I know, well rather read many stories where your significant other doesn?t get all the truth out of many others of us cross dressers or transgendered whatever the case might be. My question is, How do you all feel about the fact that many do omissions in talking to our spouses, girlfriends or just friends in general. Not telling all the facts or how far we really want to go say my wife knows I crossdress by shaving our legs wearing panties and hosiery etc but not know we want to wear skirts blouses, dresses. Doesn?t omitting these extra desires mainly pan out to be a lie in itself. I?ve always had the belief that omission in itself is a lie and have tried all my life to not omit things. I?ve had discussions with my spouses regarding the same matter of them omitting things from us in long term relationships. I hope I?m getting my point across. We all want to be straight up in our relationships with each other and most women really get bent out of shape when we?ve lied about our desires to dress in the first place. Lies are a real taboo in relationships especially marriage.

So what are your all?s thoughts on the omissions being lies as well? Sorry to be so long in attempting to get my point across.