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Thread: What it means to be passable.

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    Paasing to me is 50% blending in and 50% confidence inyour attitude while out in public, just remember here in the UK you are not commiting anny offence or breaking the law by walking around in woumens clothes, and most toilets now in the uk are unisex, but hey I always go in the womens if there is one, your locked in a private cubical and not offending anyone. So confidence is a major part of pulling it off, and think about it, if you see a man dressed as a woman how many peeps do you see running up to them and shouting hey youve got womens cloths on, answer none. Just keep in pubplic places, dont put yourself in danger, and nobody really bats an eyelid if your just going about your own business

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    I feel the important point to make is your group was asked to look for misgender situations
    I believe (correct me if I'm wrong Michellebej) that the job group was to look for people disguising themselves in some way, not to look for "misgenders". But misgendering could happen by default. (I had a cousin who had to monitor for shop lifters.) Most likely, people that go in dressed in large baggy clothes, then come wearing a hat and their clothes stuffed with unpaid for merchandise. (Think spy movies where people change hats, coats, glasses, wigs, while on the run.)
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    A very thought provoking piece. Thanks for posting.
    As for what I make of it, the work bears out what I have previously asserted, that "blending" is not passing. As soon as sufficient cues are presented, often only a single one, our mind quickly noticed the others, subtle though they may be.

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    I was checking out at Walmart once and the cashier was visibly surprised when I spoke. Made me feel good that at least with him I passed until I opened my mouth.

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    That's blending in, I saw a trans or crossdresser coming out of a store the other day I was driving by her walk gave her away other than that she blended it. I thought to my self that's cool have fun lady.

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    Dress to blend and you pass most times.

    A lot of dressing down....Not up. :-)
    Work on your elegance,
    and beauty will follow.

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    I am of small build for a man and I shave my head. I walked into a farm equipment dealer to make a purchase. I was dressed in all male clothes with a baseball cap and a mask. There were three .en behind the counter, without looking up one said how can I help you sir, then he looked me in the eyes and said excuse me ma'am I wasn't even looking. I was surprised but I instantly made a note to see where this went. I softened my voice and we had an entire conversation for about ten minutes with him repeatedly calling me miss and ma'am. He even made a recommendation on some parts that saved me a few hundred dollars that I do not believe he would had he thought I was a man. On the way out he said thanks for coming in ma'am and come back to see us.

    I thought this was very interesting, I don't know if I passed or blended or something else.

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