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Thread: Masculine Crossdressers

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    Masculine Crossdressers

    Hi All,

    I want to ask if there are any Masculine Cross-dresses like me out there...

    I mean I feel strange being in this category of a non-conforming cross-dresser... What I mean is that I enjoy wearing Panties Tights Bras Skirts Dresses T-Shirts Girls Short Shorts etc (Anything that makes me feel cute and girly). I also love a little makeup Lipstick/lip glass mascara eyeliner some foundation etc from time to time BUT I have a beard I have a hairy chest and sometimes shave my legs but generally keep my hair on my legs.

    This is just me being myself and this is who I am... and it puts me in a strange cartography as looking at many of your profile pics you all look beautiful and feminine... but I am comfortable with being this way.

    So its a call out if there are any boy/girls like me who are "stuck in the middle" of both genders and like being a man as well as a woman and love feeling cute but also like being masculine?


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    Hi Samantha , In the Crossdressers Handbook it says ,

    The only Rule is , There are NO RULES !

    If it feels good and makes you happy then do it, >Orchid**OO**
    Having my ears triple pierced is AWESOME, ~~......

    I can explain it to you, But I can't comprehend it for you !

    If at first you don't succeed, Then Skydiving isn't for you.

    Be careful what you wish for, Once you ring a bell , you just can't Un-Ring it !! !!

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    Best not to put yourself in any particular catagory as it's an evolving process , usually it's a case of pushing for more or wanting to eventually blend in with the public .

    I never dreamt I would be were I am now , the more I did it the more I wanted but stepping out the door was for other people . Lesson No2 learned , never say never ! How other people look is no criteria , it's how you feel inside and I needed to be out as Teresa so I just hoped I'd got it all together enough to be accepted . I admit in the process I've had to lose the guy again that's a gradual process , I became more confident as a female and less confident as a male , now I don't do the male very much at all .
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    Lowestoft UK. Beverley was here.
    There have been a few over the years.

    Look back through the archives.
    Work on your elegance,
    and beauty will follow.

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    Actually, being somewhere in the middle is likely the most common and natural form of gender variance. It has been discovered recently that neurologically everyone, except about 2%, are a blend of male-like and female-like gender behaviors along with a big pile of intermediate traits and characteristics that both male and females engage in fairly equally. The question is what is the details of the blend? Is it more heavily female-like as is the case in, well, females or is it biased more toward the male-like traits and characteristics, or is it an almost equal blend of everything? Everybody is unique and the balance changes constantly as you experience new things. There is no right or wrong way - there is just what is right for you. You likely have both strong female-like and male-like traits and characteristics and that is why you are most comfortable somewhere in the middle. Don't be surprised if the blend shifts one way or the other, both on the short term and the long term. It is all "designed" to do that. It is adaptation to what is experienced.

    That is why the rule is that there isn't any rule. Although gender and gender expression is a social aspect in our lives that defines what YOU see is your role in society, the details of what fits best is largely personal. And if everybody accepts that it is personal there should be no problems with groups or stereotypes or tribal behavior forming. Unfortunately, we constantly seek out a definition that often is based in some "group" such as cisgender, crossdresser, transgender, non-binary, etc. It is all a bunch of BS but apparently necessary.

    Be yourself and enjoy the life you were given. But be aware that others may disagree. Be kind, gentle, and respectful of others. Usually works pretty well, no matter what you gender presentation indicates.

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    Samantha, I wear a beard, shave my legs constantly, have a beard and dress fully at home all the time. I don't do anything above the neck, too far gone to bother! I love to dress, love all the lace and bows, all the sexy clothing, but no matter I am a man, it shows up every day when I look in the mirror. No amount of padding will conceal that!

    Don't let it get you down by all the beautiful girls here. There are many times more members that are guys, that would love to run free, but just are not able to do it because of physical limitations.

    Just do the best you can, and enjoy!
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    Hi Samantha,

    Thanks for bringing up this important question. I will refer you to the Crossdressers handbook chapter 1 section 1.1. Where it clearly states that to qualify as a crossdresser a person must engage in the desire to wear items of clothing, attire, or items originally intended and produced to be used by the opposite sex, gender or affiliation, and then only if they shave off all facial hair and at least shave 2/3 of their chest hair off. So there you have it the rule is clear.

    As you can clearly see I am stating a fact that is not a fact (ie I am full of Hooey).

    I am betting that more (maybe most) men engage in some measure of crossdressing that we will ever know. Be it full time, part time, or every now and then. Fully dressed, fully shaved or not it doesn't matter each to their own.

