Hello, I am delighted to share that last weekend I was mistaken for a sales associate at Morphe which is a makeup store that sells great brushes and makeup for a very reasonable price. It is such a huge compliment for me that these girls shopping there approached me for help but I do not work there. I have also had great experiences with the staff here and at other locations. On multiple visits, I've been complimented for my outfit and on this particular one, the sales associate told me her name and asked for mine, she was such a beautiful girl.

Over the years I have been mistaken for a sales associate for many stores that I shop in since I do like to dress up when I go out shopping. It happens that I wear black and for a lot of stores, that is the usual dress code or theme. I've spent 5 years in retail working at Forever 21 and was also mistaken for a sales associate even as a boy years ago. Its such a great feeling and I do miss working retail. Have a nice day