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Thread: Faceapp triggering severe dysphoria?

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    I can relate. I've tried face app to see if it would make me look more feminine and blend better as a female and it was a disaster. All I saw was the guy I used to be. No filter or mod made me happy with what I saw. It made me so depressed. I uninstalled it and vowed to never use it again.

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    Also, try not to look at mtf before and after pictures too much. So many of them are fake. Like all those men suddenly turn into babes. Yeah right.

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    I tried face app FTM and it freaked me out it looked so close to me 10 years ago..
    I am real

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    We all have triggers; whether they are relate to our self identity, or other parameters.

    Personally, I haven't used, or felt inclined to use, faceapp, for the simple reason that it will present me with an image I feel that I will never achieve, which will push me into a depressive mood.

    My dysphoria is ever present, day-to-day, so I don't need to find other ways to make it worse.
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    I use FaceApp, and it does a good job of improving my looks, but I have posted samples of my own work with makeup and the FaceApp version, which I use to try to improve my makeup skills. Many times the differences are small.
    It is a great help when I can't do makeup, and then the differences are large. The various facial editing tools can make me younger, but rather than despise it, I look at what it did and try to figure out how to do the same with makeup.
    Hugs, Ellen

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    That app is a lie.

    It would never do something real. I tried once now as a woman to make a male face and it was horrible wrong, not that made me look horrible but it was so.wro.g about my previous male traits.

    I think it was made as a toy but not a real tool to predict on how you would look as a woman,.or a male in that case.

    For that reason it can be very deceitful and I ignore from the beginning.

    I see on IG all the time transgirls, they call themselves like that, but never see their real face, they dream awake .

    It's Ike using filters. I understand they could be wanting to look great for future encounter with a prospect partner but when that happen will be deceiful....

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    Here is example of me with my own makeup skills and then FaceApp suggestion. Yes, it can make a face very different, but it can also point out small changes to make.
    Hugs, Ellen

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