    Requirements, rules and labels for crossdressing are useless. I say do what you enjoy and feel right doing as long as you aren't hurting others and it works for you and your family.

    Have fun, enjoy yourself and be safe.

    Huggs Teri

    PS I can make up more rules for the crossdressers handbook if needed or I refer you to Karen Hutton who is a contributing editor I understand.
    Teri Ray Rural Idaho Girl.

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    I shave everything except the hair on the top of my head and underdress in panties daily. Chances to dress more often and put on makeup are rare these days but I have become comfortable with it or should I say tolerant about it knowing it won?t always be this way.

    I am comfortable going into full guy mode, hang around the garage with the guys while they drink and swear for sport. That has been my environment for a lifetime, hunt, fish, drink, swear, was what I knew. On the other hand, dresses, lace, stockings and trying to look as good dressed as I can with what I can get my hands on is a part of me as well.

    Sometimes, no, more like all the time I feel inadequate and want to give up dressing when I read the experiences on here. If I could dress openly things would probably be much different. The words that best describes me would be restrained from dressing by my circumstances. Fortunately I can settle into man mode and still function and actually can be very comfortable in that role.

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    Do what you do and enjoy it those are the only rules I will say its not my style but no offense to you If you enjoy it and feel good about and it doesn't harm anyone else have fun

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    Hi Samantha,

    Ah, maybe a kindred spirit.
    I fit your description fairly well. I have a beard almost all of the time, and yet I love to wear my bras, dresses, stockings, wig, etc. I am clearly capable of feeling fem (my personal version I suppose) in my male body. I think this is a very good thing. This is not a compromise, it is my preference.
    I realize that my appearance causes many people an uncomfortable level of cognitive dissonance. I prefer to respect that, so I generally attempt to keep my dressing private. Once again this is my choice.

    Over all I am pretty happy living like I am, but no one really knows what tomorrow may bring.

    Thanks for opening this thread.


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    The whole beard+femme this is very much an up and coming trend. Look up Jonathan van Ness. I also know a couple of bearded drag queens.

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    hello Sam,
    you are not strange. And you are welcome here!
    I too am a bearded man in a dress (MIAD) - though I do shave my chest because I don't like hairs sticking out of my lace bras!
    Stay healthy,
    luv Jacques

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    My feminine wardrobe is definitely meant to extend my masculinity rather than to adopt/adapt femininity. I HATE seeing my face without my beard. but I shave/trim everything from the neck to just above my knees. I do leave a little "front lawn" unshaved to appease my wife. I'm taking testosterone injections weekly, so upkeep with the body hair is a never ending process.

    So, yeah, there are definitely some of us not so feminine crossdressers on the forum. I'm very happy not to be a woman and don't want to present as a woman personally. It's good to see an occasional post by those more like me. I'd kinda like to see an androgynous section to the forum, in addition to the MtF and FtM sections. I'd be curious to see how many would fit in that category.

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    I was that way in my 20's I loved to workout and had large biceps when I bought women?s cloths I would cut the sleeves. I only dressed it in privet but Now i'm 66 and enjoy dressing and I go out and love it.

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    You can do whatever you want as long as it doesn't hurt other people.

    Personally, I wouldn't want to get dressed up and look in the mirror and see a bearded lady looking back at me, but as I said, that's your choice.

    Now going out in public dressed as a woman but with a full beard would certainly attract attention and probably not good attention. You might want to avoid doing that.

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    Hi Samantha,

    Welcome to our little community.

    When I started to read your thread I initially thought you were a GG who dressed as a male. Then I got to the part about your beard. Silly me!!!

    Anyway, there is no right or wrong way to dress. Just be true to yourself and present however you like. There are no rules to follow. Just have fun!!!
    - Robin

    Because life is too short not to.

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    Samantha, you clearly have a kindred spirit in Austrian singer Conchita Wurst, who won the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest to much acclaim for both her singing ability as well as her daring.

    That said, while she had an undeniable talent, she was also able to capitalize on the time-honored celebrity "free pass" to act in an outrageous and provocative manner and not necessarily suffer the slings and arrows that we mere mortals might attract if we tried to do the same. YMMV, as the saying goes...

