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Thread: Long Hair

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    It's been over 2 years since I got mine cut

    Quote Originally Posted by Debs View Post
    My hair is getting long now, will be very reluctant to have it cut, and nobody can complain about it, and its probably going to be another 2 months before i can have it cut. Will be able to put curlers in it soon, getting excited about it. How long is your hair now ?
    I have always let my hair grow long, in High School (80s) it was halfway down my back, and I loved it! Even if I got misteaken for a girl😁.. I wasn't as into crossdressing back then other than I would "borrow" my friends who had hot sisters panties from the sisters and usually girls pants like Jordash or whatever.. now my hair is once again to middle of my back! It's still thick, wavy and easy to do the fem style😊.. I love my long hair and lots of people at work (wintertime ski lift operator) love it too, I love it when ladies say long hair looks good on me, if they only what I wear under my ski pants uniform🤣... well to be fair my normal ski pants are hot pink and always wear a hot pink neck gator, I love pink!! I have been CDing for many years now, it kinda started before my wife and I got married, we went out to a Halloween party dressed as hookers!! Oh the feel of short skirts ,pantyhose and high heel boots😁.. several times since then we with our younger twokids have gone trick or treating with me dressed up, I love it I felt I could get away with it on Halloween!! So over the years my long dark brown hair has been girl styled!! Now at 54 I no longer care what people think, so I go for it! Can't wait to ski my next couple days in my new hot pink ROXY ski pants and I finally found a ladies jacket with a hot pink,White and black wave!! Most daring yet!!! I'll really look like a girl now but I happen to ski like a guy.. I like letting my long hair fly in the wind behind me!! I still however LOVE wearing my blonde wigs.. something about blondes!!!😁💃🏼

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    A frizzy perm. I had on of those in the mid 80's. It looked great leaving the hair salon, but my hair was too fine to look great. I settled on getting my hair colored after the perming experience, initially to hide the premature grey hairs, and then highlights to add a fashion look. How easily I was talked into various styles by my attractive hairdresser.
    I have the same receding hair issues as many have, and 18 months ago lost the lot to chemotherapy for cancer. Most of it has grown back, but these days it's just to keep it neat and tidy, and whatever happens to my hair, happens.

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    In 2015 I was bald, since then my hair grows with the assistance of a stylist, she makes me spend some money and every day I must fight against dryness, but it's worth it, I feel like it makes me look much younger than I am

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    When it comes to hair I seem to get it exactly wrong. I have thick black hair everywhere except on top of my head which is bald. Oh well, that?s life?


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    Grew it long when I started taking this serious. Fortunate to still have it 20 years later.

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    My hair is 3/4 of the way down my back thick and curly. And blonde and lightly tinted with sliver strands

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karren Hutton View Post
    What hair? Sigh.

    Mom and Dad hounded me for long scruffy hair in the 70s, on cue it went in the 80s.

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    Nice to come back to this post/theme and see that I?m still growing.

    I got my last haircut the first time in Nov. ?19...I made it to October and since it was already longer on top, was able to tie all of it back before I wimped out and cut 5? off....,basically all of my gains. I seriously cried afterwards and my wife was upset that I cut it, knowing I?ve wanted to do it since I was a young child, but never got close. It was especially frustrating, because I realize now how much longer it would be, and that just eats at me.

    HOWEVER...I?m determined. I haven?t cut it since October and I?m averaging a little more than 1/2? a month (cold water shampooing/conditioning has helped I think) and I?m about 80% of where I was I?m getting there! My first plan was a great one, so I don?t know if I?ll be able to pull it off now...but I?m going to try.

    First plan was simply to show up to the typical work people literally over a year or 18 months later, and surprise...ponytail, man bun, whatever...there wouldn?t have been this awkward phase w/looks like dude, get a hair cut, because I was already at length!

    However, I think it?s still possible. I?m going on a road trip soon, I know I can pull it off and I?ve seen lots of guys with longer hair. The key is to keep it nice and looking sharp (as sharp as longerish hair can look on a man)...but it will still likely be another 2-3 months I think before things really start opening. By then, I SHOULD be able to tie it all back and I plan on trying.

    IF I get some management questions or even subtle hints, my plan is to simply trim it an inch or two, but keep it longer, so they and everyone will just have to get use to it.

    One other idea is to get a body wave and see if that helps when it?s see, women are lucky...they can style or do whatever and still fit into the society norm and don?t think twice about it...that is hard to do as a middle age man.

    But I?m going for it...and honestly, I?ve already gotten thru some of the hard parts.

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    Nearly a year without a cut now and my hair is down to my shoulders. Absolutely love it and can?t wait to get wavy long hair x

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    I have to keep my short Male style (usual side parting on the left) but with lockdown I haven't had mine cut since Christmas so it is getting a bit longer, so have been watching some youtube videos on styling short hair for women. As soon as my Wife and son leave the house of a morning I can wet my hair down again and have a play and then sort it out mid afternoon so it os back to drab. I have even left it re-styled when I have been out to the supermarket (presenting Male but dressed almost entirely female)

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    Hair is long with bangs since I dress fulltime

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    I'm envious. I never had good hair. It was always too fine. Never long or thick enough. I'd grow it out and have it permed decades ago, but it never looked that great. Today it's grown sparse, and although I haven't had a haircut since some time before Covid, what's left of it doesn't even look that long. Oh well, thank goodness for wigs!

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    Mine is 3/4 down my back. I wish I had the time to go to a salon regularly and have it taken care of, but I am always too busy to take time for myself.

    Having had long hair for about 5 years, I now understand why many women have shorter hair, especially as they age. It looks great but takes a lot of maintenance and can be difficult to manage.I am tempted to cut my hair and have it permed like my ex girlfriend, I always thought her short hairstyle was very charming.

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    EDELLA, I'm curious about your beautiful hair...."In 2015 I was bald, since then my hair grows with the assistance of a stylist,"...What sort of treatments are you getting. I too have thinning hair and wear wigs when I'm out and about. Would love to have hair like yours....Can you share your secrets!!! Thanks. NIKKI

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    I've had mine long off and on over the years. I'm starting to get widow's peaks, but otherwise still have plenty. My problem is that if it's not long enough to get all of it in a ponytail in spring when I put the winter hat away, I get frustrated with it blowing in my eyes and get it cut off. It's at that frustrating point now, since I had it cut short last spring (in the back yard by one of my non-hairdresser daughters!).

    I really want to grow it long enough to have it cut in a longish bob, but... My wife and I were working in the yard last weekend. I had most of my hair in a pony tail, but the front was blowing all over (ah, Chicago). I started grumbling about it. My wife looked at me and said, "So, time for a pixie cut, eh?" Sigh, probably so, pandemic permitting.

    The avatar? Yeah, that's definitely FaceApp. Incognito, right?

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    A store video monitor is not going to be flattering as it is looking down at you from way overhead.

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