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Thread: A special day for me

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    A special day for me

    Today is a special day for me. On Tuesday this week I saw my doctor to get started on HRT. I picked them up from the pharmacy last night and will start taking them tonight when I get up to go to work. The other thing is, here a couple hours I will be going to the courthouse to file for my legal name change. I am above excited for both of these things.

    I have been dressing almost full time now since the beginning of the year. With the name change or when it has legally been changed, I then can go to my employer and get that all changed. Then I will be able to dress full time all the time. Work for me is male dominant. Out of about 100 employees where I work, there are only 4 females. So to make this an easier transition for work I decided to wait until legal. I have already let my boss know and HR. I have licenses that need to be changed and some security things. I had been underdressing at work for some time.

    This is exciting for me as this is my next step to where I want to be with me and live who I should have been.

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    Good on you.
    I hope everything goes smoothly at work for you.

    In my considerations, I have been wondering how to handle work. My full-time workplace not a good place to transition in. It took them 40 years to take down the signs that say "the best safety device is a careful man." But I have been rehearsing on how to let my boss know that there will be some eventual changes.

    This week I struck upon the idea of taking a second, part time job on during the weekends or in the evenings as an openly transitioning person to give myself an environment to grow in (in a workplace-social / interpersonal way) that is not life-or-death crucial to my financial security. I've been trolling craigslist looking for an ideal situation.

    I horrifyingly realize that I actually have little to no idea of what my 'personality' is or should be, but I am praying I end up less shy and a bit more outgoing once the shock of living a concealed life wears down a bit.
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    Congratulations and best wishes on your path forward. I took a very long time to get started but the payoff has been wonderful. I've found that somethings have gone much quicker than expected (acceptance by family and friends) and others (name change stuff) are dragging along at a snails pace. But through it all I've been much more relaxed and happier than I have been in years.

    I look forward to your updates!
    Being transgender isn't a lifestyle choice. How you deal with it is.

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    Congratulations. Be sure to put the first day on HRT in your calendar and add repeat every year. You now have an "H Day to celebrate' annually.


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    Annual celebration? I (internally) celebrate mine every month, cause I haven't hit a year yet, but I think of it as "E Day".

    But wondering why NicoleRenee waited a few days to start?

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    Congratulations NicoleRenee! I wish you a wonderful journey ! Keep notes. I created Google spreadsheet, to write my notes and keep track of waist, band, bust, hip sizes as well as the weight.

    Quote Originally Posted by HelpMe,Rhonda View Post
    Annual celebration? I (internally) celebrate mine every month, cause I haven't hit a year yet, but I think of it as "E Day".
    In my Google Calendar, I have a reminder titled "The E Day " repeating every 5 days at 9:30PM, to remind it's a day to get my E shot. In fact, today is the one. I'm on my 4th year, and still look forward to it!

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    Brava Nicole!
    I wish you the best moving forward in your authentic identity. I like your deliberate thought-out approach.

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