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Thread: ? for those that wear leggings in public

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    There was a similar thread to this many years ago. The main point of that thread was to always wear a top that covered the butt when wearing leggings.

    Shortly after that I noticed that women didn't do that; they liked having their butts show. And as a few years went by, some of the leggings got tighter with a thinner material for that painted on look.

    It's getting to the point that you almost can't tell if they're wearing leggings or if they're naked!

    I wear them around the house, use them as pajama bottoms and as a replacement for thermal long johns. Last time I dressed in public I wore Jeggings with a top that covered the top half of the butt area. Also wore a cardigan sweater that covered the rest.

    Crop tops - I love them, but my waist doesn't. I only wear them for my own enjoyment at home.
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    I knew I was officially old when I had to hold a can at arm's length to read the label and when I heard myself agreeing with my wife that leggings aren't pants! As a child of the '80s, I am still fond of the stirrup pants with long sweater look and think that leggings look better with a longer top that leaves a bit to the imagination. It's completely silly, since I love tight jeans and jeggings, which give the exact same results.

    Wow, I just looked up stirrup pants and Ms. Google says they're back in style as of last fall. Hmm, stirrup pants, a long sweater, and three or four Swatches sounds good to me! (And illustrate why I shouldn't give fashion advice.)

    The avatar? Yeah, that's definitely FaceApp. Incognito, right?

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    Stirrup pants are heavier in weight and density than leggings. I hated that they were tight in some spots and loose in others. Like the mullet version of bottoms.

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    I've got a fair collection of leggings/yoga/workout pants. I've got solids and all sorts of patterns including florals. I don't wear them outside the house but am constantly wishing I could without the feeling of negative attention. My wife would NOT appreciate my wearing them in public and that's a battle I just don't want to face. She is amused when I walk into the room wearing floral leggings and a cute t and I'm settling for that right now.

    I have tunics that I sometimes pair with my leggings, but I'm more likely to pair them with a T shirt, woman's or unisex, styled by tying at the waist. I absolutely do not have a feminine figure, but I've got a decent behind and don't mind the bulge showing around the house. I'd definitely go for a longer top if I got out in public. Tucking reminds me more that I'm a man than making me feel feminine so I rarely do so.

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    I have so many pairs of leggings, I usually sleep in capri length nightly and with basic black/grey I will wear those when I am mowing/weed-eating my yard with a pair of athletic shorts over as to not scare any of my neighbors. As for patterns I usually pair those with my dresses for girls night out with my best friends.

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    Thanks all for the comments. I was curious what others who shared my style of wearing leggings in public had experienced, had searched past posts but hadn't really found anything. Just to clarify, it seems a lot of interpretation regarding crop top. A quick search on amazon indicates anything from waist length up to little more than a long sleeve sports bra. I prefer the waist length or just above catagory. Definitely not showing skin as some alluded to. Regarding age and modesty, I just don't get the same level of enjoyment by covering up, and see GG'S in the my age group doing the same. I just picked up two new pairs yesterday, one of which is a smooth (but not shiny) heather gray with the scrunch butt styling and another of the currently TikTok famous honeycomb pattern scrunch style in black, with a navy pair on backorder. Can...Not...Wait to wear these out. Thanks to those that encouraged me to get to ten posts, I am already working on those.

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    I only wear leggings when about the house or exercising. I have never owned a crop top, so its usually a t-shirt for a top.
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    My wife would buy me yoga pants that were not too tight around calves and go out in public with me wearing them. She didn't want me to wear the ones that were tight around the ankles with her in public but ok around the house. Now she says since matt james wears tight yoga pants I can wear my tight pairs With her in public.

    All in good fun
    Ps She bought most of my yoga pants. Even the tight ones

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    I've been wearing workout tights to the gym since the end of last December, with a thong, sports bra, women's shirt and jacket. The shirt doesn't fully cover my tucked front or butt, and I don't pay it much attention or pull it down while walking from machine to machine. I'd guess everyone in the room has noticed, some I've noticed take a longer look, but nothing that out of the norm from being in a place with others. Only had one lady say anything and that she like my nails, but it was the clothes that grabbed her attention.

    Yesterday I went without the jacket and felt the sports bra showed a little too much so skipped that too. But other than that it was all good. As it warms up I am sure that I'll get more comfortable wearing a sports bra without the jacket. I don't think the short tight shorts will be switched with the tights though.

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    I wear leggings a lot. Nothing is more comfortable, but with my build, wearing a crop top would be a crime in a half-dozen states.
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    I wear leggings or yoga pants a ton! They are so comfy and practical for anything, at least in my opinion. I don?t we?re them anywhere important but a quick run to the store, the gym or around the house they are great

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    Even before I got back into CDing I would tell my wife "leggings are not pants."

    I can't wear leggings indoors because I would get too hot so I only wear them when outside running in the cold (below 25 F). I always wear a skirt to cover both the front and back.

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    I wear them out too. Most of them are from Victoria secret pink and say PINK on the leg or butt also have my lulu leggings

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    I always wear a long top if I wear leggings

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    I also wear a long to over leggings.
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