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Thread: For Those That Dress With Accepting Wife Around

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    Gold Coast , Australia
    One of the reasons my wife has decided seeing Danielle in person makes her uncomfortable is not just I look so different and her husband has disappeared but she says I behave and act differently. I assume she means she thinks I behave in a more feminine manner. I do not consciously change my demeanour but as others have said the shift in my body's centre of gravity with heavy silicone hip pads and breasts automatically creates a more feminine walk and movement. Add on the smaller steps necessary with high heels and I guess there is a noticeable change. She has also said I sound different but I don't try to put on a female voice. Probably the difference is a result of me sounding quieter because I am little anxious presenting Danielle to her. Of course, that was back many years ago when she was kind of okay seeing Danielle in person.

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    My SO is aware and has seen pics...still working through a full reveal. In several of the pics I showed her, I was in a slightly feminine pose (ankles crossed - hands clasped). She asked me if the stylist asked me to do that, and I replied "No, it just felt natural, that's part of it." She seemed to grasp that!

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    It flip flops with my wife. On some days she loves having a woman with an edge around, on others she's in the mood for something else.

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    Just wondering again if those wives like their man being so different when they change from what and who they are when in male clothing. Lacy
    I dont really change persona/ go into character (Kara). She has suggested to change my gate (walking) i.e. get the hips moving one time.
    Escapism isn't necessarily bad, but is definitely unhealthy in the long term. While helpful in the short term, things will degrade over time. At some point, the escapee will have to face the issue. Things simply blowing over isn't really going to happen in many situations.

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    I don?t think I act feminine when dressed around my wife but I definitely feel feminine when I have something on around her.

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    My personality doesn't change, I'm me whether dressed femme or enhomme, what does change is I project a feminine version of my self. My wife does not want to see a linebacker in a dress. She expects me to act, walk, talk, sit, eat, drink like a lady when dressed. To be honest I wouldn't want it any other way.

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    Reality Check
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    I do know that I change totally once I dress and it doesn't seem to be put on as it's just what dressing does to me when I become the gurl I love being.
    I have never figured out how strapping on a pair of boobs and a wig could change a person's thoughts or behavior.

    My wife tolerates my dressing around her, but I am still the same person with the same attitudes and beliefs, regardless of how I am dressed or the presence or lack of boobs.

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    Hi Lacy, I?m sometimes a weekend evening stay at home girl. My wife says that my behavior does change in girl mode. She says it feels to her then like she has a woman housemate who is a good housemate but not a person she is attracted to. It seems to work OK for us. ....Vale

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    Took a few weeks off here...interesting thread to come back to!

    So it's impossible for me to know the FULL answer to this one yet, but I wanted to share that this past Tuesday was the first time it's really even happened.

    My mother was watching our 7 year old overnight, and my wife had just gotten her 2nd dose of the Pfizer vaccine so after the boy left, and after finishing my work, I got all femmed up (no makeup, BUT i had shaved errything on Sunday)...wife felt kind of like butts, so I was just hanging out en femme...and I gotta be honest, it was pretty rad. She did note that I was acting a little weird during dinner, but I mentioned I'd never eaten before while dressed up...and I was dealing with boobs vs. the kitchen table, so it was new and a little weird (good weird). She felt like checking in early, so around 10:30 I retreated to my (wo)man cave and played video games and guitar for the rest of the was the longest I've ever remained dressed, and it was pretty glorious...

    Hopefully there will be more sleepovers here with the pandemic presumably winding down. What I'd really like is a full day and night to do the makeup. Still haven't done that...

    I'm curious what my wife will think or how she will react. She's been super accepting and receptive, although she's openly admitted that it doesn't do anything for her and that she just wants me to be happy. I want to involve her, but *shrug*...we really just watched a movie and didn't do anything out of the ordinary. She has said since I opened up to her (about a month ago now, I guess) that I've been more openly promoting trans rights and the like on social media...but I don't honestly see any of that having been ramped up *shrug*.

    Well...thanks for letting me share Sorry to derail.