    As an aside, while her last name "Wurst" is German for "sausage", it is also used in the idiomatic expression "Das ist mir Wurst", which is a colloquialism for "I couldn't care less". Rather fitting and not coincidental, given her "in-your-face" presentation.
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    Hi Samantha! I spend most of my time in mostly man mode, but always have liked the short shorts (70s/80s child thing&#128513 I only own women's panties and like to wear all the frilly stuff but still prefer to split wood, hunt etc in mostly man mode.. I have never been able to grow a beard past the stubble length before the itch makes me shave.. I am perfectly wearing the cute stuff whilst being everyday life.. welcome aboard and be what's comfortable!! That's what I love about this forum!!

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    I am not one who favors a beard. I never had one and do not intend to grow a beard although I can look somewhat shaggy. I am comfortable being a man. I have never yearned to be a woman, although if I were to be a woman that's fine with me. If you want to appear hirsute, that's fine. On my personal level I make no attempt to enlarge my hips or confine my waist to a Barbie doll figure. I look around and see many women who are...well.....just plain women. I'm 42-38-40 which is significantly more shapely than many women. There's a pictorial media article that crops up on my Msn page regularly that states what men or women thought was the ideal look back in the 1960's. I was a teenager back in the 1960's and, I NEVER NEVER thought any girl I lusted after had those looks. I NEVER knew any girls who wanted that look. Twiggy comes to mind.

    Sometimes I wonder what a psychologist or psychiatrist would think about any of us if he or she had us in for an evaluation.

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    Sam you're only stuck if u THINK u r!

    I'm wearing a beard and stash in all my photos!
    Make my own masks.

    I have never shaved any part of my body except my face, that only occasionally. I wear skin toned tites to hide my legs!

    I can't be bothered with stuff like removing hair, skin treatments, nail painting, or make overs!

    I don't think I look masculine! But, what do I know? I'm 77 years old!
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    U can't keep doing the same things over and over and expect to enjoy life to the max. When u try new things, even if they r out of your comfort zone, u may experience new excitement and growth that u never expected.

    Challenge yourself and pursue your passions! When your life clock runs out, you'll have few or NO REGRETS!

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    Samantha, I guess you called me on it. I haven't shaved my face in 40 years (although I would like to, just to see) and I like dressing up and wearing makeup such as I can. Shaved my legs a couple times over the years, but generally don't. I did have to clean up a spot on my chest once when I got the maroon dress, but am otherwise a hairy 'Gastonne' type. Doesn't stop me from liking the softer side. It just FEELS SO GOOD.

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    Profile pics can be deceiving! I do not considered myself feminine... not really. I shaved all my facial hair off 17 years ago... when my crossdressing came back with a vengeance. Since then I have worked hard to modify my body... to give the illusion of some sort of femininity but only from certain angles... other angles I look like a guy in a dress. when ever I went out in public I knew I was being made... thing is I did t care! And neither should you. Everyone is different... you are what you are so go enjoy that.

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    Hi Samantha

    Think from a distance I would look ok, love my legs, figure ok .... but face 5 o?clock shadow and walk and talk, all very mannish.

    Remember the line from tootsie when the cameraman is being asked to pull back, and he says how far do you want me to pull back, Cleveland ? 😂
    Classic line, but sums it up, Kirsty is an indoors girl. For that reason.

    Sure the beard doesn?t help, unless you?re trying for the bearded lady look 😂.
    Only kidding

    Maybe some body shaping stuff will help! I mean even women use that...

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    Thanks for this posting Samantha, it has moved me to change my avatar showing that I have a beard and still have some of my head hair (age has taken the rest).
    That said - I have no other hair. Most of it has been epilated almost to extinction and a small private area is close trimmed regularly with clippers.
    Since my earliest memories I have loved the clothing worn by women and at every opportunity I would "try on" anything I could find.
    I am now 84yo and the urge to dress goes on but much more openly. In my mind I crossdress daily and by that I mean my clothing comes from the women's department of the store or is commonly associated with women, it doesn't man I want to be a woman and nor does it mean I want to have a relationship with a man because my closest friends are women.
    So thanks again Samantha, because of your post I can "come out"a bit more to this group.

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    I think one can be both. I have to shave my face for work, and when I get the chance to let my facial hair grow I usually do (more so for comfort/letting my skin take a break from the constant shaving). But I am not a huge beard fan, so the most I'll let my facial hair go when I do have chances to grow it out is 3-4 weeks tops, then it has to go.

    I suppose I have a clear delineation between masc mode and fem mode. If I'm dressing up, I go all out and will shave everything. But in male mode I'm fairly masculine.

    In the end I wouldn't get too hung up on labels or trying to fit in to a category.

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