I just read a warning about Alexa that it will repeat things that could out you. Yesterday I found out about anther technology device that almost outted me. We watched our grandson for the first time in months, my son put a camera baby monitor combination in the room to watch the baby, I thought it was only connected to a device that was in its range, instead it's connected to a gmail account. Lucky that I have been in a little of a dressing drought because yesterday I walked in the spare room and I heard someone say hi. It was my sister in law looking in the camara joking around with me because her laptop notified her something was moving in the camara view. She said she didn't realize it was going to work like that and we changed it to my gmail account so me and my wife can control the viewings. Wow! Technology is beautiful but it's just a matter of time before it outs me, yesterday was very close.