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    I had a chance to dress fully this past Saturday, for the first time in a number of months. I tried to pay attention to my mannerisms. The hip pads definitely gave me a bit more swing. I don't know if that was due to geometry or my being constantly aware that they were there. The thing that struck me was that my left wrist went completely limp whenever it wasn't doing anything useful! I hadn't really paid attention to that before.

    My evening actually went a lot like Becca's. My wife had her second jab that afternoon and went to bed early. I stayed up watching Youtube vids and playing mandolin - with my breasts getting in the way. Lovely!


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    During the times that I do dress in her presence, she definitely says that I'm more relaxed and laid back But I don't think I'm over the edge with femininity.

    Lacy PJs

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    My walk changes and how I sit and hold my hands. My personality softens a bit, but no voice changes or exaggerated hand gestures.

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    Very interesting topic! How diverse and colorful are our realities and dynamics.

    In my case my girlfriend complains when she sees a boy wearing woman's clothes. She loves Gisele and checks in everyday how is my mood to dress? unfortunately for me, my desire to dress vary a lot. It comes and goes. It drives her mad! Last weekend she said her favorite timing was when I?m about to consider a sex change? How can I not love her? ❤️

    When in a good mood, my manerisms change a lot. Otherwise, when dressing more to please her, its a boy wearing woman?s clothes!

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    I find it is a bit of both. I'm still the husband and there are certain things expected of me but I'm certainly calmer and a fair bit of the feminine side comes out when dressed. I fully dress in front of my wife 95% of the time in a dress or skirt, probably 50% of the time with makeup and always in about a 2"/3" heal & generally hose. I've found over the last few years I dress more casually than I used to and my wife seems to accept this more readily than going with everything all the time. We are both retired and travel a fair bit with our caravan (trailer to Americans) and don't dress when travelling. This means more dressing when at home and so usually about 4 times a week in non-daylight saving times. Generally don't dress during daylight saving as it does not suit our summer lifestyle as I wish to remain in the closet as far as neighbours are concerned.

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    Oh my god, I'm a girl! jazmine's Avatar
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    I can't really successfully do the "voice thing". I feel fake & like I'm doing a character sort of thing. So it's always my guy voice. I may do some things more in a female fashion or movement, or at least try to and be conscious of it. One thing my wife says about me when I'm Jasmine, is this I get a Diva or Prima Donna complex. LOL. She says I have gotten better over the years reeling that complex in a tad, but it's still there. LOL. I seriously have to sit down one day and learn how to speak in a female voice that doesn't sound horrible. I was in full Jasmine mode when she got home from work today, and she didn't even bat an eye. The only thing she did joke about is when she sad, "I assume you didn't go out and get the mail today."
    So I like dressing like girl. BIG DEAL!

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    Yes, in a dress I am a different person. It is not that I choose that, it just happens, I am more soft, move a bit slower, just feeling a bit more feminin. In fact my wife prefers it when I wear a dress. She likes me more as a woman than as a man.

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    Wife loves it here as well and loves me as Cassie more

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    I become more feminine when I dress. It just happens naturally. My wife noticed it and pointed it out before I realized it myself. Normally I?m not feminine at all but those pretty clothes and jewelry changes me and the wife loves that side of me. Life is great when you can just be yourself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lacyfem View Post
    for those that have accepting wives do you become fem or more fem when you dress in general as I definitely do....
    I won't say that I necessarily become more feminine when I dress; it's certainly not something I try to do. But I tend to feel more confident and joyful and playful when dressed, and that apparently does come through in how people see me. My wife says I look more peaceful and content, and this seems to please her. I've read that wearing a simple mask can change how people behave; make people lose their pretenses/drop their guard. I feel that dressing has the same effect on me. It does feel liberating, for sure.

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    I have an accepting wife. 99% I'm just myself in guy mode or girl mode.

    But, probably the biggest thing I do in girl mode vs boy mode, has to do with when I'm wearing a skirt.... I make sure my legs are together when crouching down, for all of the obvious reasons. Also, make sure legs are together when I have to bend over to pick something up.

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