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Thread: When did you first notice your legs?

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    Nov 2020
    When we were first married 40 yrs ago sitting on the couch in shorts my wife said O my if you wore nylons you would have Tina Tuner legs! Now at 60 I shave them and wear mostly above the knee dresses & skirts and I do get complements.

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    I was a lifeguard and did a lot of swimming. I A neighbor girl brought up how great my legs looked. tan and blond hair. She suggested I shave them, but that didn't happen.

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    Years ago I was on line to get into see a baseball game in New York with my wife. The guy behind me tapped me on the shoulder and asked if I worked out a lot cause I had genetically perfect legs. My wife had a good laugh and I said I knew they were good but just not perfect.
    My wife enjoyed telling everyone that story and said that this guy could not take his eyes off my legs.

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    A female neighbor was behind me while we going up a stairway one day and she commented that my legs made her jealous and any women would be happy to have my legs. ( I have shaved them for many years )

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    I have always had great legs and really noticed them when I shaved the very little hair that I had when I was about 12 or 13. I wasn't able to keep them shaved until many years later.

    I have had a few compliments from women over the years and when the weather warms up enough I live in size 12 (UK) denim shorts which shows then off nicely. Because I bought a home IPL machine a few years ago, my hair grows back as slow as a GG's would and makes it very easy to maintain.

    My Sister-in-Law was at ours for dinner about 2 years ago and remarked that my legs were so nice she thought that I would look good in a skirt. If only she knew !

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    Hey lingerie Liz,

    I bet you shave them now!!


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    When did I first notice my legs? I was laying in my crib and my mother had played this little piggy for the first time. I noticed my toes because they tickled and then I saw my legs and made the connection.

    But seriously, as relates to my crossdressing I have been shaving and admiring them for close to twenty years. When I started shaving my legs I realized how great they looked and felt that I took it a step further and added the forearms this past spring. I never had more than three chest hairs and a tiny bit of fuzz around my lower back so shaving and maintaining is very easy.

    About a year ago next month before we went on lockdown I tripped and messed up a knee. It wasn?t hurt internally but the road rash was bad and it took months for the redness to blend back to normal skin color. Actually it still is kind of pink but now barely noticeable. While it looked it?s worse I was traumatized by how it looked in nylons but it is close to normal now. Nothing like a small disaster like that to make one want to protect their legs. On a side note I am careless with weed trimmers and spend half the summer with red stripes by my ankles from allowing the running weed whipper to make contact with my ankles while running around the yard trimming around the trees.

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    I hear ya on the weed whacked legs so I am really careful and wear long jeans when doing that for some protection. I think it was summer before last that I accidentally got caught in some briars and sliced up my legs. I was more upset about how it looked than the fact I was cut.
    We have to take care of our pretty legs : )


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    Quote Originally Posted by candykowal View Post
    My senior year in High School I presented as a girl with the help of my psychologist, Mom, and approval by the school board.
    I was to transition when I turned 19, just before going into college.
    I wore a skirt once in a while, the Madonna look was pretty popular.
    I also filled in as a cheerleader for a girl who broke her leg, for 4 basketball games.
    I got my picture in the yearbook with my uniform, Cheerleader Candice.
    That is you on the lower left? You were a cutie! Better looking than a couple others in the pic!

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    From the age of 14, I was a keen cyclist, racing and touring. Of course we shaved what hair we had on our legs. One summers evening, after a full day of riding, I sat outside at home chatting with some friends, I was wearing shorts and one of my friends commented on the colour of my sun tanned legs. From that day on I have tried to keep them smooth, and tanned.
    Sadly I now have a long scar from just below the left knee, to my ankle where the surgeons harvested some vein for a double heart bypass. But I still like to show my legs whenever I can.

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    On submarines you go from compartment to compartment through water tight hatches. These hatches are about 1.5 ft off the walking deck so they are just high enough to bump your shin. Enough bumps and you have a dented scar that stays with you for your life. Thank goodness for black hose to cover up these scars. Other than that I think my legs look pretty nice.
    Teri Ray Rural Idaho Girl.

