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Thread: What CD evidence did you leave out by mistake?

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    Aspiring Member DianeT's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pumped View Post
    Right, it beats me too. I wrote a first uncensored version of this post but as soon as I finished it the main door slammed open and 4 men dressed in black rushed into the house and hurled me to a black car's trunk, then after a short drive where I tried to identify environmental noises in case I would later be interrogated by supermodel agents straight out from the average police TV series trying to retrace my itinerary, I was taken to a weathered building and a dim lit room where I had to sign an NDA to avoid leaking info to wives members of the forum. As they dropped me unceremoniously before my house and I started walking up my driveway, four female commandos popped from the nearby tree, snatched me and drove me to a safe house where I was interrogated about what the other four men in black wanted exactly. They had me sign a petition from the Wives for Transparency Fund to stop disclosing super secret classified GG detection hints to fellow crossdressers and make an oath to abide by these terms. Then dropped me in the center of the town with a little plaid so I would not get cold as the mornings are still a little chilly. I walked back to my house in desert streets, and this is when this flying saucer descended from the skies and landed before me with a great burst of light and no sound at all. I am sitting now in front of my laptop with this alternate post version displayed, my mechanical wristwatch is 2 hours behind, there's an episode of the "LGBTQI+ Files" playing on TV and a paper tag around the computer monitor reading "Sanitized for your protection". I like the new plaid, though, not sure where I got it but it sure is very comfy.

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    Not what I did, but in our old situation my M-I-L lived with us.
    My wife did laundry thinking she'd be there when the dryer stopped, but she was late. Her mom was nice enough to take everything out and fold it all, my wife's panties, my panties ... It was quite obvious as she wears a 9 and I a 6 and hers basic cotton while mine are a bit more feminine to say the least. My wife found everything on the table folded and almost freaked. Her mom never did mention it, but that could have been a moment for sure.
    Wear what makes you feel Confident !

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    @ Diane T.

    LOL, you must be living the dream

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    Quote Originally Posted by sometimes_miss View Post
    'Honesty is the best policy'. Well, not this time. She still wouldn't believe me when I told her the story about how I wound up being a cross dresser. Had I lied, I'd likely still be married. Plenty of marriages survive one incidence of infidelity.
    I got the same retort when my wife and I had "The Talk." How it came about was rather interesting with hindsight. For years lingerie and hosiery for me had been in the bedroom scene with mutual benefits. After our son was born she asked me to not wear a negligee so often. Our son slept in his crib at the foot of the bed. So much for a one bedroom apartment. Years later we had moved across country and bought our house. By then we had a daughter. One day she opened the bottom draw of my armoire and yanked out a vivid red Vanity Fair bra. Hence, "The Talk." When my wife realized there was more to me wearing a negligee on occasion she wanted no part of it. It turned from bedroom kink to something more.

    Yes, she said had she known she would not have married me. She also said she wished she had not told me all her sordid secrets of her past because it would have made it easier to walk away. She realized I had accepted her with all her secrets so it would have been two faced to walk out. She even told me it was alright with her if I found a support group to attend. Now, it is totally ostrich. Stick head in ground and not acknowledge anything. Mum. Not a word since 1983.

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    Came in after work and my parents had decided to go out for a meal so this was the the time to get the stash of clothes out of its hiding place and try on the new long black skirt and lovely lace garter belt and stockings to try on..So I.was totally dressed en femme with lovely 4" stiletto heals on and I fell asleep on the bed and was as iwoke realised it was morning time so quickly got undressed and went down stairs with my heart in mouth hoping I wasn't seen but unfortunately not the case and got the talk of my parents and if did I want to be a girl..Why didn't I say yes 😀

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    Not sure I can remember all the times I have left articles around. I was caught wearing my Moms girdle before age five. When I was 17 I forgot and left a pair of my panties on my bed and left. When I came home my Mom and Dad were waiting on me. I thought the roof would come off the top of the house.

