a bra under 'male clothing" when I fly because it shows up as "different" on the microwave scan. I solve that by just flying en femme.
    It's easy, fun, and safe..... even if you get a groin check.
    FC-Frontier 538 seat 25A.jpg FC-Going to DC en Ilene.jpg
    There resides within me a Woman, and she is powerful.
    She has been my Grace and Bearing on the stormiest seas.
    I could no more deny Her than I would my own soul.

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