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    It was after i had been crossdressing for some time, but not all the way with shoes, etc. i was well into my 60's then and one day while i was putting on my heels, i noticed that my legs looked pretty damn good. I was wearing two pairs of pantyhose to cover up the leg hair, now i shave all, but the second pair really smoothed them out and completed the transition. Now i use an epilator and hove no leg hair, or anywhere else for that matter. I have had some comments about my legs, i guess they look OK!

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    I was always aware I had strong legs, doing leg presses on Nautilus machines and the like.

    I've always had a thing for heels (and nylons), but didn't shave my legs until about 20 years ago.

    I started to regularly shave them, and expand my shoe collection about 5 years ago. Shaved, in heels and nylons, I noticed they looked pretty good.

    My GG friends tell me I have great legs, and I even had a guy say "you've got phenomenal legs; you might as well show them off."

    I run about 700 miles a year and bike 4,000 miles, so they are the product of a lot of hard work.

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    Lowestoft UK. Beverley was here.
    I noticed my legs more when I was eighteen, my girlfriends were dressing me up and when I put on stockings the girls nearly freaked out, my legs apparently looked amazing.
    Work on your elegance,
    and beauty will follow.

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    My legs have always been my best feature. Two years ago I developed knee problems and thought I would need a knee replacement. Went to physio, was put on an exercise regime that I've kept up every day since. The results are amazing. My legs are slender, muscular and look fabulous in stockings or leggings. When I slip on a pair of heels, I can't believe how good they look.

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    In my case, when I started CD, first thing that I did was to wear panties and high heels that belong to my mother.
    I was around 13-14... and I'm not hairy, so at that time I have no hain in my legs. Wneh I saw me in the mirror, I was impressed how good they looked. I used to have a nice ass also at that time and I was thinner, so the hole below waist figure was so pretty, I still have the images in my head.
    Today my ass is more little, but I'm still have awesome legs. That's why they are my last name. I hope I can show you a picture sometime.


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    I was a young teen when my legs were brought to my attention. I was with my cousin, he?s 2 years older than me. We were looking at Playboy magazines and fooling around when he said ? you have legs like a girl?. Obviously I?ve never forgotten that comment and wondered how much that affected me.
    Over the years my wife and daughter have made comments about how nice my legs look.
    I do find it amazing how a heel can make your legs and butt look so much better.


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    I had tried pantyhose and stockings on growing up but never, in the pre-internet days was able to get my hands on a large enough pair of women's heels. Once in college I did some research and found a company and actually ordered a pair of black patent ankle straps with 5 inch heels I could squeeze into. I shaved my legs late at night and got my sheer nude support pantyhose and picked up the box of shoes at the grandparents house in town where most of my mail was shipped. I got the use of the upstairs for the night to try things out feeling lucky that old folks in their late 80's tend to climb stairs only when they have to. Late in the evening I got into the pantyhose and finally buckled into the heels and that was my first time. Wow! long, long legs, totally smooth and in black patent 5in stiletto heels no less! The first thought that came to me was I had "Lady Legs!" I wanted to do more but at that time that was it. And yes, over time the addiction gets worse! Of course


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    As a young kid, I would put ony mom's pantyhose. She knew and didn't say anything, probably because my father was a wonderful man who could, at the flick of a switch, become an angry old-fashioned homophobe. Anyway, as I grew during my teen years, it became increasingly apparent that I had a killer pair of legs. It wasn't until my senior year in HS that I started shaving my legs and showing them off to "friends." As I hit my fourth decade on this planet, I realize that my legs have become thinner and more muscular than before, and my knees seem to stick out more as well, but I can still rock short skirts, skinny jeans and leggings like no one's business. People take notice and they comment. Now, if only I could do something about my belly...

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    Hi Sandi , When I was Very young walking in Mom's heels and hose, >Orchid**OO**
    Having my ears triple pierced is AWESOME, ~~......

    I can explain it to you, But I can't comprehend it for you !

    If at first you don't succeed, Then Skydiving isn't for you.

    Be careful what you wish for, Once you ring a bell , you just can't Un-Ring it !! !!

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