    My son came by my home, without calling first and I was just getting out of the shower. The doorbell rang and I used a towel around me to answer it. The first thing my son said was... nice toes Dad, He was correct, because I thought they were a pretty color pink. Nothing else was ever said. Traces of makeup or lipstick have given me away several times. Before my daughter moved away she ask one time why I was wearing pantyhose. I thought I could make it to my bedroom without anyone seeing me. Was I ever wrong.

    I had stored some cloths in the trunk of my car and my wife was looking for others things and found my stash. That is when I fessed up.

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    Central Fla.
    (years ago....)
    I used to drive up north to visit my family about once a year, and would stay with my mom.
    One year, I missed a nightgown when I was packing to leave.
    The next time I came back, it was sitting there, washed and folded.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DianeT View Post
    Right, it beats me too. I wrote a first uncensored version of this post but as soon as I finished it the main door slammed open and 4 men dressed in black rushed into the house and hurled me to a black car's trunk,


    Well that cleared that right up!

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    Years ago I woke up one morning on the weekend after a long night of dressing up, and my girlfriend at the time wanted to do a skype video call since she was travelling for work. I thought I did a pretty good job removing my makeup before bed, but I guess the lipstick I used resisted the makeup remover more than I thought. When the video started she quickly commented "your lips are looking very luscious today." I figured she would have made an accusation of cheating before she guessed I was a crossdressers but luckily she didn't really say anything else about it. Of course a while later she found out about me a different way.

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    Miss Judy Judy-Somthing's Avatar
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    I hate staining lipstick!
    I always put foundation makeup on my lips before lipstick.
    Seems to solve the staining problem.
    "This is ME" I am not CRAZY, I'm just a GUY who likes dresses!
    Since allot of men dress up in woman's clothing that makes it a manly thing to do!
    Much more fun than fishing.
    I do construction like house building and I love CD-ing, what's the difference?

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    My wife and I went to visit her sister and family . I wear panties 100% of the time. Before we left my wife was washing the clothes and fell asleep on the couch while the clothes dried. He sister thought she would be helpful and folded the clothes for us. It was obvious that there were no male underwear but two sizes of female panties. Sh said she didn't sort them out, just folded them. Nothing more was said. I am sure my wife was not happy with me but said nothing.

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    I left 2 bras hanging on the shower rod to dry. She saw them and just said very cute.

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    I had 2 bracelets sitting on my desk, where I stage all my things...all in one place.
    Helps me contain my feminine things when the pink fog kicks in.
    Well my wife was going to call our insurance agent and needed the number in the file cabinet in the office.
    I forgot my watch and figured I'd have my wife get my watch next to the file cabinet....
    .... when I realized I didn't put my watch on because I was wearing the bracelets....that I left on the desk, in the office!
    "I'll get the number, dear...I want to pick out a watch to wear anyway.".....phew!
    Candice Coleen Kowal ....all my friends call me Candy!

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    I have left makeup sitting on the vanity. My wife knows about my dressing. She has even said I could hang my clothes in full view in my closet. I still keep everything hidden.

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    To put it in perspective I am in a DADT. My wife was doing some wash and asked if I had anything I wanted thrown in with hers. I said yes and she came and took my laundry basket. A while later she says that an eyebrow pencil fell out of the basket which makes sense as they were stored on a shelf and one got separated from the bag and rolled off the shelf and landed in the basket.

    I mumbled something like just throw it away and nothing else has been said for almost two years. I guess that means that she is keeping up her don?t ask end of the forced agreement. I behaved extra good for a few days until my knees stopped shaking.

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    I'm pretty open with the wife and leaving things out isn't much of an issue. But, before I retired, I worked a rotating shift. I was headed to work one night while my wife was out for a Dr appointment or something. She got home just as I was headed to my truck to go to work. I'd been experimenting with mascara or eyeliner, I don't remember. I thought I'd cleaned it off enough but, obviously, I hadn't. She FREAKED. This was in the early days of my progression and she had not (and still hasn't) come to a point of accepting me in makeup.

