When wearing leggings (either exercise or cute sexy type) out running errands, do you wear a top that at least partly covers the butt, or do you wear some type of cropped top that stops at or slightly above the waist? I'm about 5' 7" tall, small/medium build, and fortunate to have a nicely shaped.....peach. I never have a chance to makeover so just go the miad route, but have always preferred cute leggings (tucking for a smooth front) with a slightly fitted waist length long sleeve top and sneakers to an actual dress or skirt. It's a look that's fairly common with GG's. Add one of those slightly loose fit beanies that's in fashion at the moment, and the required facemask, and it goes a long way to concealing my identity an hour or so from home. I've noticed fewer people pay attention to me dressed in this style than just a few years ago.