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Thread: The little things we have to remember

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    The company still chose to cover their backs .

    To add to that story , I was in the Klass shop looking for sequined tops , the SA brought about a dozen different ones and finally a dress , by the time I'd tried all the tops on I was covered in sequins , my hair , my makeup , the floor was like shimmering snow flakes . I asked why she'd brought the dress in silver and blue , she winked and said because it will suit you , how right she was , so I bought it along with one top . I wore the dress to our Xmas party and loved it so much I bought the gold and black version as well in the sales

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    Lowestoft UK. Beverley was here.
    As for bra marks, I have permanent indentations around my chest, a result of a tight bra over too many years.

    That is difficult to hide if I ever need medical treatment. :-)
    Work on your elegance,
    and beauty will follow.

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    I have a lovely, sparkly, silver dress, that whenever I wear it, leaves bits of glitter all over the place. My pre-prepared answer in case anyone asks is, "oh I was in the attic looking for something, and moved the box with the Christmas decorations".
    "She snuck up on me from behind. You'd think women would make more noise with those big high heels, but they don't, they've got this stealth thing going..."

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    The first thing that came to me was press on nails. Almost every time I wore them i would lose one. The most common way I would lose one would be while running my fingers through my hair to get the look I wanted. Then it was pure panic trying to find it one time while driving i looked the the mirror and seen a nail stuck to my hair.

    After i said no more press or glue on nails I just started letting my nails grow longer then I would just nail polish them. One day at a meeting a girl slide over a bottle of nail polish to me I just slide it back over and said nothing. I guess her point was my longer nails.
    Doing you own nails it can take some work to make sure you get all the nail polish off from around all the edges.

    Good thread, Thank you

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    Although we're in a DADT situation, there are certain 'tells' that I don't conceal. As I haven't worked in 10 months, I've let my nails grow, shaped them and keep them polished in clear coat.
    My hands look genuinely senior feminine. And I love it.
    She's seen me bop into the kitchen for a late night snack wearing only Elila panties but, I've gotten no negativity about it.
    And to think, I used to be so focused on every detail in the situational awareness experience before getting to this point.
    I've waited so long for this time. Makeup is so frustrating. Shaking hands and I look so old. This was a mistake.
    My new maid's outfit is cute. Sure fits tight.
    And then I step into the bedroom and in the mirror, I see a beautiful woman looking back at me.
    Smile, Honey! You look fabulous!

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    - lingering perfume!

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    Great thread, all so true. But does it matter.

    I go to great lengths to put away my female appearance before my wife walks through the door. I know she appreciates that. I also know she has a very good idea of my life whilst she is out earning a crust for our table. It is what it is. Now and then my wife will walk in when I am fully dressed. I simply say good shift and go get changed. Me being around the house dressed is not for her, as much as I would like that. it is not our life. Me having a chunk of female tenancies she accepts. I choose so many of her clothes, as we have such similar taste there and in many other areas

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    Hi Charlotte,

    So many good pointers here. Hear are some of my failings.
    - Waterproof mascara and eyeliner. Who knew you had to use makeup remover not just soap and water!
    - Press on nails that have popped off. OMG, the car, the park, the floor, my purse? I found them all; YES!
    - Using her makeup and not putting it back just right.
    - Not putting all of my makeup back, I left some on the bathroom counter.
    - Lipstick on a coffee cup. I caught this one.
    - Left my purse on the kitchen table. I caught this one too.
    Here's to a very sympathetic DADT.

    Thanks for the fun memories.


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    I can't remember who but someone posted recently about washing knickers etc out while showering. Well having washed a pair of lacy blue ones while drying off I placed them on the bathroom radiator, and then promptly forgot to take them with me. I noticed them when going to brush my teeth before bed and as far as I know they went unobserved by my SO. Oh it's so easily done!
    Who dares wears Get in, get out without being noticed

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    The first fail for me was when my wife took my overnight bag for a weekend away and found one of those little tubes of eyelash glue. I guess we?ve been semi DADT since. Over the years comments about dark colour under eyes, over plucked brow and shape of finger nails are most regular observations but I have found myself first point of blame for other family members leaving or using things and once a female watch was found on the sofa that I?m sure my wife still thinks was mine when it probably came from one of my daughters friends.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karren Hutton View Post
    Leaving a pair of heels and a bra in the wardrobe.... that did it....
    Did that lead to a talk with wife? That didn’t go so well for me after a few years.

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    This is an interesting thread but I suppose that you're talking about to not be caught for your wife, so it wouldst be easier to the wife?

    I just say....
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    Quote Originally Posted by jacques View Post
    - lingering perfume!
    Scents are a big time give away.

    As I am still closeted I try to be as perfect as possible. Even if there?s a piece of pink string or something on the ground.

