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Thread: The Talk!

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    The Talk!

    My wife and I got dressed last night. I surprised her with my new breastplate. She looked surprised and with a big smile, "You bought it!" I was a bit surprised because she saw it in my Amazon cart, so I asked, "why so surprised?" She said she I new I was thinking about buying one, but I had not said anything. I just told her I wasn't going to say anything until I was satisfied with it. We had a nice evening, watched a movie and cuddled on the couch. As much loving crap that she gives me about my boobs she fell asleep cuddled up against me using one of my boobs as a pillow.

    This morning we lay in bed talking about the day and she started asking questions about my dressing and how far am I going with it. I assured her it is a inside the house thing as I would make one ugly woman. She asked about my desire to order a wig and get "made up" and if I would feel the need to venture out then if I looked good. I told her no as I really don't see the need to go out, too much risk, too much possibility of hassle, work, friends, general public. I just don't feel the need to take that chance.

    She asked me if I ever thought of transitioning. I really don't feel at this point in my life that it is a possibility, plus the transition just adds other complications, so I don't feel it settles anything, I would be trading one circumstance for an other. I told her if I were 15-20 years old and knew what I know now perhaps I would have then, but it is hard to say. We talked a bunch more but no reason to post it all. Just know that at the end she hugged me and told me how much she loves me and could not imagine being without me, so we are in a very good place. We went on to have a more intimate cuddle, wink, wink, nudge nudge, and got on with our day.

    I think I will keep her!

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    She sounds like she preparing herself for the future. My wife as of lately has been asking me a lot of questions to. She's starting to see a more and more a complete women, as far as I'm concerned I will never pass. A few weeks ago I was driving her around on some errons dressed and she keep looking at me. When I asked her what she was looking at, she said I looked good and almost convincing. I guess they see us taking little steps and the steps are getting bigger and they wonder what's next. The best thing is as long as we communicate and don't leave them wondering and most of all as much as it hurts to be honest.

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    Pumped, Well hello, you better keep her. What a wonderful understanding accepting wife you have. I remember you saying how things started out when you first came out to her, you have come a long way baby.
    Give her a hug for us.

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    I decided to go all the way for halloween with this vires going around we don't see anybody so I had a full body wax first week of October. Couple days before Halloween I went to a salon and had eyebrows wax I told her the kind of money I was spending don't hold on the eyebrow . I had a big smile on my face she smiled and said ok and raised her eyebrows. When she finished I had the most feminine brows and makeup was flavorless. I told wife this was something I all was wanted to do for halloween. She asked me the other day you are really getting in to this, Yes I am.

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    Pumped, you better keep her, she's a real gem.

    Maria, you are correct, communication is most important. Sometimes imaginations are more harmful than the truth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maria 60 View Post
    She sounds like she preparing herself for the future.
    I agree! She has told me that whatever I decide to do she will support me. So that is good, but I don't think she needs to be concerned.

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    Communication is for sure the number one issue in nurturing a healthy relationship. We should pay a lot of attention regardless of the acceptance level of our partner. Even with the most enthusiastic SO possible, sharing out feelings, desires and fears, as well as listening very carefully for theirs is mandatory.

    You are very fortunate Pumped, congratulations!

    In my case, she is always asking how far I would go and how I feel in different situations. Lately she is making sure to be very clear to me how my crossdressing has become important to her and how she desires to never go away!

    As I have said, she is better than my wildest dreams!

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    It's always so much nicer whe you can talk openly about it with you wife. She's definitely a keeper. You are very fortunate to have her.

    Enjoy the new breast plate.
    - Robin

    Because life is too short not to.

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