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Thread: Back to some form of reality

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    Back to some form of reality

    Well in our area they are lifting some of the lock down restrictions which is great to see if we can get back to some normal living. With the lock down I was able to be more free with my fem stuff, not having it out in the open, but let's say much more convenient not hidden away. The only thing I had out was my wigs were layed out in our spare room and what a difference it makes when a wig isn't hidden in a bag in a closet, they look and keep so much better when there out. Friday night I had to put everything back in hidding, I kind of got used to opening my men's sock drawer to get pantyhose and not digging to get my fem stuff.
    A co-worker who doesn't get along with his wife's side of the family told me last week he knew it was cruel to say but the lock down was kind of a good break from not seeing his in-laws and his wife's family and said his marriage is 100% better and they are much more calm. His point was it's to bad there wasn't a way that we could use the restrictions to better our lives and choose our own way to go back to normal living.
    Friday night I was putting my fem stuff back in hidding and my wife made the "back to reality" comment and I told her I'd rather put my stuff away and see my children and grandchildren. She told me that with my more freedom in the fem department that even with all hell going on around us I was much more calm and focused and said its to bad we can never find that happy medium that we all win.
    I prefer life to get back to normal and move past this virus but there is a small part of me that's going to miss the freedom just like my co-worker is going to miss a happy marriage. I guess with every bad there good and with every good there's bad.

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    Maria, you have a good perspective on this. For me, 2020 did not have much of an effect on my home life since none of our work schedules was effected. The changes that have affected me have not been related to the pandemic. However, 2021 may put me more in a bind. I have other hobbies that were canceled due to the virus last year, and I dressed more to fill the void. The year ahead looks to be the same in regard to my other passions, but home setting shows little hope for dressing opportunities. I may be doing more writing and music to fill my mind until the warm weather and lawn and gardening take over.

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    Maria, Whereas I have adult children at home, I can't dress there. Therefore getting back to normal means I can dress again. I am so looking forward to it.
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    I don't know what will happen when things return to the way (or some semblance thereof) they were.
    I've become nearly full time. No one comes to visit unannounced. No one just "drops by" and I've become so comfortable this way I don't know what will happen if things change back.
    Maybe it's time to let all the world meet Cheryl. We can only wait and see.
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    This is an interesting topic. Back to Normal? A year living with so much directed change in our lives has been, in my opinion, so very difficult. Our society has gone through so many new changes and in my opinion not necessarily for the best. I personally am looking forward to having life go back to what I consider "normal". For me "normal" means we each choose what risks we take in our lives. To each their own I say as long as what a person chooses does not hurt others.

    One normal thing I hope comes soon is being able to go out and interact with others without a mask. I miss seeing a smiling face and being able to have a conversation I can clearly understand.
    Teri Ray Rural Idaho Girl.

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    Maria, I think your co-worker will fare better than a cross dresser going back into the closet. I think his wife will realize what made their marriage hit the skids and try to reduce interactions with those who are toxic. Yes, it will be nice when Covid is totally under control. Our lock down recommendations is to eliminate large gatherings and limit interactions with small groups. Still, the only people who have been in our home since February has been our daughter, son-in-law and grandson with masks on. Brief visits. Our son and his family refuse to enter because they are out in the community. Our daughter and her family work from home.We all need to still be cautious.

    As to having everything laid out. I loved it when my non-accepting wife was visiting her cousin and others out of state for seven to ten days every year. I was able to hang dresses in the closet, stock the draws with undergarments and line heel up at the foot of the bed. The alternative is 18+ Xerox boxes. Sigh!

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    I do not know what normal is for me. This pandemic brought Natalie to the surface.
    My wife is out of the house 2 days a week. If I were left alone 5 days, would I dress every day? Not sure. But I will be alone for a full week shortly. Time will tell.

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    i am looking forward to the relaxing of restrictions. my wife and i just passed our 350th day of lockdown. We both volunteer at a local hospital and when the wife was on duty, that was my dress time. It also allowed me to do my washing, housework, etc. with out interruption.

    The hospital is in the process of getting all the volunteers vaccinated in prep for our return. When, we aren't sure yet, but it can't come soon enough! Marsha needs some complete dress time instead of just undercover undies! Of late, it has become increasingly hard to 'stay straight'. i guess the pink fog is on the horizon.

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    Not to certain that we will ever get back to the normal we had.... this may be an ongoing battle with the virus for years to come especially given all the mutations...
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