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Thread: Beginner-level public en-femme: The After-Dark Errand Run

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    Beginner-level public en-femme: The After-Dark Errand Run

    Sometimes I feel like I took a big step back.

    Back in my hey-day, for years I went out all dolled-up. Mostly social, but sometimes doing mundane things like running errands or whatever. Morning, afternoon, evening, night... Didn't matter. And yes, while I had no issue going it alone, it was definitely a lot more fun (and even easier!) having friends with me, regardless of who they were & how they were presenting. Full of confidence, I most certainly was!

    However, gradually that faded away. I even eventually stopped dressing for a long time. But for me? It always comes back at some point.

    Heck, I no longer do the whole en-femme thing all that much anymore, as these days I'll typically just "guy-mode" it (wearing women's stuff while not hiding the fact that I'm a natal male). I usually feel most at home with that presentation.

    Of course, tonight was a different story.

    Had some free time available. Spur of the moment kinda thing. I took my time getting ready, enjoying it all... But I also didn't go full-tilt, ya know? It was more of a moderation kinda thing, yet still totally en-femme.

    Full-face, but medium-level makeup. Skinny jeans, long black pullover hoodie, femmy black combat booties. Same blonde wig as in my avatar, but styled a bit differently. Only padding/shapewear was a partially-stuffed padded sports bra. Overall, I looked fine. Sort of a dressy-casual for a Monday night. And most important? Blendable -- which is what I was aiming for.

    Not looking for attention. The whole time I was getting ready, I had to remind myself to keep it toned-down some. No overly-dramatic eyeliner, no attention-grabbing red lip. No short skirts, dresses or high heels. Simply going for an average-GG kind of look, doing average-GG things. While still keeping it somewhat femmy, of course.

    Yes, tonight I had a mission: I had to mail something!

    With my purse slung over my shoulder & my keys in hand, off I headed to my car. Would I see someone in my apartment building or in the parking lot? Who cares, really. Only person I saw was someone warming up their car sort of nearby -- and yes, I had to walk through their headlights somewhat. No biggie.

    As silly & as boring as it is? These little en-femme drives are always a nice little adventure for anyone, really. And also a bit of a confidence booster for those who may need to regain it, or who are looking to take the first steps to getting out there in the big wide world.

    Change of guy-clothes? Makeup wipes? Nah, I never do that. Not that I'm against them or anyone who does that, but no safety nets for me, thanks. Get out there & own that stuff, girl!

    Yes, I drive carefully. Waaaay better than I do driving as a guy. No speeding, always use my blinkers, no rolling stops, etc. I'd rather not get a ticket, and I definitely don't want to get into an accident. Keep it safe. Nice change of pace!


    My local post office is a rather short drive. Got out, and dropped my envelope in the blue box. Okay, that was quick. Now what -- go home??

    Nope... Keep going!

    Figured I could fill my tank that was only halfway full. Sure, why not. Oftentimes an easy option. Large, brightly lit gas station. Paid at the pump. Saw a couple people doing the same, but not sure if they saw me. Didn't matter. Thought about going inside to the convenience store thingy afterwards, but didn't really need anything. Eh, maybe do that another time?

    Drive around, drive around. Now what?? Didn't want to go home just yet. As mundane as these tasks may be? Always a bit more fun while all dolled-up!

    Last stop? Walk-in ATM to withdraw a bit of cash. Car with people outside in the opposite parking lot. Probably saw me. Didn't care. Though I'm sure the cameras saw me!

    This is something *easy* to do. It was dark out, yet not too late, either. Some people were still about & about. And some places were still open.

    Put all you need in your purse. Drive safe. Have some errands in mind, yet also play it by ear. Make sure you stop & get out of your car -- for specific yet normal reasons. Be mindful of your posture & your gait.

    And don't wear stuff that will attract way too much attention. One of the biggest mistakes I see in those "CD'er in public" videos on YouTube. Rule of thumb? If a GG would attract too much attention by wearing it? You will, too.

    You can still get all dolled-up. Just try to tone it down a bit... Hair, makeup, outfit. Nothing wrong with dressy-casual, ya know. Skinny jeans, slacks, leggings, whatever. And unless you have good reason to believe that many of the GG's are wearing it at the time & location? Try to stay away from short skirts, dresses, hose, high heels, etc. Oh, and boobs that are too big, LOL!

    Dress like a GG would, for the specific time & environment. Nothing wrong with that. I mean, isn't having the GG experience (as opposed to the *CD'er* experience) what it's all about?

    Anyway, I'm sure others may want to chime in, with either some little stories or helpful hints or whatever, for those at the beginner-level of going out in public en-femme...
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