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Thread: Bra strap popping

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    Bra strap popping

    I'm like most of us ... drawn to the hobby very early in age, purges, unstoppable desire to dress, etc. Secrets.
    Many great years of marriage, where we survived deployments in the Navy, serious medical problems with two of our kids, some medical problems that both of us had to deal with, and we did it by supporting each other whenever possible. 39 years as of 27 Feb.
    I guess around seven years ago, I could no longer keep the secret. This site helped, and I came out to her (anyone that wants details of how I did it, PM me). She was not pleased for obvious reasons, the worst of which is the lie of not telling her 39 years ago. But, she is quasi supportive, over the years going so far as to buy me a swimsuit, some heels and some tops that look great (I wouldn't have picked them, but she understands critical things about the styles that matter, like how a plunging neckline draws attention away from the face). I've done my best to explain that the pink fog has comes and goes (I hate it when it goes), but for people not in our ... frame of mind ... I think it is impossible for them to understand.
    I retired last year, and the freedom that comes with that has only begun to dawn on me.

    Earlier this month, I told her I was going to wear a bra all day (I can fill out an 38A/36B cup because of some previous efforts at pumping), which she though was nuts and odd, but didn't complain about it. I can get away with it in the winter here as long as I wear a top sweater. That's turned into wearing one, every day. For many of you, I know the thought is ... so what, big deal. For me, I am still learning what it means to have it on all the time. When you drive, you know its there when you are steering, particularly turning left. Stairs, and the bounce. Keeping a lingerie bag, managing which bra to wear, washing. The pressure of the underwire and cups pushing you out.
    But recently, the most unexpected learning came from the fact that she has taken to hugging me in the evening and clearly feeling for straps. As soon as she finds the back band ... out it comes and ... POP!
    Immediate response, "Do it again".

    Have a nice day, girls. I just bought a pair of black flats at Kohls and am looking forward to picking them up.

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    Sounds good to me! and great that she is able to accept this side of you and have a little fun with it
    Kelly a.k.a. VS Fan

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    Long read to get to the punch line!

    But, nice to see u and your wife r so happy after that many years together!

    I couldn't last 10 with my ex!
    U can't keep doing the same things over and over and expect to enjoy life to the max. When u try new things, even if they r out of your comfort zone, u may experience new excitement and growth that u never expected.

    Challenge yourself and pursue your passions! When your life clock runs out, you'll have few or NO REGRETS!

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    Do it back to her! See how she likes it? Lol.

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    I thought only 13 year old boys snapped bras.
    Please call me Jamie, I always_have crossdressed, I always will, "alwayshave".

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    I definitely understand the "do it again" response. A little playful affirmation goes a long way.

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    I like that you are of the age, there is this mutual feeling you both have been thru the wringer we call life and survived thru mutual support.
    I am also a Navy gal and am married to my gal going on 27 though she wasn't a Navy wife.
    My friends were getting too many dear john letters so I got out before I settled down.
    There will come a day when I will have to/ might want to/ I might ... let the genie out of the bottle, when she retires in 5 or so years.
    Until then, I have my retirement free time to be femme and so far, it is enough...I suppose I do it more to reminise of my bachlorette days.
    Maybe switch it up a bit and wear a garter and thigh highs under a pleated silk skirt and have her snap the garter....oui.... *giggle*
    Thanks for sharing, lucky girl, enjoy!
    Candice Coleen Kowal ....all my friends call me Candy!

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    Candy -
    Yeah, I got out after eight in. First year, 300 days at sea. My last Navy role was running a team on the waterfront that did high end maintenance and testing on submarines. As a result, I knew the wardrooms of twenty boats, very well, and the stats were bad ... broken marriages, kids that were lost, and a lot of unhappiness amongst the officers. I felt it too ... seemed like going to sea was a relief from the pressure. My next job was to rejoin one of those wardrooms. I knew this was not the life I wanted, and given my naive belief that in defeating the Russians, peace made my career obsolete, I got out. I think one of your posts said you were an Airedale ... you also must've been out a lot too.
    Look forward to freedom, and wow ... never thought about garters ... hmmm.

    Geo Goddess,
    I did pop hers, and she did not like it, but it got some more yuks.

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    Glad it has worked out well for you.

    Now get on with life. :-)
    Work on your elegance,
    and beauty will follow.

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