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    It?s always stressful wondering if I put everything back in the drawers correctly

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    My wife found an eyelash one that I dropped. She just screamed and wanted me to call the exterminator for that bug with all the legs. LOL

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    - Pink towels
    I had used them for years but when some friends came over, forgot to stash them

    - Mascara - always good to clean it off before visiting :O(

    - lingering girlie scents - often we can't smell because they are bound to receptors

    - 2 sided make up mirrors - think my buddy is really wondering.

    - Pink razors - Ironically , I use Daisy Fresh because all male razors chopped up my face and then went on to shave my body for 20 + years but
    even a straight safety razor was no good vs my stubble, worst were BICs -

    Not so many visitors these years with everyone married up and largely associate with other married people.

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    My experience with my wife has been that no matter how thorough I am at covering my tracks, even if I am 100% perfect in covering my tracks, she still knows when I've been dressing.

    Wives can read us like a book. It's not just pink threads or lost eyelashes and earrings. It's mannerisms, moods, etc. Women are really, really intuitive. DADT? They can always T even if we don't.

    Oh and the other thing I learned... don't EVER wear her stuff.

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    Press on nails
    Dropped laundry
    Wig Caps
    Bobby pins
    Hairs shed from wigs.

    I always vacuum before someone comes over. Catches many of these things...

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    So many good points here. For me its typically a missing press on nail. We never seem to notice they are gone until we've walked around the whole house, leaving a huge search area.
    Jenn A --- nothing fancy, just me.

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    There's too many to list (which I understand is probably not helpful) but it seems "digital" cover-ups are conspicuously missing here. Sure, clearing your browser history or using incognito mode is usually enough to prevent anyone from seeing what your online habits are on a shared device or if they happen to use your device.

    But it wasn't until I was caught digitally that I realized I left so much more evidence than I originally thought. I will caveat I was caught via a very glaring misstep on my part (leaving pics in an extremely prominent, easy to find folder) but a gf or wife who is suspicious and determined can quite easily find a trail of crossdresser related website visits if you're not careful.

    And proof that you've visited certain sites certainly has the potential to be a little more damning than makeup remnants.

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    When I was young, I use to remove makeup with soap. Until I use waterproof eyelasher from my mom.
    I couldn't remove it even if I try. I didn't know about it, in the 80's, no internet, and no nothing to inform myself.
    That day I went later with my mom to do some shopping, and one lady says: "Hey kid, you have awesome eyelashes!", and my mom says: "Yes, he has". She didn't say anything else, beause I still have long elelashes. I really hope she didn't get it. That was the last time I use soap, and I use makeup remover.

    Today, I'm very careful to drop everything to the garbage, clean and vacum if there is any wig hair or something. I don't use any perfume or deodorant while I'm Barbara, in order to not leave marks on sexy clothes. It was terrible when I was storing an awesome pair of stilletos, because I was thinking: "What if I get sick and I need to go to the hospital, and while there, my wide finds my stilletos???". finally, I drop them to the garbage and I preffer to buy a new pair, and wig, pantyhoses (one or 1st skin, 2nd for a new color layer, and a 3rd one with net type, that looks amazing), when the moment arrives. Sometimes also I buy sexy costumes and colored contact lenses to make the perfect Barbara. anyway, I don't know how to makeup myself, I know it can be better, but I need to practice more.


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    I haven't really had those problems for years, but these threads make me wonder how my mother could NOT have known all those years ago.
    I am a vessel of the goddess. Let me express my calling to a feminine life through nurturing love and relatedness.

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    What did me in a few years ago with my wife was not taking the time to properly wipe off this heavy red matte lipstick that I had on while she went to a concert. Some of it came off with a makeup wipe, but she knew right away and supposedly her gay friend did too. But they were both pretty drunk so perhaps he forgot. Don't think she did!

    Anyways, I have a few others that could be dead giveaways to someone very observant to a CD.

    -leftover glitter the makeup wipes somehow miss, especially around the eyes
    -black eyeliner that is 'stuck' along the lash line that remains if you're not being careful
    -clip-on earring indents (I always forget about this one)
    -slivers of red nail polish remaining on certain fingers

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    Quote Originally Posted by April Rose View Post
    I haven't really had those problems for years, but these threads make me wonder how my mother could NOT have known all those years ago.
    My parents knew, 100%. They questioned me when I was 4-8 and a caught with my sister's knickers in my room. They always asked if I wore them or wanted to be a girl, which their anti-lgbt attitude meant that I always said no.

    I was so stupid when I was young. It's absurd to think that my sister didn't know I was taking her clothes either.

    If only I'd admitted it when I was 4 or 5, and said I wanted to be a girl. Maybe parental love would have overcome their social prejudice.

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    Recently I misplaced a pair of my panties in my house. I cant find them anywhere. My wife knows I crossdress, but hates it. So I hope I find them before she or someone else finds them.

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