    It was a dramatic time and I hated that she was so upset, but if she hadn't stopped me from going to work like that, I would have gone in to the job with lots of evidence still on my face. I am thankful that SHE was the one to catch it.

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    I was doing laundry one week and a pair of my panties got caught up in one of my work shirts that I hang dry and fell on the floor in front of my door. I didn't notice it when I took the clothes out of the washer to put in the dryer. When I went to get some water from the kitchen I found them on the ground. Thankfully my roommates didn't notice.

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    Was renting a room from an older lady, and left bracelets in the bathroom! Another time, had red lipstick stain and a little eye liner on, and my sister should have noticed it. Another time, left a voice greeting with fem sounding voice, and brother called and heard it, and mentioned it in a critical way. I changed if asap. I think i told him i was tired and hoarse at the time.

    [SIZE=1]- - - Updated - - -[/SIZE]

    Sometimes Miss, Sadly, it only takes one thing for some women to tar and feather a man, even though everything else about him has been exemplary . Cruel world this is, for many a man, who is honest.

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    One of the first times I remember "borrowing" underwear I fell asleep with them on after some personal alone time. Hint hint. Needless to say mom comes home for lunch as I'm still wearing them. That went over about as well as you could expect.......

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    Nov 2020
    One Saturday morning my wife was cleaning the downstairs bathroom that?s were I would get my girl on well as she was wiping down the sink with a white rag she said to me what is this showing me the residue of my powder and blush I panicked for a second and said it must be from our rusty water my wife is a very smart lady makes me wonder how much she knows.

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    Midlands, UK
    I got a new wig through the post and hid it in my sports kit drawer which was already overstuffed, My Wife went to get something out of the drawer above and mine opened too and she saw the wig. She behaved very oddly for a couple of days which I didn't understand and then confronted me, she was afraid that things were 'escalating' so I had to promise to throw it away (which I did, along with the one she didn't know about)

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    Not much to report really. Sorry to disappoint. I was always so paranoid, so excruciatingly protective of what I called "my security" that I cleaned up pretty well after me. Lots of times I nearly left something out, but picked it up in time.

    Just a couple of exceptions. In my teenage years my mother found this really "girly" sweater in my bottom drawer (which she shouldn't have been digging into anyway) and asked me about it. I just told her a girl gave it to me as a keepsake--as though it were no different from a lock of hair. But I sometimes wondered whether my mother ever guessed I was into her own clothes. I was always most careful to put everything back "just so," and she never said anything to me. So I don't know to this day whether she never suspected, whether she "didn't want to know" (DADT), or whether she was "just being tactful."

    However, there was a more recent occasion when I got out of an outfit I'd been wearing and tossed on some guy clothes to take the dog for a walk. I got halfway down the road in broad daylight before I realized I was still wearing these big dangling elaborate hoop earrings I'd forgotten to take off.

    Never mind. Unlike yesterday, men can get away with anything today, in that line at least. So I just kept walking. Didn't see any neighbors. Nobody said anything.

    I've got to acknowledge that leaving panties and such around can be deadly dangerous to a marriage where a wife might suspect an affair instead. I'm just lucky that my wife has always known better.

    Come to that, I wonder how many men who were really having an affair have tried to get away with telling their wives "Those panties are mine, dear. I was always afraid to tell you, but I love wearing panties."

    What's a wife to think? If they're a size 9 and the guy is average, it might fly. If they're a size 6 and the guy is a hulking 220-pound linebacker, "Pull the other leg, Charlie, it's got bells on. See you in court!"
    Last edited by Lori Ann Westlake; 03-16-2021 at 01:34 AM.

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    A pair of dangling earrings,I was 11 at the time and dad had a huge fit over it seeing them on my dresser

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    Left one of my falsies in the bed.

    That night I discovered it while we were both in bed

    I discretely moved it to my side and hid it. WHEW!!!

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    hello Judy,
    In the street I overheard a young girl ask her mother "why is that man wearing makeup?"
    luv J

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